Best J R Ward Books: Top 10 Steamy Novels From Queen Of PNR

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J R Ward is one of the top writers when it comes to paranormal romance so here is our pick of some of the best J R Ward books. The Black Dagger Brotherhood series is incredibly addictive as is its’ spin-off Black Dagger Legacy and the Fallen Angels series. These are our favorite 10 picks to get you obsessed with her alluring and sultry writing.

#10 Lover Unbound – Black Dagger Brotherhood Book 5

A red-hot read!

This series will never be boring! It makes you wish you a part of their story. Vishous is seriously dominating and who can resist that? Definitely one of the best J R Ward books!

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#9 Lover Unleashed – Black Dagger Brotherhood Book 9

Lustful and passionate scenes galore!

This book will leaving breathless, gasping for more. How can one series be so addicting? Lover Unleashed has everything: incredibly tantalizing men who can kick ass and take names.

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#8 Immortal – Fallen Angels Book 6

The final book in the Fallen Angel series will make you wish it wasn’t the last installment!

Juicy. Provocative. And utterly seducing. *drool* Jim Heron is hell bent on protecting Sissy, but his last chance at survival is true love.

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#7 Blood Vow – Black Dagger Legacy Book 2

J.R. Ward continues her trend of sexy, irresistible books!

A page turner from start to finish; you won’t be able to stop reading. Yummy vampire warriors in training, an animal like attraction, and loads of sexy scenes. 😉

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best j r ward books

#6 Possession – Fallen Angels Book 5

An action packed love story with a bit of mystery.

The love triangle you have been dying to read! Torn between two gorgeous men, Cait delves into each one to help her decide which one is the right make for her.

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best j r ward books

#5 Lover Mine – Black Dagger Brotherhood Book 8

This 8th installment of the Black Dagger Brotherhood is just as good as the first.

No words can do this book justice. It is jam packed with love, sex, heartbreak, and more. With fate on his side, John is on his way to save his one true love and when they reunite, no one will ever be able to separate them again.

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#4 Covet – Fallen Angels Book 1

Powerful. Stunning. Absolutely intoxicating!

Jim Heron is de-li-cious! He’s a leather clad, pierced, Harley riding bad ass. You will never want to put this book down. This is the first book in the Fallen Angels series which means there’s plenty more  to fall in love with.

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best j r ward books

#3 Blood Kiss – Black Dagger Legacy Book 1

The first book in Black Dagger Legacy, spin-off from Black Dagger Brotherhood, fulfills its high expectations.

Blood Kiss is a must read. No questions. Two couples to fall in love with and a series to read again and again. 

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best jr ward books

#2 Crave – Fallen Angels Book 2

Another book, another irresistible bad boy!

As the second book in the Fallen Angels series, this book keeps up with the intensity of the first. A new story with some new faces introduces new passion almost too intense for its own good.

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best j r ward books

#1 Dark Lover – Black Dagger Brotherhood Book 1

The start to an unforgettable series with tons of books to keep you coming back for more.

Insanely. Hot. *insert moan here* Wrath is passionate, possessive, and extremely attractive. The chemistry in this book is almost too much to handle but always has you coming back for more.

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