100,000 Fans! Want To Win An iPad?

100KILVNAt exactly 10:33 PM Central standard time on Saturday, May 4th, we reached our goal of 100,000 fans!  Thank you so much for all your help because we never would have reached this point without all your hitting “LIKE” and “SHARE” on our posts!

To commemorate this amazing occasion we here at ILVN have decided to start giving away MORE prizes, books and cool stuff!  In fact, to show you we mean business we're going to award our 100,000'th fan (as soon as she responds with an address) with an iPad mini!

But that ain't all we're going to do!

From here on out we're going to award random SUPER FANS with sudden blasts of prizes, swag and other such glory as to make your eyes pop from your head!  But there's a catch…

To Win You Must Be Active & Helping Spread The Word! 

Here's how it works… Right now we want you to head over to our Twitter page and “Follow Us”.  Then, simply retweet, reply, or otherwise engage with our content on a daily/weekly basis.  Every month we will select one random super fan to win an awesome prize!

We will also be on the lookout for super fans on FaceBook and in GoodReads to also reward them with cool prizes!

Will we stop giving away free books from your favorite New York Times Bestselling authors?  Heck no!  In fact, now that we reach between 3 – 5 MILLION people every week, we've caught the attention of a bunch of those major publishers!  For the past few weeks we've been getting wave after wave of autographed and collectors books for the exclusive purpose of giving them away to YOU!

How To Win Our Awesome Super Fan Of The Month Prizes:

#1: Follow us on Twitter, Like us on FaceBook & Join our GoodReads Group…

#2: Twitter = Retweet our stuff, join in the conversation, spread the word!

#3: GoodReads = Join our group, join the conversation and let's talk about books!

#4: FaceBook = Like us on FaceBook, then “LIKE”, “SHARE” and comment on our posts…

#5: Be as active as you can everywhere you can, help us get the word out and YOU could be our next prize winning SUPER FAN!

#6: VITAL! To win you must be on our mailing list so we can get the word out to you!  So please make sure you sign up for free here

So go now… hook up with us everywhere you can, have fun and WIN!

Thank you again for all your amazing support!

Emma, Ronda & The I Love Vampire Novels Team!

PS: To kickstart this you can share this page! 😉

PPS: We are in sudden and desperate need of top level book reviewers… if you'd like to write for us email us at support@ilovevampirenovels.com

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