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Essential Book Tour Contents | How Our Book Tour Packages Work | How We Help Increase Traffic | What is a Media Kit?

Book Your Tour Now!I Love Vampire Novels has (as of 9/16/2013):

Ravenous Book Tours - Witch

I Love Vampire Novels began by offering free vampire novels for readers who are addicted to paranormal reads. This means our reader base was built from the organic love of vampire novels!

Additionally, we only work with blog hosts who have a paranormal appearance to their websites. It’s not enough for a blogger to be a fan of the genre. Their site has to be inviting to paranormal readers, thereby increasing your chances of attracting readers who love what you write during your tour.

Essential Book Tour Contents

EVERY book tour package includes the following:

  • Professionally formatted book tour post with Media Kit (See “How We Help Increase Traffic” and “What is a Media Kit?” below for details.)
  • Custom book tour button and banner
  • Announcement in our weekly book tour newsletter, sent to our e-mail subscribers
  • Custom book tour page on the ILVN website, with updated links so readers can easily catch up on tours
  • Kick-off “party” on your ILVN custom page the first day of the book tour in addition to the other blog stops
  • At least one tour stop should be at the author’s website/blog to help build awareness and the author’s online presence (optional)
  • ILVN Daily tweet on book tour days
  • ILVN FB post to announce the beginning of the book tour, with a link to your custom tour page on our site
  • Giveaway coordination – we will collect the entries and pick the winner(s) for you. If they’re electronic prizes, we’ll be happy to distribute them. (Any packages requiring snail mail will be the responsibility and expense of the author.)

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How Our Book Tour Packages Work

While some authors can attend a book tour on a daily basis, others can’t.

Therefore, we offer tour packages based on a combination of content and blog tour stops. YOU decide the duration of your tour.

For example…

If you want 5-7 stops on your tour, you can schedule them daily for one week, weekly for 5-7 weeks, or spread the stops over 1-3 months. The choice is yours.

All tours are conducted Monday through Friday and posts should be live at 12am local time of the blog host, excluding holidays. You pick the tour package and we help you schedule the dates. All tours are scheduled 2-3 months in advance and dates are subject to availability.

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How We Help Increase Traffic

Not many bloggers are aware of simple SEO (search engine optimization) techniques that can help increase traffic to a blog post. But we do! Though we can’t control every aspect of how a blogger publishes your information, we format the elements that ARE within our control. Here are some of the ways we format your Media Kit, interview questions and blog articles before we send them to bloggers:

  • Do our best to ensure images have relevant links instead of just opening to a larger version of the image (e.g., book covers should forward visitors to buy links; author pictures should go to the author’s website or author publisher page)
  • Proper formatting of your book excerpts, blurbs and bio (e.g., dialogue punctuation will not get lost, internal thoughts will be italicized, etc.)
  • Properly linked contact information (e.g., not just your Twitter address, but a link to your Twitter page)
  • Additional links relevant to the content of your posts (e.g., If your article is about the etymology of the word “vampire”, we’ll provide a few reference links, such as Wikipedia or the Online Etymology reference as appropriate)

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What is a Media Kit?

Just about every book tour company says a “media kit” is included in a blog tour package. But what the heck is it? In truth, it’s information about you and your book(s), provided by you. What we do is combine all that information into a single document called your Media Kit. Here’s what you need to provide to us:

  • Author photo & bio (no more than 150 words, please)
  • Book blurb & cover
  • 3-8 excerpts (preferably one for each stop to keep it fresh*) 150-300 words each
  • Links
    • Social media: Facebook profile &/or page, Twitter address, Pinterest, etc.
    • Author website/blog
    • Buy Links

Once we have this information, we ensure it’s compiled into the proper format, easy for bloggers to copy and paste into their blog posts. If you have interviews and/or articles, we include your Media Kit within the document containing your interview/article. All posts are tested in Blogger and WordPress. And you will receive a final copy of your Media Kit for use in your future marketing efforts as you see fit.

*Just an idea: If you’d like to include an excerpt longer than 300 words, you might want to split it into 150-300 word sections, giving readers a reason to see the next tour stop and continue reading the excerpt.

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