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NOTE: If you don’t yet have your cover/links/teasers don’t sweat it! Just upload a place holder file & message us when you have everything. The main goal with this form is so we can lock your date down. Any questions? Hit up Jennifer

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  • The transaction ID number is in the top-right corner of the "Receipt for Your Payment to..." e-mail from PayPal. WE ONLY NEED THE NUMBER. Both receipts often show up nearly instantly
  • As there's A LOT going into this, the ability to reach you quickly is vital. Do you prefer messenger, phone, email, Skype? Please provide us with your best contact method
  • Please provide at least three Mondays in order of preference OR a range of dates for when you'd like your promo to run. Please note: Ultimate promotion always starts on a Monday. Dates are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to availability.