ILVN Always Selling Program FAQ

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What kind of genres do you feature with this?

With our ILVN ecosystem our fans LOVE a good steamy paranormal romance or exciting urban fantasy.  If you’re contemporary you can join our sister site RomanceDevoured. They have this same style of promotion inside their ecosystem as well.

How Is This Effective & What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?

Through our parent company Author Platform Rocket, we have already delivered well over 1 million subscribers to authors. Our Always Selling program is hyper effective for A LOT of reasons.  The 1st one being that we have some of the best audience targeting in the PNR space.  What that means is we’ve spent YEARS growing platforms, selling books directly, building our audiences & account so when we set up these ads, they know who to focus on!  Beyond that, when you’re with us your giveaway will be put into a 3-6 month promotional rotation through our email list. 

This is how we are able to guarantee at least 500 subscribers and followers each and every month.  Because we’ve done it hundreds of times & know how to make it work.

Who is hosting this giveaway?

We host all our author driven giveaways right here on the ILVN home page.  After you join you can pretty much sit back & write your books!

What kind of prizes are other authors giving away?

The giveaways that have been most effective are the ones with Kindles (now priced around $50) and/or Amazon Gift Cards (as low at $25) as prizes. To “sweeten the pot”, many authors are also throwing in SWAG packs, signed copies of their books or eBooks. And 98% of our authors are taking our advice and offering an “Everybody Wins” prize – a digital copy/eBook of another book from their backlist. To read more about the “Everybody Wins” prize, see the questions below.

How do I pick winners?

Every 90 days, when your giveaway “resets”, our system will pick random winners & you will be notified via email.  IF for any reason you’re not able to use the ones we send (sister/already won/family friend or something) simply replace them with any members of your new giveaway based subscriber base.

Can I Increase My Ad Spend With You?

Of course. Our core service is set to run with $5/day in ad spend via your FaceBook account.  If you would like more, just let us know & we will increase your daily budget.  As everything is run through your account, you have full control over what you spend.  Remember, budget increases past the $5/day range are optional not a required part of your core promo.

How is this different than a normal giveaway?

Normal giveaways are a fantastic way to boost your subscribers & followers but they all have TWO large problems:  1 – They come to an end and 2 – they are normally run with 10 – 30 other authors.

Coming to an end: Why would you want to stop something that’s proven to be THE most effective way at building your newsletter & growing your fan base?  These are the most profitable assets of any successful author. 

Too many other authors: normal giveaways all rely on WAY too many people.  This confuses readers & makes lists pretty inbred. 

What makes our program different is that 1: it’s all about YOU & YOUR books.  1 author per giveaway.  And second, your new giveaway never ends.  It just “resets” every 90 days.   That means you only send out prizes every 3 months rather than every few weeks.  This keeps your costs down & your profits up!

And lastly, we offer everyone who subscribes a custom offer for exciting, book quote merch.

How do I get the subscribers from the giveaway?

Your custom giveaway will send your subscribers to you in a CSV file every 30 days.  All you do is import them into your normal newsletter & let your automation take over

Is this for only wide authors or can those in KU do it?

This is for all romance authors of every sort.  We work with you no matter where/how you’re published to get you the exposure that’ll be most effective to your goals.  Page reads?  Sales?  No sweat.  Be wide, be in KU.  All good all the time.

How do I make money from custom merch?

We use some of our favorite Print On Demand sellers to create 1 color, custom shirt prints.  When someone joins your giveaway they will receive a custom welcome/verification email.  Inside that email is an offer for YOUR custom “Thank you for joining” merch.  We’ve been using this method in our own list building efforts for years & have generated over $146K in “extra sales”. 

Will this totally replace what you pay us to build/manage this program for you?  Probably not.  However, it can be an amazing extra stream of income.  That’s what we’ve found it to be.  And you get 100% of the profits from sales!

Do I need to set up my own post for this giveaway?

