11 Favorite M/M Paranormal Romance Novels

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A Male/Male (M/M) romance with paranormal aspects is typically contemporary romance or known for historical periods. Paranormal beings are usually vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and other shapeshifters.

Whether you’re a longtime reader of magical love or beginning your journey into this fantasy romance genre, it doesn’t matter. These are the best M/M paranormal romance novels with appealing aspects for every reader.

1. “Dark Flame” by Kat Silver

In “Dark Flame,” twenty-six-year-old Michael Blakeley wants to find his parent’s killer. After a group of soldiers finds him, claiming to have the answers he needs, the soldiers save him from a vampire attack.

Nothing is as it seems for Michael, who’s taken hostage by the soldier’s commander. All his answers are floating further away. His only salvation is the vampire prince, who claims Michael as his own.

Kat Silver delivers a stunning and scorching hot first book in the Flame Born series. This M/M vampire romance gives you enemies to lovers, sexy vampire princes, and scorching heat.

2. “Captive” by Jex Lane

In “Captive,” Matthew Callahan has lived an isolated existence for the past seven years. The vampire inside him fights to come out, but Matthew keeps his hunger for blood inside.

Matthew’s life turns upside down when he’s taken prisoner by High Lord General Tarrick. Tarrick is an incubus who feeds on sexual energy with his powers of seduction. Matthew may be being held captive, but he’s unable to deny his desire for his captor, whom he calls Master.

This M/M paranormal romance novel contains dark themes for mature audiences. You’ll also find a bisexual vampire coming to terms with and exploring his sexuality.

3. “The Necromancer’s Dance” by S.J. Himes

M/M paranormal romance novels come in all shapes and sizes. The Beacon Hill Sorcerer series starts with Angelus Salvatore. Angelus fights to protect his family during the Blood Wars, and he wants to find out who wants him dead.

His views change when he occupies his time with a vampire called Simeon. Angelus has spent years fighting off ancient vampires, but with Simeon, he wants nothing more than to give in to the affections.

This vampire romance tale comes in the form of a sorcerer falling for a vampire. How can Angelus fall for a vampire when his entire family was killed by an army of vampires?

4. “How To Vex a Vampire” by Alice Winters

No M/M paranormal romance novel is complete without an enemies-to-lovers plotline between two partners in the vampire-only detective unit.

In “How To Vex a Vampire,” Finn is the first human to get into the vampire-only detective unit. His partner Marcus, an ancient vampire that likes to threaten to eat Finn, wants him gone. But Finn’s charming. He knows his charms are beginning to make Marcus like him, but Marcus denies the connection.

Someone’s after Finn, and the only person willing to throw themselves into the line of fire is Marcus.

5. “Forbidden” by Claire Cullen

M/M vampire romance isn’t the only kind of paranormal romance novel out there. Jonah is a siren working as a local vet – hiding in plain sight alongside humans, living an isolated life. But, his everyday life is interrupted by a pack of werewolves moving in next door.

The pack’s alpha, Nate, is handsome and captivating. Attacks leave his pack on the run, but Nate’s new neighbor is far from what he’s been looking for, but Jonah is his new favorite “human.”

In “Forbidden,” every kiss brings Jonah closer to risking discovery. When you have a flirty wolf and a lonely siren, you get an incredible M/M paranormal romance novel.

6. “Unnatural” by Alessandra Hazard

In “Unnatural,” two alphas are brought together by a political marriage. This M/M paranormal romance novel joins enemies, Senator Royce Cleghorn and Prince Haydn, who are two different types of alphas.

Royce turns into his most hated type of cliche, an alpha marking his territory to keep others away from his alpha husband. Haydn works to be the most perfect alpha, doing everything his father wants him to do.

This marriage is simply about politics, but Prince Haydn doesn’t understand why he starts craving his husband.

7. “The Vampire’s Familiar” by T.J. Nichols

“The Vampire’s Familiar” is one of the best M/M vampire novels if you’re looking for an exciting read.

Kirk is a powerful vampire searching for his sister’s killer in this vampire romance. Sage is tasked with watching the new vampire in town. The two play an unlikely game of cat and mouse until he learns the real reason Kirk is in town.

When the killer comes after both of them, Sage needs to choose between his family and the man he can’t stay away from.

8. “The Wolf at the Door” by Charlie Adhara

No M/M paranormal romance novel is complete without a physical need that can’t be contained or controlled. Charlie Adhara delivers just that in “The Wolf at the Door.”

Agent Cooper Dayton never knew he’d be hunting werewolves, but things change after a werewolf attack. He becomes partners with sexy werewolf Oliver Park.

Keeping their relationship professional was at the top of Cooper’s list, but his captivating partner makes that almost impossible. Racing to catch the killer while keeping their feelings at bay seemed easier when they didn’t know each other.

9. “How To Elude a Vampire” by Alice Winters

Sometimes you can’t get enough of vampire novels. The obsession should lead you to the second installment of the VRC: Vampire Related Crimes series.

This M/M vampire romance brings back Finn and Marcus. Marcus is a vampire that loves Finn for the human that he is. But unfortunately, a vampire is stalking Finn, and his life is ready to be chaotic.

Marcus is ready to throw himself into the line of fire because he knows that Finn is his everything, and he’s not letting him go.

10. “The Necromancer’s Dilemma” by S.J. Himes

“The Necromancer’s Dilemma” is a vampire novel featuring Simeon, the four-hundred-year old vampire who’s sexy as sin. Simeon is Angel’s guiding light. The two have a bond that extends beyond anything they’ve ever known.

Angel struggles for control over himself, his lover, and his family. A sorcerer and a vampire give each other everything the other needs, but saving his new apprentice means putting himself and his love for Simeon on the line.

11. ‘The Ostin Heir’ by Michelle Dare

Seventy years ago, Theo Ostin witnessed his family murdering a town of humans. He also watched as stakes were driven into his parents’ chests. Since then, he’s lived on an island no one knows still exists, let alone that he survived.

He prefers it that way.

There’s something about Desolate Beach that calls to Paxton Huxley on a visceral level. He doesn’t understand why, but he gives in and stands on the sand every chance he gets.

One day, a man gives him a note and a pendant before vanishing right in front of his eyes. The catch? Paxton now works for a royal vampire.

But is it really a job when he starts to desire the man he’s helping?

Maybe, just maybe, amid the hell they’re both in, they’ll find something more important. Something they will fight to the death to keep. Love.

The Ostin Heir is a steamy M/M paranormal romance. It features a vampire who thinks he’s too broken to deserve love and a human who’s determined to show his possessive lover that he’s in it for the long haul. There is forced proximity, tragic pasts, a brooding virgin vampire, and a HEA. The series is best enjoyed in order due to the overarching storyline. Each book revolves around a different couple.

Final Thoughts

These are the best M/M paranormal romance novels. Whether you’re a longtime lover of the
genre or looking to pick up your first book, these options will have you glued to the page. Each book is packed with supernatural characters and thrilling plots.


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