Fate Of The True Vampires Series by Christine Church

Christine Church is the author of the Paranormal Romance Series Fate Of The True Vampires and Anachronistic Dimensions, amongst many others.
What the reviewers are saying about Christine Church’s series:
Beyond Every Mirror:
“An intriguing start to a promising new series.” -KIRKUS REVIEWS
“A luminous and irresistible Paranormal Fantasy novel.” – BOOK VIRAL
“A thorough and intense romantic tale.” – ONLINE BOOK CLUB
Sands of Time:

“This is truly not a typical vampiric read and I wish I could give it more than five stars.” -The VOLUPTUOUS BOOK DIVA

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Beyond Every Mirror (Anachronistic Dimensions 1)

$0.99 – 2.99
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Fate of the True Vampires Reg. Price: 3.99

Beside his own image in the mirror, Dane Bainbridge sees a ginger-haired beauty with stunning emerald eyes. Behind her, sprawling red mountains and clouds as if from another world. He has seen her all of his life. A life filled with glamor and fame…and loneliness. For, the woman in his mirrors is his one true love. However, he doesn’t know this yet, not until he is dragged into her world – one of beasts and barriers beyond human imagination. One where his sacrifice and death are the only thing keeping the woman he loves and her world alive.

Meirah has loved him since she was only a teenager, when she stumbled upon a human who came through to her world by accident. Always fascinated by humans, her curious nature gets her into trouble and spells doom for all eternity for the man she falls in love with.

Now that Dane remembers it all, there are no more chances. He and Meirah must find a way to survive. He is the key that keeps her alive, she is the key that gives him hope. Can they break the curse that keeps them separated by torture and death and escape together from a world that exists beyond every mirror?

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Sands of Time Special Edition
(Fate of the True Vampires 1)

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Fate of the True Vampires Reg. Price: 2.99

This Special Expanded Edition of Book One in the Fate of the True Vampires includes all new chapters and scrolls found within Alexandria in Egypt and Ephesus in Turkey, and sheds light on the life – and death – of the famous Cleopatra, “Queen of Egypt.” For the first time ever, read how Kesi played a part in this tragic tale.

In this compelling and unique adventure written as translated scripts and discovered by archaeologists, Sands of Time sweeps the reader back to ancient Egypt and the life of Kesi, “Queen of the Nile,” a hybrid blood drinker with an exceptional past.

From ancient Egypt to Rome and China, from post-Jacobian Scotland to Revolutionary France, this exciting novella is packed full of adventure, betrayal, mayhem and mystery as Kesi’s epic search for a way to share her bloodline begins.

This is a series that will delight vampire fans seeking a fresh take on an old genre.

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The Early Scrolls (Fate of the True Vampires 2)

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Fate of the True Vampires Deep in the nothingness of the Sahara desert, an innovative archaeologist finds a written picture text, the first ever known from the ancient world of Egypt. Linked to many other documents and scrolls found throughout Egypt and the world, this one is different and brings to light a primitive mystery; the arrival and ‘birth’ of the very first beings that would one day be called vampires.

Prequel to Sands of Time

In this prequel to the best selling, award winning novella, Sands of Time, a most unique and exciting find is discovered. Kesi of Giza,hybrid blood drinker from Book One had documented her life as the child of the Pet Mer, gods from the sky, worshiped and protected by Pharaoh, offered their blood by humans. But all was not perfect, and Kesi documents her struggles, fears and trials for which future generations can learn.

More complex than Sands of Time, The Early Scrolls draws the reader deep into Kesi’s life, purpose and future motives. Get to know the Pet Mer and their role in history.

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Stalking Prey: Short Stories of Horror
to Keep You Up at Night

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Fate of the True Vampires By award-winning author Christine Church, these short tales of horror will thrill you, chill you, and keep you wanting more… Even as things go bump in the night around you!

This collection of short stories were all written by Christine Church and published in various ‘zines back in the 1990’s. They have been updated and re-published so you may stay up at night reading, then check under your bed before turning off the light.

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Sands of Time (Original Edition)

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Fate of the True Vampires Mysteries uncovered from tombs. Secrets dug up from the grave. The truth and origin of vampires has been unearthed.

Thousands of years of journals, scrolls, and documents. A life exposed. That of Kesi. A blood drinker from the ancients.

Read her journals, her desperation for a family, the failed ability to share her bloodline. Travel with her to ancient China where she meets Yin, an alchemist who holds the answers she seeks. But his desires are dark. Using torture, mayhem and bloodshed, through science he is determined to find a “cure” and end the children of the hybrids, known as vampyres. Kesi’s only hope for a family.

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About the Author: Christine Church has been writing since she was 9 years old. Due to mental illness, she was never able to hold a “regular” job. Writing, however, was her way out of the pain of reality. In 1998 her first book, Housecat, was published by Howell Book House. Her next book, Indoor Cats, published by TFH Publications won the Iams Responsible Cat Ownership Award. Several more cat care books followed. Church is a writer for the local “Connecticut Horse Magazine” and also works part time as a photographer. Her unique vampire series “Fate of the True Vampires,” made finalist in its category at the 2016 Next Generation Indie Awards.

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