Holiday Q & A with Author Heather Renee

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Introduce yourself.

Hello! My name is Heather Renee. I’m from a small town in Southern Oregon. I write Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance novels. Currently, I have 27 published works with plenty more on the way. I love to write stories about strong heroines and swoon-worthy alpha males!

How do you celebrate during the winter season?

I’m not a huge holiday person. I mostly enjoy spending the extra time with family!

How do you find inspiration for writing during the holidays/winter season?

I can find inspiration anywhere! I could be in a store and see something totally random, then bam! I’ve got a story idea. It’s been one of my favorite things about writing these past five years.

Do you have a favorite book you read during the holidays/winter season?

I don’t normally read holiday themed books. Though, I did watch Holidate again this year. That one is hilarious!

What is the weirdest holiday/winter tradition your family has?

Not really a weird tradition, but the only tradition we’ve carried through for a few generations is that the night before Christmas I make a candy and coin trail from my daughter’s room to her stocking. It can go in all different directions and she’s not allowed to get near her presents or stocking until she’s picked up every piece of the trail LOL she doesn’t find it as funny as I do now that she’s a teenager!

Would you rather have your ears turn into elf ears or have a Santa beard forever?

Elf ears for sure!

Which of your characters would you invite over for dinner? Why?

Oh, that’s a tough one! Probably Lucinda from my Broken Court series. She’s an anti-heroine, but she has a good heart underneath all her gruff. She’d definitely keeps things entertaining!

Which winter holiday/celebration (if any) would your main character(s) enjoy the most? Why?

If we’re sticking with Lucinda, she’d probably enjoy Halloween so she could show off her wings to the humans!

Where can our readers find you?

I can be found mostly in my reader group here.

I also have a Facebook page.

Outside of Facebook, I can also be found in these places: Website, Instagram, Amazon, Bookbub, and Newsletter.

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