Dark Heart Coven Series by CS Valentine

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The Dark Heart Coven Series from CS Valentine is a Diverse And Totally Enjoyable series. In the dark supernatural world of CS Valentine, witchcraft, curses, and love can last forever.

Dark Heart Coven – Dark Heart Coven Series Book 1


Dark Heart Coven Series

Homicide Detective Katherine Shepard has a bad past, a worse temper, and a relentless pursuit of justice. But the supernatural killer she’s tracking now will never see a courtroom, and “Shep” will do just about anything to see he gets what’s coming.

Devon Hamilton is a wealthy, innovative business leader, a generous philanthropist. And the leader of a powerful coven of witches, responsible for guarding the seal, an energy spell that keeps the gates of Hell closed and prevents demons from overrunning the earth.

When the seal gets locked inside Shep, Devon offers her a new life and the chance to get the justice she seeks, for a price.

As Katherine charges headlong into a world of witches and magic, darkness and desire, secrets and lies. And the demons get closer to finding her and the seal — the price she pays for justice could cost her everything.

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Dark Heart Curse – Dark Heart Coven Series Book 2


Dark Heart Coven SeriesIn the dark supernatural world of CS Valentine, witchcraft, curses, and love can last forever.

In this second book in the Dark Heart Series, an innocent woman is condemned to Hell.  And the only one who can save her is Detective Katherine Shepard. But to rescue her, Katherine has to break the law.  And fight a powerful ruling body of witches, risk starting a supernatural war.  As well as stop the love of her life, Devon Hamilton, from sending the woman to Hell.

As Devon plays politics with the ruling body of witches, negotiates with a power-hungry werewolf, and tries to keep a War Demon from wreaking havoc across the world, the woman he loves is standing in his way and doing everything she can to stop him.

With thousands of innocent lives at stake, Katherine and Devon must risk everything and trust the ancient power of a condemned Dark Heart — before time runs out.

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Dark Heart Forever – Dark Heart Coven Series Book 3


Dark Heart Coven SeriesIn the final book of the Dark Heart Trilogy, an ancient evil from the past is threatening to destroy the future of mankind and Katherine and Devon are the only ones that can stop it.

As Devon prepares for the battle, uniting the covens, the Witches Council and an old rival- a master vampire that tried to kill him, he learns the long hidden secret of the Hamilton family, a secret that could cost him everything. But he can save everything and keep the ancient evil from entering the world; he just has to make the ultimate choice: sacrifice the love of his life Katherine or sacrifice mankind.

Katherine isn’t afraid of ancient evils or vampires, she’s afraid of failing and losing Devon. As her greatest enemy, Robert Parker, aka the Timepiece Killer, returns from the dead seeking vengeance and she confronts her own dark past, she soon realizes the only way for her to keep Devon safe is to be willing to give him up forever.

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About the Author: Born in Los Angeles California, CS Valentine is a romantic at heart, that grew up watching TV shows like “The Night Gallery,” and “Twilight Zone.” “I love the twists and turns and surprises that came in each episode, which is why I think I have some of those in my writing.” Writing has always been a part time profession for her and she has written articles, marketing copy, press releases and web copy. “Shadows on the Highway” and “Dark Heart Coven” are her first fiction works.

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