How To Win The King By J.R. Ward (Autographed)

How To Win The King By J.R. Ward (Autographed)

Win The King By JR WardIf you haven't already heard we have launched a KILLER radio show (Podcast) called PNR Radio where we feature interviews with some of the hottest bestselling authors as well as the cast of your favorite paranormal TV shows like Supernatural & Dracula… (And in each episode our guest gives away some KILLER swag…)

Well we need your help! In order to stay on top in iTunes we need YOU to tell the world what you think in the form of a review. Clearly we'd LOVE to have tons of 5 stars BUT we also want you to be honest…

So to keep us on top we decided to “bribe” you 😉

For the next 2 weeks we will be picking a person at random who leaves the most fun review on iTunes and you'll win an autographed copy of The King by J.R. Ward!

Here's How To Play & Win:
#1: Follow this link to iTunes Here
#2: Subscribe to the show (free!)
#3: Leave a review…

That's it! We'll be checking the reviews over the next 2 weeks and announcing the winner via email and on FaceBook!

PS: You don't need an iPhone/iPad to listen you can do it from any home computer! We'll also be featuring a “bribe” when we go live on Sticher for Droid users!

Remember: The more you listen the BIGGER the names we can get on the show! The BIGGER the names on the show the more we grow… The more we grow the MORE we can give you to win!

Please click HERE to subscribe (FREE) for your chance to win an autographed copy of The King by J.R. Ward!

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