Interview with Paranormal Romance Author, Roh Morgan

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We are fortunate to work with so many fabulous writers in paranormal romance, fantasy romance and urban fantasy.  It’s a special treat for us when we have a chance to get inside the creative mind of one of our amazing authors.  Today’s interview is with paranormal romance author Roh Morgan, and one of our sponsors in this month’s promotion and giveaway, The Hunt.  

ILVN: Hey Roh, please take a moment to introduce yourself!

RM: Hello! I’m Roh Morgon, and I write paranormal and vampire suspense, flavored with a little bit of
romance and horror. I’m best known for my series, THE CHOSEN and WORLD OF THE CHOSEN, and am a past winner of the International Vampire Film & Arts Festival Silver Stake Award.

The world of the chosen, by paranormal romance author roh morgan

ILVN: WOW! Congratulations! Where are you based out of?

RM: I currently live in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Central California and share my home with a very
patient husband and an extremely demanding cat who helps me write by periodically walking on
the keyboard.

ILVN: One thing our readers are always curious about is how long have you been writing or when did you start?

RM: I made up countless stories in my head as a little girl, but didn’t start writing them down until
2009. That was when I woke up with a lonely vampire woman in my head whose story I felt
driven to write. So I started working on it while learning the craft of fiction writing by following
author blogs and attending workshops.

ILVN: Why paranormal/urban fantasy? What drew you to the genre?

RM: I started reading science fiction when I was about 12, then at age 15 read Lord of the Rings. I
quickly traded laser guns and spaceships for swords and magic. About the same time, I was
introduced to the original Dark Shadows TV show, which planted the seeds for my fascination
with vampires, werewolves, witches, shapeshifters, etc. Of all the speculative fiction, paranormal
and urban fantasy are my favorites.

ILVN: Generally speaking, what comes first for you when writing paranormal romance — the plot or the characters — and why?

RM: Definitely the characters. Several have come to me, usually with a problem, as the result of a
dream. I love exploring their history, learning what makes them tick, and following them to see
how they resolve their issues. Their journey is the central focus of my stories.

ILVN: What’s your favorite type of paranormal creature and why?

RM: That’s a tough one. Vampires intrigue me with their immortality, their conflicts and struggles to
exist, and even their viciousness. Shapeshifters, on the other hand, fight a different battle
between their multiple natures, yet also possess the ability to move through the world in
whatever landscape they choose. I find that fluidity to be fascinating.

ILVN: In The Last Trace, tell us about your heroine/hero. What inspired her/his quirks and struggles?

RM: Trace (aka Taz) first appeared in Runner: Book II of The Chosen as part of a tough trio whose job
was to patrol their benefactor’s territory and eliminate trespassers. In learning his behaviors and
motivations, I was inspired to write his backstory.

In The Last Trace, we meet him as a simple 1840’s mountain man who dreams of seeing the
ocean and sailing to new lands. His plans disintegrate when he encounters a beautiful but vicious
woman in the forest who subsequently alters his life forever.
His story is gritty, and not for the faint of heart, but it paints a fascinating picture of someone
who survived against all odds.

ILVN: We are always curious… Would you and your main character get along?

RM: I don’t know. Frankly, he scares me. Though he has a tender side, it’s one he closely guards, and
even being in the same room with him would make me question whether or not I’d walk out

ILVN: Ok, that’s interesting. So which of the characters do you relate to the most and why?

RM: I can’t say any specific one. They all have traits I find fascinating. I suppose what I like most about
Trace is his connection to nature, which we see in both The Last Trace and Runner: Book II of The

ILVN: What is a significant way your book has changed since the first draft?

RM: Since I already knew the character somewhat, his backstory in The Last Trace came to me fully
formed. Little changed in it other than the results of editorial suggestions on the writing itself
(sentence structure, etc.) which improved its strength and clarity.

ILVN: Thanks for your time and letting us peek inside your creative mind. Where can our readers find you? (Social media, website, etc.)

RM: Readers can find my books on Amazon, either for purchase or through Kindle Unlimited. I’m not
on social media much (too busy writing!), but when I am, it’s in my Facebook group, The Chosen
Crew, and my author page, Roh Morgon, Writer. For readers who like a look behind the scenes,
they’ll find character interviews, music lists, and additional information about The Chosen on my
website, And I’m in the process of reviving The Chosen Updates
newsletter, which covers urban fantasy/paranormal cultural happenings and is now open to new
And on a last note, I’d like to thank the team at I Love Vampire Novels for this great
opportunity to share a little about myself and the books I write.

ILVN: Thank you Roh! Make sure to enter our Giveaway to get a FREE copy of The Last Trace for entering! And check out our Bites of the Week page for more deals on books by other paranormal romance authors.

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  1. Maria McNamee-Hirt

    Fun to read this interview! Definitely makes me want to pick up the first book and meet your characters for myself.


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