Join Our EPIC 13 Day, 28 Author Halloween Giveaway!

Let us promote you to our ENTIRE fan base of over 325K fans & subscribers!  That's 175,000 FB Fans, 14K Twitter Followers & 136K Email Subscribers during this insane, 13 day 28 author paranormal romance Halloween giveaway party!

What's In It For You:

We are going to promote this giveaway to our entire romance subscriber base of over 326K readers and YOU get a copy of the entire mailing list generated by the sign ups! <– Now with our epic, triple action cleaning method!

28 other authors with at least 2000 subscribers are also going to promote (leading to well over 381K readers reached in total!)

Why This Will Help You Sell More Books:

The bigger your subscriber base the more books you can sell!

The deadline for authors to enter is Oct 10th, 2017 – all information must be received by then.  The giveaway will begin on October 18th and run for the entire 13 days leading up to Halloween to get as many readers exposed as possible!

How This Works (Super Simple For You!)

You'll want to read below for all the nity-gritty details, but all in all how this works is very basic.

#1: You are a paranormal romance author with an existing active subscriber based of at least 2000 readers.  You want more and you click the link below to join

#2: You hop through the link and fill out the form right after

#3: We give you your graphics and let you know what date you'll be promoting.

#4: All 28 authors along with us promote on our given days and everyone gets a copy of the massive, super excited list of readers!

#5: We will take care of all the prize logistics for the winners so you don't have to!  All you have to do is email the free book you promised to your new subscribers when we send them to you!

#6: Before sending out the subscriber list we will “Triple Clean It” with the following measures:

  • We will run against our in house suppression list and remove any subscribers previously labeled as “problems”
  • Only confirmed entries will be accepted.  Unconfirmed will be deleted
  • We will also run the final list against a 3rd party list cleaning service to remove any other issues

Here's The Lowdown (Read Through And Click The Link Below To Join)

  • The cost to enter the Group giveaway is $125 ($36 goes towards the gift cards prizes with the rest going to administration, list cleaning services and FaceBook advertising)
  • Giveaway will run the entire 13 days leading up to Halloween.
  • You MUST have a minimum of 2,000 email subscribers on your mailing list to participate in this group giveaway.
  • These giveaways will be promoted to approximately 325K – 500K active subscribers between ILVN's assets as well as each individual author.
  • We DO NOT promote books in this giveaway.  We promote the giveaway in the giveaway to build the subscribers.  YOU then can promote your book to the subscribers after we send you your copy.
  • If you have more than one pen name,  you MUST fill out the form for each pen name, pay the fee for each pen name, and follow the rules for each pen name
  • The 4 prizes will be in $250.00 increments (Amazon US Gift Card)
  • All participating authors will be required to have a “live day” on the ILVN FB page either as a take over (no video) or FB live (video).  During that live time each author will select an engaged reader at random and give away a physical prize (or digital gift card) of their choosing. All authors are responsible or delivering this prize in 7 business days.
  • We will be helping you come up with ideas for your promotion inside the private FB group as well as helping best schedule your time to “take over” or go “live”.
  • You will be required to promote this giveaway through your own newsletter/s* as well as social media.  (by the date that you will be provided in your confirmation email), blog, Fb, Twitter, Instagram, etc.***
  • *Which means, ALL of your newsletter/s that you use for the pen name entered in this giveaway.
  • We will send out graphics and a link for the giveaway after October 7th (through email/FB Group).
  • There will be a mandatory double opt-in to keep readers from inflating points and illicit emails from occurring.
  • Entries will not occur on your newsletter as the giveaway is running. We will be sending out one spreadsheet (CSV) with all of the entries at the end of the giveaway and you will import them into your newsletter.  This will be after we clean the list using the 3 methods listed above.
  • By agreeing to participate in this giveaway, you acknowledge that the new subscribers to your mailing list will more than likely cause your own cost to increase with your own newsletter service–and you are entirely responsible for that. Mailerlite and/or Mad Mimi are less expensive options versus Mailchimp.
  • Readers will be opting into all author newsletters when they sign up for the giveaway. No individual sign-up options.
  • If an author acts unbecoming during the time of the giveaway, we have the right to remove that author from the giveaway, with no refund or reason given.
  • You take responsibility of what you do with the subscriber list given.


If you understand and agree to the above Terms and Conditions then you can enter the giveaway by clicking here >>