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We reach between 250K - 3.1 million readers each week and the audience we have is not just a collection of people who only like books. They're not even people who love paranormal fiction. These people are ravenous devourers of all things PNR, vampires, werewolves, witches, mages, faeries, dragons, shifters and all things that go "hump" in the night!
Since 2011, with carefuly focused marketing and strategic planning, we've tapped into the fan bases of J.R. Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kresley Cole, Anne Rice, Nalini Singh, Gena Showalter, Charlaine Harris...and so many more of the top PNR authors of our time to bring you the hottest, most responsive group of book-buying readers ever assembled in a single genera. We know what our fans like and how enthusiastic they are.  And they want to know about YOU and your books!
TAKE NOTE: These are not contest junkies!  Our fans are 98% USA based females between the ages 35-55 who spend a self-reported average of $175 - $225 per month on PNR books.  

Crafting Your Promoted Giveaway

Based on the history of our fans - what they want, what they've responded to and what they haven't - we're going to give you tips, tricks and suggestions to maximize your giveaway to harvest a quality audience. We'll not only give you the tools to make it happen, but we'll share our best practices to keep those fans once you've added them to your mailing list. Regardless of the promotions we've pushed to our fans, authors have raved about the results. But...

Don’t Take My Word For It

I’d been chipping away at building my mailing list for the last six months, but it was slow going UNTIL I signed up for ILVN’s platform building boost. My mailing list exploded. Not only that, my inbox is full of mail from fans clamoring for my books. Thank you, ILVN, for your latest brain child. Truly an inspired promotional creation!!!

Ann Gimpel

National Bestselling Author of the "Earth Reclaimed" series

"Thanks! With over 300 reviews on [GoodReads], 'Surrendering' has over a 4-star rating and was my first book! The other two are rated even higher. I've advertised with you guys before. It's probably one of my single best marketing investments."

K.L. Kreig

Bestselling Author of the  "Regent Vampire Lords" Series

Here's Exactly What You'll Get For Your ILVN Promoted Giveaway

  • We create, post and promote your giveaway on our high-traffic website (runs 30 days)
  • Custom Featured Twitter Graphic & Blast (11,851 followers)
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  • Push through our GoodReads group (2,190 members)
  • Giveaway banner featured in our upgraded Newsletter (74K subscribers and climbing) the day of your giveaway AND a dediated link in the Sunday giveaway recap
  • You'll get a copy of the e-mail list of entries from your giveaway (Vital!)
  • A link to the giveaway to share and promote
  • Facebook paid advertising. YOU contribute the budget for the ads and WE will manage the entire thing start to finish.  (Don't worry about this now as those, optional details, are on the next page)
  • Our Promise: That you will have at least 1100 readers subscribe to your 30 day giveaway!  If not then we'll run another one for you at zero cost!

We work closely with you to gather the information needed to run your giveaway and host it for you, promoting it to our ravenous paranormal fans. We run ONE giveaway Monday - Friday and these spots go FAST! BOOK YOUR SPOT TODAY! 

(No Joke. The last time we opened up we sold out in under 48 hours)

Also, if you have any questions please feel free to email us:

We look forward to helping you build your audience and author platform!

Thank you so much,

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