ILVN Ultimate Promo FAQ

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What kind of romance do you feature with this?

With our ILVN ecosystem our fans LOVE a good steamy paranormal romance or exciting urban fantasy.  If you’re contemporary you can join our sister site RomanceDevoured. They have this same style of promotion inside their ecosystem as well.

This seems pretty new, how do you know this will be well received? What kind of results can I expect?

We know this is effective because we’ve already been doing it with select authors since last year. We’ve run what are called “virtual events” and seen how excited the fans get when they get to have a cooler experience with authors than just the normal “run ads + sell books” style promotion. Fans LOVE the interviews as they get to see behind the scenes & get to know you on a much deeper level. These promotions build the bonds with readers that turns them into fans & buyers. Many times we’ve had fans comment on how using this process to meet the author was the thing that turned them on to a new series they never would have looked at or even noticed before. <– We hear this A LOT

What kind of prizes are other authors giving away?

The giveaways that have been most effective are the ones with Kindles (now priced around $50) and/or Amazon Gift Cards (as low at $25) as prizes. To “sweeten the pot”, many authors are also throwing in SWAG packs, signed copies of their books or eBooks. And 98% of our authors are taking our advice and offering an “Everybody Wins” prize – a digital copy/eBook of another book from their backlist. To read more about the “Everybody Wins” prize, see the questions below.

Can I pay to have you boost my post to get more exposure?

Of course. We’ve done that for a ton of authors in the past. When you run your promo, just let us know 7-10 days before & we can invoice you for the budget you’d like to use. We’ll include 3% for the PayPal fees & then run your post or video as an ad. Note: Ideally you’ll want a budget of at least $100 ($103 with PayPal fees). Remember, this is optional not a required part of your core promo.

How is this different than an email blast from your newsletter?

It’s very different in many ways. 1st: we are going to be featuring a brand new section in our newsletter exclusively for this program. That section is going to show up 3x each week & focus on a different segment of the promotion to keep it fresh. 2nd: we’re getting you & your book dropped in front of our readers via social in the most effective ways possible. The reason for this is because with the volume of noise in the market today, it can take multiple mentions just to have somebody notice. We showcase you in different ways to cut through that noise. With a takeover or live video, with a video review, with blurbs, a viral giveaway, teasers and/or excerpts & a video review. 3rd: We are going to “gamify” your release. Each touchpoint during this promotion is geared at getting folks into the giveaway which will then help to grow more & more exposure via the post registration viral “referral” system.

Is this like a blog tour?

Not at all. Blog tours have been proven to be highly ineffective because most of the blogs being “toured” don’t have any traffic or an audience. We’re not like that. We have traffic, we have subscribers & we have engagement. Beyond that, we know how to direct said traffic & engagement for maximum impact.

How do I get the subscribers from the giveaway?

Your exclusive giveaway will run for a full 7 days & after that we will export the list as a CSV, let the machines pick the winners & send it all to you via email.  That will happen between the following Mon – Wed after the week you are featured.

Do I have to be on video?

Absolutely not!  You have your choice of video or written interview.  Do whatever suits your fancy.  Shy or outgoing, we’ve built this so it’ll work with you.

What if you read the book and don't like it? Will you post the review?

First off, the review is optional to begin with so you don’t need to have it be part of the promo.  Second, not at all. We adhere to the “Yo Mama Clause” which is simply what yo mama probably said when you were growing up: “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

I'm confused about the review. Amazon says we can't buy reviews. How will this work?

First off, the review is totally optional and you don’t need to do it.  Second, IF you decide to do it, we’re not posting the review to Amazon AND you’re not “buying” a review. We’re offering it as a free extra to the main service. Beyond that, if you want to use a portion of it in your marketing you fully can as an “editorial review”. The big publishers do it all the time. Those large name reviewers (Like Kirkus) have a massive business around being paid to review books. So there’s a huge difference between paying somebody to post a review on your book inside Amazon vs having somebody review your book in a post it on social or on a site. Amazon cannot and does not care about that.

What if I'm not 100% sure what my release date will be?

That’s not a problem. If you can get us close we can work with you to make it happen. What’s recommended is to book a spot now & give us 3 options of weeks you would like. When the time gets closer to you being sure of the date, we’ll simply button you in and go from there.

Is this for only wide authors or can those in KU do it?

This is for all romance authors of every sort.  We work with you no matter where/how you’re published to get you the exposure that’ll be most effective to your goals.  Page reads?  Sales?  No sweat.  Be wide, be in KU.  All good all the time.

Do I need to get you 2 paperbacks or can it be digital for the review?

Just to be clear, the review is totally optional.  And no.  You don’t. We can always work with digital, HOWEVER, even if you’re not planning on releasing the paperback version it is HIGHLY recommended you set that up & just use “the artist formerly known as CreateSpace” (90’s Prince reference if you’re too young to remember 😉 to send us some copies. Readers LOVE an exclusive opportunity to win something physical like that. But as always, it’s 100% up to you how you do it. Either way works. (and IF you want to autograph print copies for the giveaway winners we won’t stop ya!)

Do I need to set up my own post & giveaway?

Nope. We’re going to do all of the set up for you. All you need to do is give us the basics & we will set it all up from there. The goal here is to reduce any time consuming tech down to near zero.

My designer made promo graphics. Can you use those or will you make your own?

We will use everything in our power to help you get the most exposure possible.  Want us to use your graphics?  Send ’em over!

I don't have my links yet because the book is still in editing. Is that okay?

Of course. On the intake form after you sign up simply put “pending” or some sort of place holder word. You’re not alone in this. 99% of authors who will join this program won’t have their links quite ready. We can still get the wheels turning & lock in your date and/or date range now.

Can I do this for a back catalog title if, say, I'm redoing the cover and want to get the word out?

That would work just fine for this program. While not the original intent, there is no real difference between a launch & a re-launch in terms of moving parts. Sure. If you’re doing something big like a rebrand or overhauling something major we can work with that. What this program is not great for is a flash sale on an older title where nothing much is changing save for the price. That’s not really exciting enough. For that sort of thing, you can simply book a normal newsletter discount spot. But major changes? Let’s do it.

Are there really only 5 spots for this per week?

Yes. Because of how large this project is for each author we work with we can only accommodate a total of 5 authors each week. Hence the need to book your spot or range sooner rather than later. We want to make sure each author gets the maximum exposure.

Do you have a list of open dates we can see?

Yes.  We just set that up (due to popular request!) We will try to update this every day or so.  Click here to check open dates (note: spots start each Monday beginning in Sept 2019)

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