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  • Q: What do you mean by give my book away to members for “free”? Can you talk more about that?
  • A: Our members will be paying a small fee each month for access to the program.  (Very similar to how Netflix works.)  Included in their membership they will get access to one (or more) of your premium books for no extra cost.  Aka they get the books for “free” in exchange for their membership.


  • Q: What if my publisher doesn’t allow me to give a book away in the membership?
  • A: If your books fit the description we listed (lots of amazing reviews but maybe not selling as well as they could) they would be fruity not to want to join this program!  Not only will they still receive royalties from all their existing sales channels (Amazon/B&N/iBooks/etc…) but now they will receive an additional revenue stream from our profit sharing program.  They will get a share from every premium book from every author they include.  For many authors this could dramatically increase their bottom line since we pay based simply on inclusion in the program… actual sales/downloads do not matter.


  • Q: Can I pull my book out if I decide this isn’t for me?
  • A: Of course!  All we ask is you commit to being in the program for at least 3 months.  As there is a HUGE amount of work involved in setting each author/book up we to make sure we’re not running around like headless chickens!  If you want to get out just notify us within 30 days and we will pop you right out and fill your place with another.


  • Q: How many authors will you accept?  How many books per author?
  • A: Right now we are willing to accept 30 – 50 authors and up to 5 books per author. Because each premium book included in the program will receive a share of the revenue sharing we want to keep the initial pot smaller while we grow our subscriber base. This way, even if it’s small at first, every author gets something.


  • Q: Can I include books that are permanently free?
  • A: Of course you can!  We allow up to 2 perma-free books per enrolled author.  Just keep in mind perma-free books do not count toward shares in the revenue sharing program!  Only premium books are for that!


  • Q: Can I include only my free books and not my premium books?
  • A: Only accepted authors with at least 1 premium title included in the program are allowed to include a perma-free book.


  • Q: When do you pay and how do you pay?
  • A: We will pay ever month and we will do it via PayPal.


  • Q: How do I know you will be able to live up to your promise?  What is my risk?
  • A: Let me break down your “risk” vs. reward  (aka your gamble) in just a few sentences…We would like you to allow us to pay you every month to include your book(s) in a club where we will use all our ninja-like marketing powers to help expose you/your book(s) to more fans every month… for free.  While we’re doing this you continue to keep all the rights to your book(s), continue to sell them everywhere you already do while keeping all the money from those sales… and IF you decide you don’t like us paying you, all we ask is that you let us promote you as hard as we can for at least 3 months and then give us a 30 day heads up that you want us to pop you out.


  • Q: How do I get started?
  • A: We thought you might ask that next!  Getting started is simple!  If you want to be considered for selection simply follow the link below the video or right below this post, fill out the form and then follow the instructions in the email you receive from us! BOOM!  Simple!

After You Watch The Video Click Here >>

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