Anime on Netflix: Top 30 Titles to Binge Right Now

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Are you stuck on what anime to watch next on Netflix? This diverse list is sure to have something that’s perfect for you! From thrilling horrors to emotional romance, we’ve complied all of our favorites into this definitive collection. Check them out!

Castlevania (2017-2021)

IMDb: 8.2
Episodes: 32
Inspired by the best selling game series, this anime follows the story of Trevor Belmont, the last surviving member of his family, and his quest to save Europe from Dracula’s plan for human extinction. Along the way he meets the son of Dracula, Alucard, who rejects his father’s ideology, and Cipher, a powerful witch from Wallachia, who aide him in his hunt.

The team also face waves of night creatures controlled by Dracula’s loyal forge masters. But Dracula has his own problems: a beautiful vampire queen from Styria, Carmilla, who wants to take away his power.

This show definitely deserves it’s high IMDb rating with stunning animation, a sweeping musical score, powerful story and an eclectic cast of characters. Alucard and Trevor’s burgeoning bromance is guaranteed to raise a laugh.

With season 4 just released, the time to binge is now!

Image credit: Netflix

anime on netflix: castlevania

Devilman Crybaby (2018)

IMDb: 7.6
Episodes: 10
Based on the manga Devilman by Go Nagai, this action and dark-fantasy anime is a thrilling story of a demon infested world that is being covered up by the government. Guided by his childhood friend, Ryo, Akira tries to expose the existence of demons to the world.

Although viewers were divided on the graphic content and the ending of the series, it was praised for its animation, soundtrack, openly LGBTQ+ characters, and chatacterization.

anime on netflix: devilman crybaby

Violet Evergarden (2018)

IMDb: 8.5
Episodes: 14
Caught up in the Great War and raised for the sole purpose of decriminating enemy lines, Violet Evergarden finds herself maimed and injured in a hospital with left with only words from the person she held dearest, but no understanding of the true meaning. Recovering from her wounds, Violet begins working at a postal services, becoming an ‘Auto Memory Doll’, transcribing people’s thoughts and feelings into words, in the hope that she can one day understand what the man she loved meant.

Prepare for the emotional journey of Violet as she travels down a road of self-discovery whilst reshaping the lives of her clients.

The Seven Deadly Sins (2014-)

IMDb: 8.0
Episodes: 94
A small subset of powerful knights that were said to have betrayed their homeland and comrades in an attempt to overthrow the ruler were defeated by the Holy Knights of Britannia, but rumours say that they still exist as the Seven Deadly Sins. But the Holy Knights stages a coup and are now the tyrannical leaders. The third princess of the kingdom, Elizabeth, is in search of the Seven Deadly Sins, to take back her kingdom.

With the fifth season delayed due to the pandemic, there is no better time to catch up.

Dota: Dragon’s Blood (2021)

IMDb: 8.1
Episodes: 9
Based on the hit video game series created by Valve, a Dragon Knight, Davion, hunts dragons to make their world a safer place. When war between dragon and demon breaks out and his soul merged with an elder dragon, Davion goes on a journey with a moon princess, Mirana, to stop Terrorblade, a dragon killing demon.

This is the perfect epic fantasy anime to watch, so don’t miss out!

Image credit: Netflix

anime on netflix: dota dragon's blood

Yasuke (2021)

IMDb: 6.3
Episodes: 6
An African man Yasuke goes from being in the service of Jesuit missionaries during the Nanban trade to being a warrior for the Lord Oda Nobunaga in an alternative-reality 16th century Japan with magic and advanced technology.

Yasuke is loosely based on the historical figure of the same name. Follow the story of the samurai Yasuke now!

Image credit: Netflix

Blood of Zeus (2020-)

IMDb: 7.6
Episodes: 8
Previously known as Gods & Heroes, set in world of Greek Mythology, this anime follows the story of the demigod son of Zeus, Heron, trying to save Olympus and Earth from a demonic army.

With Netflix renewing this for two more seasons, this is the perfect fantasy adventure anime to watch.

Image credit: Netflix

The Way of The Househusband (2021-)

IMDb: 7.3
Episodes: 5
Infamous yakuza (Japanese mafia) boss known as the ‘Immortal Dragon’ retires from the life of crime to support his wife, Miku. He learns that there are many similarities between his former life and being a househusband.

Although heavily criticized for its limited animation resembling more of a motion comic, its comedic juxtaposition of a man with intimidating looks and personality doing domestic housework has been praised.

