ILVN 2024 Reading Challenge Update | What We Read in May

by | Jun 2, 2024 | 0 comments

The ILVN 2024 Reading Challenge has twelve prompts, and we’re completing one prompt a month, like we did last year. And I’m excited to talk about what I read in May for this challenge.

This month, I read from one of the better known urban fantasy/paranormal romance authors, Jeaniene Frost. Shades of Wicked is a secondary series from the Night Huntress series entitled the Night Rebel series.

I’m telling you this right up front in case you want to read it because I didn’t know, and I came across some spoilers. So, just a heads up, start with the Night Huntress series before diving into the Night Rebel series. Okay?

Okay. Now, let’s talk about the book. I’ve read this for the Catchy Title prompt.

It follows an enforcer of the paranormal world—you know, the judge, jury, executioner type. Veritas is not only strong, she’s powerful, and she has permission to take down the one person…or vampire…that can help her get what she really wants. Ian. 

Oh, Ian… He’s the bad ass, super sexy vampire cum demon spawn, who wants revenge on—you guessed it!—Veritas for a misunderstanding with Ian’s best friend’s child. Among other things.

Their fighting is excellent foreplay, and their foreplay—well—it’s HOT. This is spicy, filled with action, blood, demons, gods, the underworld, LOTS of fighting, and some excellent banter.

If it’s not obvious already, I loved this book. Just as I’ve loved all of her books so far.

Learning about Veritas’ past was crazy. This chick went through it. Then she went through it again. Then, someone dragged her kicking and screaming through it a third time. What a fucking life! I’m one of those readers—and writers—that loves to torture charaters before they get their happy endings.

Veritas doesn’t get it at the end of this book. Because it’s a series, of course. But the promise is there, and I cannot wait until I hop back into book two.

So, read Frost’s initial Night Huntress series, then go grab this book. Or be the crazy reader that my mom is, and just jump right into this one. Whatever you fancy. Just be sure you read something from Jeaniene Frost. And soon!

Have you read either of Frost’s series? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to tag us at @ILoveVampireNovels to share your pick for this month’s reading challenge.


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