Holiday Q & A with Author Barb Jones

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Introduce yourself.

I’m Barb Jones, born and raised in Hawaii. Currently, I live in Florida, but lived in Seattle prior to coming here. I am a paranormal romance author in addition to having a very successful career in IT. In addition to being an author and IT professional, I am a mother to two fantastic kids, one who is in college and the other is a Junior in High School.

How do you celebrate during the winter season?

Next to Halloween, Christmas is my favorite holiday! The interior of my house becomes Santa’s North Pole. There is Santa everywhere, penguins AND of course, lots of goodies. I will end up baking a lot during the winter, either making new recipes, perfecting the old ones or just to have my house smell nice during this time. Besides the baking, cooking, and decorating, I also celebrate with my family by going to Church. My daughter comes home from college at the end of the semester, so I also spend the time catching up with her in addition to spending time with my son.

How do you find inspiration for writing during the holidays/winter season?

I’m always writing, so I don’t rely on the holidays to write but I also use the winter season to reflect and put together a list of goals for the upcoming year, which can include book events, meeting my readers, spending time with them and more.

Do you have a favorite book you read during the holidays/winter season?

I wouldn’t say a favorite book as I will read just about anything but during the winter season or as I like to think about it – to put a final touch on the current year’s accomplishments – I will pick a topic and find a few books on it to read. For example, last year, I read about designing a dream kitchen and let me tell you, I have some ideas for my kitchen now!

What is your favorite holiday/winter folklore and/or superstition?

Since I love the history of witches, the one superstition that has always caught my attention, as well as trying to study the history of it, is how they claim that the severe weather was always caused by witches. This would include snowstorms, hail, etc.

What is the weirdest holiday/winter tradition your family has?

You really want me to admit I have a weird family! That’s not hard. It keeps us laughing. I guess the weirdest tradition we have during the winter season is that we tend to tour cemeteries and go on ghost tours. You would think that we would do this during Halloween, but with one in college, winter break is the time we are all together to do this.

If you could be any character in a holiday movie/story, who would you be and why?

I would honestly have to say that I would want to be Jack Frost. He can be mischievous in some cases and a hero in others, while spreading winter around!

Would you rather have your ears turn into elf ears or have a Santa beard forever?

I would say elf ears. There can be only one Santa with a beard.

Which of your characters would you invite over for dinner? Why?

From my series, Blood Prophecy, I would have to say – Kabos. He is very much a part of the prophecy but not one of the main characters. Kabos has been a gypsy, vampire, and now a ghost. It’s perfect for dinner conversations!

Which winter holiday/celebration (if any) would your main character(s) enjoy the most? Why?

They would enjoy Christmas Eve the most. A time for family and friends and my main characters have blended into being a family through the series.

Where can our readers find you?

Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Goodreads

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