Have your book seen by up to
3.7 million vampire & paranormal readers!

We use TARGETED FACEBOOK ADS for our tours AND leverage our I Love Vampire Novels’s growing fan base (as of 5/21/2014):

Facebook Stats Snapshot - 3.7 Million Reach

Facebook Insights Stats (click to enlarge)

2,091+ GoodReads group members
4,800+ followers on Twitter
36,339+ newsletter subscribers (e-mail)
155,574+ likes on Facebook page with viral posts
1,000 to 3,300+ DAILY website visitors (see our Alexa rankings) – The ILVN website is where your tour will kick off!


I Love Vampire Novels has 155,000+ likes on our Facebook page for a reason – because of our targeted Facebook marketing ads…and we are bringing those readers to YOU by using our marketing expertise for your tour!

Marketing Tours You Can Sink Your Fangs Into!

Ravenous Marketing Tours - Paranormal tours you can sink your fangs into!We don’t just tour your book…we effectively MARKET your book to ravenous paranormal and fantasy fans!

  • We have professional, internet marketing specialists on staff promoting our marketing tours
  • We have a waiting audience of thousands of paranormal fans hungry for new books – we bring our fans to your books!

Those two points alone will give your book marketing an advantage! The numbers listed above showing our fan base is proof we know how to bring lots of eyes to what we do. But here are OTHER advantages you’ll have when you market your book with Ravenous Marketing Tours:

  • Paranormal & Fantasy Blog Stops – We only work with blog hosts who have websites with paranormal or fantasy themes. It’s not enough for a blogger to be a fan of the genre. Their site has to be focused on paranormal and fantasy readers, thereby increasing your chances of attracting readers who love what you write during your tour. Also, we avoid what we call “career giveaway websites” – those bloggers that post several giveaways in a single day. Your book would get lost on those sites and we won’t allow that.
  • Quality Exposure - We only feature five tours per week. This limited line-up of tours works to your advantage in that readers will have a select number of giveaways and contests to focus on, thus increasing their participation. Imagine if we offered fifty tours every single week. Your tour would get lost in the mix. This insures quality exposure for your book.
  • Tailored Coaching – We work hard with our clients to help them succeed, offering tips and suggestions on how to make the most of their book tours to maximize the impact.
  • Fresh Content – No repetitious book blurbs, covers and regurgitated excerpts at each stop! We guide our clients to ensure the content of the entire tour stays fresh, so information at each stop is new and enticing.
  • Site Traffic Promotion – Book tours hardly – if ever – encourage readers to visit the author’s website…and we think this does a major disservice to the author. The second stop on all our marketing tours includes a visit to the author’s website, giving you a prime opportunity to show readers everything you have to offer as an author! That’s what your website is for, isn’t it?? We help you take advantage of that!

Are you ready for your book to be seen by thousands?

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