Enter To Win FAE’S CONSORT + The Entire Fae’s Captive Series by Lily Archer!

Enter To Win FAE’S CONSORT + The Entire Fae’s Captive Series by Lily Archer!

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FAE'S CONSORT by Lily Archer

They call me the village spinster. I rather enjoy it. Single and free to dance with the witches under the moonlight whenever I please—what could be better than that? When the day king shows up to take ten changelings as his consorts, I’m happy those selection days are behind me. At least I thought they were. But instead of ten young females, King Solano chooses only one. Me. Emma Druzy, sock darner and 28-year-old spinster of Moonhollow. He takes me to the day realm, a world of sun and beauty the likes of which I’ve never imagined. Solano is far more than he seems, his wit and his warmth breaking down my walls. But there’s danger here, too, the sort that creeps up on you despite the bright light of day. And if I’m not careful, I’ll lose my heart to the day king or my life to his enemies.


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Meet Lily Archer

Lily Archer believes in fairies, mermaids, and fierce fae warriors. Armed with nothing more than her imagination and a well-worn MacBook, she intends to slay the darkest beasts of the fantasy worlds and create true love where none seemed possible.
Visit me at www.lilyarcherauthor.com


Check Out Our Interview with Lily Archer!

Q: Why paranormal? What drew you to the genre?

Lily: I’ve always loved fantasy stories. Like, imagine a girl in big glasses at the library with her face in The Hobbit. That was me. I still love it and work it into my romance. The marriage is a mix of paranormal and fantasy, and then I go and get my supernerd on with scifi. The creativity of all of it draws me. I just love making stuff up. **shrugs**

Q: For those who are new to the Fae’s Captive Series, what is the story about?

Lily: Hot fae warriors and the changelings they unwittingly fall for. The first couple, Taylor and Leander, are from different worlds. Literally. They struggle, they have a ton of work to do before they can have their HEA, but they work for it every step of the way.

Q: What is your ideal reading experience?

Lily: My Kindle, in my recliner, kids are asleep, husband is watching football (but actually asleep), and it’s just me and my book. That’s heaven. Add in a coffee? That’s heaven with a super-hot, delicious angel.

Q: What is your favorite part of being a published author?

Lily: The creative ways I’ve learned to procrastinate in order to avoid a deadline.

Q: What is your favorite cheese?

Lily: I’m really glad you asked! It’s a toss-up, really. I’m a huge fan of brie. Like. Huge. But I once had a burrata in Rome that I think I’ll be chasing for the rest of my life. That high is one that can’t be replicated, but I look for it, all the same.


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