Your Tuesday Reading List – 5/24/16

Falling Ashes

by Annie Anderson


Reg. Price: 2.99

Mena Constantine is pissed off.
Finally freed from her fifty-year imprisonment by a maniacal leader, she is desperately trying to recover and get her life back. Problem is, the life she had is long gone. Struggling under the weight of her memories and healing from the wounds of her captivity, she can't seem to catch a break. Every waking moment, death seems like a relief she would welcome.

Asher Crane is a dead man.
As a Guardian to the King, his only purpose in life is to keep the King alive. And he's failing. Miserably. With the King ill, the Queen dying, and zero plans for a successor, he's pretty much screwed. Because if the King dies, the law says Asher dies, too.

As these two wounded souls collide in a series of bloody and unfortunate events, they will clutch to the last shreds of life before death beats down their door.



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The Blood Prince Series, Book 1-3: Before Midnight, One Bite, and Golden Stair

by Jennifer Blackstream


Reg. Price: $6.99

Cinderella’s prince is a werewolf with a secret in BEFORE MIDNIGHT. A Machiavellian vampire tangles with Snow White in ONE BITE. And in GOLDEN STAIR, Rapunzel’s first taste of the outside world is a rakish incubus wearing a mischievous grin–and little else. These are not your typical Prince Charmings…which is good, because these ladies aren’t your average princesses either.


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Bound By Fate

by Amy Knickerbocker


Reg. Price: 3.99

To Toran, fate means everything.

Unfortunately, his fate has him squarely by the balls. The daemon prince can’t assume his crown until he’s able to plant his seed inside his fated female, a fellow daemon he just happens to despise. But it’s not just a personal claim to power at stake. As prophecy would have it, the redemption of his race lies in the birth of the sons he is somehow destined to sire. Too bad for Toran he’s cursed: a long-poisoned life force that teems within him threatens his ability to trigger his destiny––much less safely take his bride on their wedding night. His only hope is finding his faine, a rare type of vampire who feasts on energy––and the only creature in the Mythos strong enough to tame his own.

Oliviera, the last of the pure and mighty faine, owes the daemons and Toran nothing. After escaping certain death at the daemons’ hands, Liv has lived a life on the run, her entire existence a battle to harvest just enough energy to carry on. When at last she is discovered, starved and weakening by the day, Liv is powerless to stop Toran from enslaving her to achieve his destiny. Though she knows she should fight with every ounce of strength he gifts her, one taste of his life force has Liv wanting more, her senses coming alive at his very touch, her own dreams of a better life crystallizing into focus. Seduced by the would-be king of her greatest enemy, Liv must choose between delivering Toran into the arms of another, or damning herself to a lifetime of nothingness.



by Kristen Strassel


Reg. Price: 2.99

Welcome to the Shadow World…where vampires are real and blood is a financial asset. This is the world I live in.

I don’t care about the money I’ll make as a blood courtesan. I need the vampires to protect me from other humans. And more than that, from myself. Any time I think about getting revenge against the bullies who’ve tortured me, the thing I imagine happens. I have no way to control it. And the latest incident has put me in the middle of a murder investigation. I have to convince them to turn me into a vampire. I can’t be tried me for murder if I’m already dead. Or undead.

In the vampire world, blood is money and sex is everything. But when my power catches the attention of the oldest, most powerful vampire in the coven, he’ll do anything to make me his.

Nash doesn’t have to look me in the eye to cast a spell over me. And I don’t even have to look at him to know he wants me.

He’s promised me he can teach me to tame the power in my mind, but we don’t have time for that. A rogue coven has captured another courtesan, and I’m the only one who knows where she is. I’ll either be Nash’s secret weapon—or the downfall of his coven.


Vampire's Shade 1 (Vampire's Shade Collection)

by Vivienne Neas


The Shade a Vampire has left in my family is still hunting me, making my life a restless chase.
It's not only my job, I have a personal vendetta to carry out against vampires. They are the reason my sister is on a wheelchair and our mother gone. And I'm not a forgiving girl.

Vampires start integrating among humans, but even with laws adapting to the new society, many problems arise. I solve them. I kill problems.

In the span of less than two weeks I manage to turn my entire world upside down.

This time I have been chosen to take care of some human turned into vampire, but that will not be as easy as it seemed. I have somehow gotten involved in a war against the ancients ones, too dangerous and powerful enemies to fight by myself. And before I could even think about it I find myself allied with a very unlikely team.

At the end of it all, they're the ones that save me. I've been fooling myself for years.
It turns out I was the rescue mission all along.


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Bitten By A Vampire (Pendle Hill Vampire Serial Prequel)

by T.D. Reed


Murderous vampires. A young girl fighting for her life. A mysterious vampire lord.

Start the Pendle Hill Vampire Serial today!

Nineteen-year-old Anna Lisa was a typical farm girl until a caitiff clan of vampires shattered her life.

Saved by vampire Lord, Marcus Salsbury, she has nothing left to live for.

Taken in by the family who run the Salsbury estate, Anna tries to recover from her horrific wounds. When sparks fly between Anna and Marcus, she begs to become just like him.

Bitten By A Vampire is a paranormal romance novel. It features fast-paced action, terrifying horror, and an intoxicating courtship. Author T.D. Reed gives you the prequel to the Pendle Hill Vampire Serial.


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