Forbidden Dreams by River Moore!

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Paranormal romance author River Moore is celebrating her new release Forbidden Dreams (Sizzling Succubus Encounters Book 1) with an awesome giveaway! Check it out >> Click here!

Forbidden Dreams by River MooreForbidden Dreams (Sizzling Succubus Encounters Book 1) by River Moore

What do you get when you mix an impending apocalypse, mouthwatering immortal males, and a hungry succubus with a penchant for donuts?
A jaw dropping, heart racing, paranormal romance that will leave you breathless and cleaning the steam from your windows.
Thats right.
I’m Rixterra Velos, Lady Rix to my prey.
I thought I had found my purpose in life, but fate had other ideas.
Smoke Show is the hottest nightclub in Tulsa, and an all out buffet for my kind.
I had it made there, luring and feeding to my heart’s content.
Then it all changed.
Now I’ve been thrust into a mission I never wanted.
Never asked for.
But when the big bad comes out and the world is in need of a hero…
Ok, I’m sure a demoness wasn’t the first choice, but here we are!
Delve into my story.
Laugh with me.
Get feisty in my world.
Just make sure you hit up your local bakery first.
You’ll regret it if you don’t.

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Forbidden Dreams by River MooreExcerpt from Forbidden Dreams:

His eyes zero in on me and confusion paints his face momentarily. Then his stare turns hungry as it slowly travels up and down my body.
I give a wicked smile in return and step forward. 
“You should be careful who you allow into your dreams,” I say casually.
“I didn’t allow you,” he says.
“I know. I just wanted to give you the illusion of control.”
That was the exact right thing to say. 
The thing that would ignite those dominant instincts within him to get him over the fear of being violated in this way. He had signed on at Smoke Show, but
I know it is still a shock. It is for all my feeders. Still, I give him the chance to back out. 
The demon in me grumbles, but while I like a little fear in my feed, I don’t do unwilling.
“If this is too much for you, tell me now. Because once this starts, there won’t be any going back.”
His eyes narrow, and he takes a step forward. “You aren’t leaving.”
I trace my collarbone with a claw, slowly traveling down between my breasts. His eyes track every movement. 
“I have hunted and found you. Would you care to hunt me now?” I ask.

Meet The Author:

River Moore is an author and reader of all steamy paranormal romance. Supporter of pastries in all forms and misunderstood mythological creatures.

Interview with River Moore:

Q: Hi River! Tell us a little more about yourself!
RM:  My name is River Moore and I am from Southern Missouri originally but am a bit nomadic so I’ve lived just about everywhere. I write paranormal romance and erotica that tends to have a pretty dark edge to it.
Q: Why paranormal? What drew you to the genre?
RM:  I have been reading paranormal romance for years and really love the blending of folklore and mythology with romance. It’s addicting to me so I thought I’d try my hand at creating something I love.
Q: For those who are new to your books, what is the story about?
RM: My story centers around a sassy succubus named Rixterra. She is a hot mess with masochistic tendencies and a love for donuts. Rixterra comes from a pretty dark past and has worked very hard for the life she has. The story picks up in the midst of a hunt. She has chosen her next feed, a very handsome man that is bringing out her spanking fetish, when she is volunteered to be a part of a mission to find missing immortals. Hilarity and sexy times ensue which I won’t elaborate on. Wouldn’t want to give anything away!
Q: Where can our readers find you?
RM:  On Facebook and on Instagram @rivermoorebooks
Thank you, River!
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