Nope. We’re going to do all of the set up for you. All you need to do is give us the basics & we will set it all up from there. The goal here is to reduce any time consuming tech down to near zero.

My designer made promo graphics. Can you use those or will you make your own?

You can always send graphics for us to test as ads, just keep in mind we will be blowing through 6 images at a time like crazy.  Because we run actual ads (not boosted posts or book covers) we start out with a stack of 12 images at first.  Each week we go in & prune out those that aren’t performing & after a set has been exhausted, we build it up & do the whole thing again with new image sets.  So yes, you can always provide us ideas, just keep in mind they will be replaced as they fail.

Is this a coregistration program?

Yes.  The reason we aren’t charging thousands of dollars for this service (like a normal marketing agency) is because as we grow your base we will also be growing the ILVN list.  The reason this program is so effective is because it allows us to leverage many, many lead flow sources in order to promote YOUR giveaway during your promotion rotation. 

Beyond all that we have gone way above board to make sure everything is 100% disclosed on the page. Readers are FULLY aware of what they are joining before they put their information in.

Is this GDPR compliant?

Since we normally don’t target the EU/UK with our ads the issue really doesn’t come up.  99% of our authors only focus on US sales/subscribers, however, if someone does happen to stumble by your giveaway is fully set to blow them up with every cookie disclosure, legal disclaimer you can shake a stick at.  And that’s BEFORE anyone can even see where to enter their info.  We DO NOT use check boxes as we clearly disclose the nature of the contest & that they are entering and natures of newsletters they will then receive.  We at ILVN believe very strongly in human free will as well as being an adult.  IF someone joins we give them more than ample opportunities to opt-out, unsubscribe as well as message us for data deletion.  There are no email victims here… only HUGE winners.  The power is 100% in their hands & we will honor any data deletion request we receive.

Is there a certain number of months I have to commit to?

Not really but we do ask that everyone who joins agrees to a minimum of 4 months.  The reason for this is so enough momentum can be built in order to actually see visible results.  This is both with the custom merch sales as well as the increase in your email & social following.  Of course you can cancel if you absolutely have to, but we do not offer any refunds for any reason.

Do you need to access my FaceBook ads account?

Not any more.  Back in the day when we first kicked off this program we used to do that.  Then we found many authors had not set it up as a business account so we now run it all through our ad account.  The end result is we have you set up WAY faster & our targeting can be far more effective.  AKA it’s a win/win for all involved.

Can I change my giveaway every month or so?

LOL absolutely not for so many reasons!  The entire purpose of this program is to “set and forget” your audience building AND be able to optimize the ads over time.  If you change it up all the time it will slow down progress & end up costing far more to get subscribers.  We allow for a 1x “update” every 6 months because we know covers, focuses & books can change.  However, if you go past that there is a $299 fee for per overhaul.

How long will it take to set up?

We allow ourselves up to 30 days to have you up & running, however as we are VERY quick, we will often have everything cooking in under 10 business days.

How Much Is It & What Do I Get?

What You Get: When you join & we get your intake form, our team will go to work building your totally custom viral landing page.  Within days we will have all of your promotional graphics, initial batch of FaceBook ad images & your entire system set up & working.

On top of that, we will have also set up your totally custom swag “upsell” inside our system.  This gives everyone who enters your giveaway an option to purchase some fan merch after entering. 

From each sale you will receive 80% of profits! 

We also guarantee to grow your subscribers and following by at least 500 unique individuals each and every month (often more).  This is based off a rolling 4 month average.  Any time you want updates, just let us know!

How Much: Our full service is only $199/month + ads.  Compare that to any marketing agency and you’re already saving about $4K/month. 

Our starting level program is normally priced at $399/month

Bundling like this enables you to go live sooner & take advantage of lower costs as you don’t need to cover fees.

LIFETIME DISCOUNT – FOR A LIMITED TIME: Save $50/month off our service… FOR LIFE! 

Let us do your marketing, grow your platform, send YOU money from merch sales & help you sell more books for only $349/month