Watch the pick-me-up anime now!

Eden (2021)

Episodes: 4
This sci-fi fantsay series is set a thousand years in the future, where a city is inhabitied solely by robots. Then when two robots discover a baby girl, they question all they were taught to believe and raise the girl in a safe haven outside of Eden.

This upcoming anime will be released on May 27th so keep an eye out for it!

Image credit: Netflix

anime on netflix: eden

High-Rise Invasion (2021)

IMDb: 6.8
Episodes: 12
High-school student Yuri finds herself in a strange world where countless skyscrapers are connected by suspension bridges and masked men mercilessly slaughter their victims. To survive, Yuri needs to fight for her life, even if it means killing these masked men.

Although this anime may not be for everyone, it has been praised for its portrayal of the villains. Check out the horror survival now!

Anime on Netflix is very unpredictable in its program scheduling, your favorite show could be there one day and gone the next. So we have included some of our picks of the best shows that are currently not available to stream on Netflix. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for them, but in the meantime we have provided alternative links to watch them elsewhere.

Attack on Titan (2013-)

IMDb: 9.0
Episodes: 86
Centuries ago, humanity was forced to retreat behind 50-meter tall walls for protection from titans, giant humanoid creatures that prey on humans despite their taste for human flesh not being the result of hunger. Then suddenly a titan appears that stands 60-meters tall and with one kick, brings the years of safety to an end. Eren Yeager grew up in Shiganshina with his friends, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlet. This town was where the Colossal Titan first breached the wall, wrecking destruction to Eren’s home.

With his mother dead and father missing, Eren swears to get revenge and slaughter every titan. In his possession, he finds a key to his basement, where his father said the secrets of the world are held. Eren, Mikasa and Armin join the Military to fight the titans and take back their home from the titans. But when strange things start happening, the Military soon realises the enemy may be closer than they think.

Praised for its expert characterization, complex story line and with several episodes appearing on the highest rated episodes of all time lists by IMDb, this series is one you don’t want to miss. As the first part of season four has just been released, now is the perfect chance to catch up before the long awaited final part airs.

anime on netflix: attack on titan

Ouran High School Host Club (2006)

IMDb: 8.2
Episodes: 26
Haruhi gains a scholarship at the prestigous Ouran Academy, but when looking for a quiet place to study Haruhi finds herself in the Third Music Room, the location of the Ouran High School Host Club, where six attractive male students entertain the female students with sweets and tea. After accidentally destorying an expensive vase, Haruhi finds herself a member of the club as an errand runner.

Her short hair, masculine attire and gender-ambiguous face cause her to initially be mistaken as a male student. Although the club soon discover her real gender, she becomes a host as she is a natural when it comes to entertaining the girls.

Based on the manga by Bisco Hatori, Ouran was written to parody typical shojo (where young women are the target demographic) manga, playing on the numerous tropes and cliches. The self-aware aspect of how ridiculous it is really makes the show a masterpiece. Additionally, Haruhi’s open-minded and accepting views on gender and sexuality and how she doesn’t conform to the ‘norm’ have been widely praised. Although there are some criticisms, Ouran has become a classic that you don’t want to miss out on.

anime on netflix: ouran high school host club

Haikyu!! (2014-2020)

IMDb: 8.7
Episodes: 88
Shorter than the average volleyball player, Hinata sees a match on a TV in a shop window. There, he sees the short player dubbed as the ‘Little Giant’ play. From then on, despite initially lacking in skill, Hinata joins his school volleyball club and plays against the skilled, but distant ‘King of the Court’ Kageyama, who’s team destroys Hinata’s in a match.

But Hinata doesn’t give up upon his dream and joins the school of the Little Giant, Karasuno. Also joining the team is Kageyama, the one who Hinata swore to defeat in a match some day. Now they must work together as a team to restore the reputation of Karasuno and win the Nationals.

Although the idea of watching a volleyball anime doesn’t seem interesting, Haikyu makes the games look exciting and it really captures your interest in the sport.

anime on netflix: haikyu!!

Fate/Zero (2011-2012)

IMDb: 8.3
Episodes: 25
Seven chosen mages and their summoned heroic spirit fight against each other to try to win the Holy Grail – a device that can grant any wish. This anime follows the story of Kiritsugu and his summoned spirit, Saber, as they fight in the cutthroat game of survival.

