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ILVN 2024 Reading Challenge Update | What We Read in May

The ILVN 2024 Reading Challenge has twelve prompts, and we’re completing one prompt a month, like we did last year. And I’m excited to talk about what I read in May for this challenge. This month, I read from one of the better known urban fantasy/paranormal romance...

ILVN 2024 Reading Challenge Update | What We Read in January

Since the ILVN 2024 Reading Challenge has twelve prompts, I’m completing one prompt a month, like we did last year, but without the book club attached. Instead, I’ll be letting you know WHAT I read and fit it into the prompt accordingly instead of hoping the one I...

Ten Fae Characters You Should be Reading About

We Believe in Faeries! So, let’s explore some fun fae characters. Here are my top ten. Siebold Adelbertsmiter (Zee) from the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs is Mercy’s former boss at the mechanic’s shop. Zee is also known as Loan Maclibuin: the Dark Smith of...
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Author Spotlight on T.M. Kehoe, Author of Dark Requiem

Author Spotlight on T.M. Kehoe Hi. I’m T.M. Kehoe. I was born and raised in St. Louis before traveling the world, then returning back to St. Louis. I write Urban Fantasy with a Supernatural twist. I came up with an idea, partnered up with Joseph Hagen, and behold: a...
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20 Fantasy Books To Read Before You Die

Putting together a list of fantasy books to read before you die might seem a little arbitrary. After all, everyone’s tastes are different. But we’re feeling up to the task. So, whether you’re looking to impress your friends, expand your mind, or just in the mood to...
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Bloodthirsty Vampire Anime To Sink Your Teeth Into

What did Dracula’s victim say as he sank his teeth into her neck? Well, this sucks! No more vampire puns - we promise. These fang-tastic (maybe just one more) vampire anime are perfect for any vampire fans! We've got it all from both sides of the story - vampires and...
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Werewolf Anime: Get Your Claws Stuck Into These Furry Favorites

We love werewolves and anime, so when you put them together to make a werewolf anime, it’s a dream come true! The only problem is that there aren’t nearly enough of them, like nowhere near enough. And if there are werewolf characters, more often than not, they’re just...
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Supernatural Cast: 24 Fun Facts About Your Favorite Actors

Get to know the Supernatural cast by finding out fun facts about them! Supernatural has fifteen seasons with a total of 327 episodes! It started airing in 2005 and finished in 2020. And when the eleventh season aired, it became the longest-running American live-action...
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The Legacies Cast: 18 Shocking Secrets!

Are you a Legacies fan?  As you can imagine, everyone at ILVN is a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and the Legacies franchise.  So we couldn’t wait to give you the scoop on our favorite Legacies cast members! In case you didn’t know, Legacies is a...
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Anime on Netflix: Top 30 Titles to Binge Right Now

Are you stuck on what anime to watch next on Netflix? This diverse list is sure to have something that's perfect for you! From thrilling horrors to emotional romance, we've complied all of our favorites into this definitive collection. Check them out! Castlevania...

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