Holiday Q & A with Author Emily Bex

Introduce yourself.

Hello little vampires. My name is Emily Bex. I write a mixed genre of paranormal romance and urban fantasy, which is pretty steamy. I live in Virginia, and I had an opportunity in my “other” job to travel internationally. I developed a love for travel, and worked the places, and history of those places into my novels. I just released the final book of a six book series called The Medici Warrior Series. It has become an international best seller and I hope it finds a way onto your bookshelves (or tablets!).

How do you celebrate during the winter season?

I love Halloween, and I always dress up, even if I don’t have a party to go to. I like answering the door for the trick- or- treaters and seeing the look of surprise on their face. Decorating for Halloween is also so much fun.

Then I guess I would pick Christmas, as the decorations are so uplifting, and bring such memories of Christmases past. I always gather with the extended family and we have a very loud Christmas day, with kids playing, dogs looking for hand-outs, women cooking, and men watching football. Of course, we missed that last year because of the pandemic, so we will be making up for it this year!

How do you find inspiration for writing during the holidays/winter season?

I am a total immersion writer. I need quiet, and long hours of solitude. My stories have a dark edge, so I don’t actually get much writing done over the peak periods of Christmas holidays. I need to let myself escape into the world I’m creating, and I need to keep that feeling even when I step away from the computer. The characters will continue on in my head, plotting and planning, so when I sit down to write again, they are all ready to have their story told!

Do you have a favorite book you read during the holidays/winter season?

I don’t have a favorite book for the holidays. I tend to re-watch old Christmas movies. I always watch “Love Actually” on Christmas Eve, because it was the last movie I watched with my Dad on the last Christmas Eve we had together.

What is your favorite holiday/winter folklore and/or superstition?

I don’t think I have one, and I certainly bagged that “Santa keeps a naughty list” as soon as I learned the truth!

What is the weirdest holiday/winter tradition your family has?

We have this weird set of salt and pepper shakers that are beyond ugly. I can’t even remember now where they came from; we have been doing this for so long. But they get wrapped and given to a different member of the family every year and they must be displayed on your dining room table all year. So you are stuck with the ugly salt and pepper shakers until next Christmas. Nobody wants them, so it makes the present opening fun to see who gets stuck with them each year!

If you could be any character in a holiday movie/story, who would you be and why?

Oh! I would be Amanda in “The Holiday”, and live in that fabulous cottage in England and have Jude Law show up at my door!

Would you rather have your ears turn into elf ears or have a Santa beard forever?

Definitely elf ears since you didn’t give me the option of fangs.

Which of your characters would you invite over for dinner? Why?

I think I would invite one of the secondary characters, Luca. Not only is he hot, but he’s more open than the lead character, and I think he’d have some interesting stories to share.

Which winter holiday/celebration (if any) would your main character(s) enjoy the most? Why?

Well that’s easy. The main character in my book series, Shade Medici, was finally able to seduce the mortal Kate on Halloween.

Where can our readers find you?

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