Although one of the later releases in the series, it acts as a prequel so it is a great place to start to introduce you to the Fate series.

anime on netflix: fate/zero

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009-2012)

IMDb: 9.1
Episodes: 64
After their single-mother died of a lingering illness, brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric, travelled the world in order to learn more about alchemy to raise their mother from the dead. But it’s impossible to do correctly and the transmutation leaves Al without a body and Ed without his left leg and his right arm, which he gave up to save his brother. With prosthetic made for Ed and Al’s soul in a suit of amour, they burn down their home and become State Alchemists in an attempt to find the Philosopher’s Stone and regain their full bodies back.

This is a dark-fantasy, steampunk anime that you don’t want to miss!

anime on netflix: fullmetal alchemist brotherhood

Tokyo Ghoul (2014-2015)

IMDb: 7.8
Episodes: 24
Ghouls live among humans, they look like normal people, but they can survive only by eating human flesh. Ken Kaneki is a normal student when a date goes badly and she reveals herself to be a ghoul. Then a freak accident happens, one which he barely survives, and his life changes forever.

Based on the manga by Sui Ishida, this horror and supernatural thriller anime is one you don’t want to miss!

anime on netflix: tokyo ghoul

Death Note (2006-2007)

IMDb: 9.0
Episodes: 37
High-school student Light Yagami finds a ‘Death Note’, a black notebook which can kill anyone whose name is written in it, as long as certain rules are followed. Light soon realises how powerful the notebook is when he begins killing high-profile Japanese criminals, then international criminals. Light is visited by a Shinigami (a God of Death), who previously owned the notebook.

But when a detective known as L starts investigating, Light begins to realise that the notebook can be used for much more than just killing criminals – such as killing the detective who is chasing you down. And that’s exactly what Light plans to do, just as soon as he gets L’s real name.

Watch the intense psychological thriller now!

anime on netflix: death note

Naruto (2002 – 2007)

IMDb: 8.3
Episodes: 220
After their village is attacked by a nine-tailed fox, the leader of the village sacrifices himself and seals the beast inside of the newborn Naruto. Shunned because of the beast, Naruto struggles to find his place , he desires to become the Hokage of Konohagakure, the new leader of the village. An adventure that leads him not only to new friends, but to dangerous enemies.

Watch the classic fantasy comedy anime now.

anime on netflix: naruto

Hunter X Hunter (2011-2014)

IMDb: 9.0
Episodes: 148
Gon has been told his whole life that his parents were dead. But then he discovers that his father was alive and a Hunter – someone who captures criminals and bravely searches for lost treasures in uncharted lands. Gon soon realises that the path to become a Hunter is more difficult than he could ever have imagined.

Named as one of the best anime series of the 2010s, you can’t miss out on this adventure fantasy anime!

One Piece (1999-)

IMDb: 8.8
Episodes: 977
After accidentally eating a Devil Fruit, which means that his body has gained the property of rubber, Monkey D. Luffy explores the Grand Line in search of the world’s ultimate treasure known as “One Piece” in order to become the next pirate king. He is accompanied by his crew of pirates, named the Straw Hat Pirates.

The anime has been very well-received, so this is the perfect watch if you have a lot of time on your hands.

anime on netflix: one piece

One Punch Man (2015)

IMDb: 8.8
Episodes: 25
The story of Saitama, a superhero who can defeat his enemies in just one punch. He grows bored of the lack of challenge and the ease at which he can win, so he searches for a formidable opponent to combat his overwhelming strength.

Watch the best comedic superhero anime now!

anime on netflix: one punch man

The Promised Neverland (2019 – 2021)

IMDb: 8.6
Episodes: 23
Three gifted children of an idyllic orphanage accidentally discover the sinister purpose that they were raised for. They know the need to escape, but time is running out as one of them is about to be ‘adopted’. How can they come up with a plan in time that lets them all escape with the younger children?

With the new release of season 2, now is the best time to watch this dark fantasy!

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012-)

IMDb: 8.4
Episodes: 157
This tells the story of the Joestar family, where various members discover that they are destined to take down supernatural forces using their powers. Each member of the Joestar family has their own unique part, where their names can typically be abbreviated to ‘JoJo’.

Named one of the best anime of 2012, Jojo is a classic that you need to watch.

anime on netflix: jojo's bizarre adventure

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (2016 -)

IMDb: 8.3
Episodes: 56
To the average person, psychic powers may seem like a great gift, but to Saiki they are more of an annoyance. Saiki Kusou wants to be a normal high school student and avoid attention, which is difficult when you’re a super-powerful psychic and situations where you need to use your powers always seem to arise. Inadvertently, he finds himself surrounded by many odd characters and is forced to deal with their craziness through both their spoken words and the thoughts in their head. Saiki soon learns that the ordinary life he wants is more difficult to achieve than expected.

