ILVN Bite Marks (Heat Level Guide)

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Introducing ILVN Bite Marks!

We have been tirelessly working on ways to improve our connection with our authors and readers. As we move forward, you will be seeing many new and exciting opportunities and features coming from I Love Vampire Novels. One that we would like to share with you now is the ILVN Bite Marks (Heat Level Guide). You will see the ILVN Bite Marks (Heat Level Guide) being implemented in different areas of ILVN to allow readers to know more about the books they are viewing.

ILVN Bite Marks (Heat Level Guide)

Level 0: No Bite – Contains no romantic elements or sexual content.

Level 1: A Nibble – Contains simple romantic interactions & kissing but no sex.

Level 2: A Bit of Bite – Contains passionate kissing & implied, off-screen, or fade-to-black sex scenes (no details).

Level 3: Makes You Bite Your Lip – Contains sex scenes that are sensual in description rather than graphic.

Level 4: Sink Your Teeth In – Contains sex scenes that are graphic/detailed in the description. Includes Erotic Romance.

Note: All heat level ratings are determined & provided by the author(s).



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