The Complete Black Dagger Brotherhood Reading Order: 2022 Edition

Looking for the most complete up-to-date list of the Black Dagger Brotherhood reading order? We don’t blame you! And with over twenty books in the main series alone, plus three spin-off series set in the same world and additional short stories for the diehard fans (like you and us!), this worldwide best-loved vampire series by J.R. Ward can be a lot to keep track of.

Therefore, we’ve undertaken the task for you!  And below is the most up-to-date complete Black Dagger Brotherhood reading order for 2022, including all three spin-off series, collector short stories, and upcoming new releases for 2023 from author JR Ward. True? 

Key Terms to Know

BDB = The Main Black Dagger Brotherhood Series Books (And the Holiday novels)
Legacy = The Black Dagger Legacy Spin-off Series Books
Prison Camp = The BDB Prison Camp Spin-off Series Books
Wolven = The BDB Lair of the Wolven Spin-off Series Books

Complete Black Dagger Brotherhood Reading Order

black dagger brotherhood reading order

BDB #1 DARK LOVER (Wrath & Beth)

BDB #2 LOVER ETERNAL (Rhage & Mary)

BDB #3 LOVER AWAKENED (Zsadist & Bella)

BDB #4 LOVER REVEALED (Butch & Marissa)

BDB #5 LOVER UNBOUND (Vishous & Jane)

BDB #6 LOVER ENSHRINED (Phury & Cormina)


BDB #6.5 FATHER MINE (Zsadist & Bella)(Part of the BDB INSIDER’S GUIDE)  

BDB #7 LOVER AVENGED (Rehvenge & Ehlena)

BDB #8 LOVER MINE (John Matthew & Xhex)

BDB #9 LOVER UNLEASHED (Payne & Manny)

Complete Black Dagger Brotherhood Reading Order Continued

BDB #10 LOVER REBORN (Tohrment & No’One)

BDB #11 LOVER AT LAST (Blay & Qhuinn)

BDB #12 THE KING (Wrath & Beth)

BDB #13 THE SHADOWS (Trez & Selena)

Legacy #1 BLOOD KISS (Craeg & Paradise)

BDB #14 THE BEAST (Rhage/Mary/Bitty)

Legacy #2 BLOOD VOW (Rhage/Mary/Bitty)(Axe & Elise)

BDB #15 THE CHOSEN (Xcor/Layla/Blay/Qhuinn)

Legacy #3  BLOOD FURY (Saxton & Ruhn)(Peyton & Novo)

BDB Novella DEAREST IVIE (Ivie & Silas)

black dagger brotherhood reading order

BDB #16 THE THIEF (Assail & Sola)

BDB #17 PRISONER OF NIGHT (Duran & Ahmare)

BDB #18 THE SAVIOR (Murhder & Sarah)

Legacy #4 BLOOD TRUTH (Boone & Helania)

BDB #19 / BDB Holiday Novel: WHERE WINTER FINDS YOU (Trez & Selena)

BDB #20 THE SINNER (Sin & Jo Early)

Prison Camp #1 THE JACKAL (Nyx and the Jackal)

BDB #21 / BDB Holiday Novel: A WARM HEART IN WINTER (Blay & Qhuinn)

Complete Black Dagger Brotherhood Books Reading Order Continued

BDB #22 LOVER UNVEILED (Sahvage & Mae)

Wolven #1 CLAIMED (Daniel & Lydia)

Prison Camp #1 THE WOLF (Lucan & Rio)

BDB World Standalone Short Story: STORY OF SON (Son & Christina)(Part of the DEAD AFTER DARK anthology)


Wolven #2 FOREVER                                            

BDB #24 LASSITER (Coming 2023)

The Black Dagger Brotherhood is essentially the fighting force of the vampires who set out to protect the vampire race from the Lessening Society. They are much more powerful, aggressive, and faster than your typical vampire. They have to be as they fight their mortal enemies.

A Black Dagger Brother is also hard to kill because he has been bred for fighting, is highly trained, and has healing abilities. After being scattered, they have come back together in Caldwell, New York, to finish their battle with the Lessers.

As you read through each book in this series, you will find yourself getting hooked, whether you are into paranormal romance and vampires or not.

Looking for more from author JR Ward that fits in with the Black Dagger Brotherhood series? The Fallen Angels series actually takes place in the same town as the Black Dagger Brotherhood world. There is a slight crossover between the two series, but you won’t find a lot of parallels.

The Fallen Angel Series Reading Order

The Fallen Angel Series features six novels and follows the story of Jim Heron – human turned angel. He guides seven troubled souls toward good while the demon Devina works against him. Fallen Angels is considered a paranormal urban romance written in the omniscient third-person point of view by author JR Ward.

In both the Black Dagger Brotherhood and Fallen Angels series, you will see Christian mythology as the main paradigm. There are also notes of classic mythology. The Scribe Virgin, for example, is a character that has many attributes one would say are similar to those of a Greek goddess.

You will find fascinating accounts of angels and demons between the two series.

Should JR Ward Books Be Read in Order?

Yes. You want to read JR Ward books in order because each book will build-up to the next. You wouldn’t watch a film series out of order, would you? Each book in the series follows a common storyline that continues from one book to another.

Each book will cover a different couple as you move through the series. Couples you have met in past books will also get additional books to add to their story arc. If you read the books out of order, you will feel lost as the storylines aren’t interconnected.

This will be a huge recommendation for any books in a paranormal romance series. Read them in order and read them all!

Is our Black Dagger Brotherhood books reading order missing anything? Let us know in the comments.  How many BDB books have you read?

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