His name is a creative play on the word psychic and some of his friends have names that are word plays on his numerous powers.

The comedic situations that Saiki finds himself in make this anime definitely worth a watch!

Madoka Magica (2011)

IMDb: 8.3
Episodes: 12
Madoka and her friend Sayaka rescue a strange talking cat, Kyubey, who offers them a proposition: he will grant any one of their wishes and in exchange they will need to become magical girls, gaining enough power to fulfil their dreams. But being a magical girl isn’t as good as it first seems, they soon discover after spending some time with magical girl Mami. And the new transfer student in their class, Homura, is trying to persuade them not to make a wish because the life of a magical girl is a dangerous one.

Although Madoka Magica may look like a typical magical girl anime, it has a really dark and tragic story, where the price to pay for making a dream come true is high. This anime has been heavily praised for it’s story full of twists and drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Demon Slayer (2019-)

IMDb: 8.7
Episodes: 26
Living remotely on a mountain, Tanjiro is the sole provider for his family after his father’s death, making money selling charcoal to the local village. On his way back home after travelling to the village, he takes shelter overnight in the house of a man who warns him of flesh-eating demons that lurk in the woods at night. When he returns home, he is met with a horrifying sight. With his younger sister turned into a demon, yet still showing emotions and remnants of her lost humanity, he vows to protect her and becomes a member of the Demon Slayer Corps. He will do whatever it takes to slay demons and protect his sister.

A sequel film to the hit anime series was released in October 2020, which became the highest-grossing anime film and Japanese film of all time, surpassing Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away. A second season is set to be released in 2021.

The anime has been praised for its stunning animation, which adds to the extravagant fight sequences . This is one action-packed series that you don’t want to miss.

anime on netflix: demon slayer

Black Lagoon (2006)

IMDb: 8.0
Episodes: 24
A group of pirate mercenaries, known as the Lagoon Company that smuggle goods in and around the seas of Southeast Asia, take on a variety of missions. These often involve violent firefights, hand-to-hand combat and battles. When they aren’t on the missions, the Lagoon Company spend their time at the bar, The Yellow Flag.

With strong, bad-ass women and intense action scenes, don’t miss out on Black Lagoon!

Your Lie in April (2014-2015)

IMDb: 8.6
Episodes: 23
Arima Kousei used to be a skilled pianist, but he hasn’t been able to play since the traumatic death of his mother. Then he meets a beautiful violinist, Kaori Miyazono, in the park and she tries to guide him back into the world of music. She hides a secret of her own, but she helps Kousei to reignite his passion for piano playing.

Watch the sweet and emotional romantic drama now!

Soul Eater (2008-2009)

IMDb: 7.8
Episodes: 51
Death City is home to the famous Death Weapon Meister Academy. Its mission is to raise ‘Death Scythes’ for the Shinigami to wield against the many evils of their world. These Death Scythes are born from human hybrids who have the ability to transform into Demon Weapons, but only after they have consumed the souls of 99 evil beings and one witch’s soul. This follows the story of the Demon Weapon, Soul Eater Evans, and his wielder, Maka Albarn.

Well received for its art style and Gothic setting, often compared to Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, so it’s perfect for all you Gothic enthusiasts!

Parasyte (2014-2015)

IMDb: 8.3
Episodes: 24
All of a sudden parasitic aliens descended upon Earth and quickly infiltrated by burrowing into the brains of vulnerable victims. They acquire full control of their hosts and can morph into a variety of forms. High school student Shinichi Izumi is one of those victims, but quick thinking meant that the parasite didn’t reach his brain. But now his right hand is infected instead.

Parasyte has been praised by critics and fans for its animation, characterization, pacing, and soundtrack. You don’t want to miss out on this sci-fi thriller!

Erased (2016)

IMDb: 8.5
Episodes: 13
Satoru Fujinuma has a mysterious power, which he calls ‘Revival’. When tragedy is about to strike, he gets sent back in time several minutes before it occurs, giving him the chance to prevent it from happening. Then he gets accused of murdering someone close to him and his Revival sends him back 18 years to find out what really happened and make things right.

This mystery anime will have you hooked from the first episode!

We hope you enjoy watching these anime on Netflix!

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