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Leah has been out of the limelight for years, enjoying life with her children and now grandchildren. She agrees to take a small part in her nephew’s Full Moon Werewolves movie as a favor, and is disconcerted by the sizzling kiss she shares with an actor fifteen years younger.

Blake is grateful to earn his first part in a major movie and couldn’t be happier when the kiss with sexy, curvy Leah Trevane goes viral. Can he convince her that they can continue the heat off-screen?

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The set got quieter than usual for a reading, and Blake knew it was because of Leah. She was so lovely.

He started saying the lines from memory. He was always good at the memorization. “What does it matter if you are a few years older than me?”

“A few?” Leah’s right eyebrow raised like it used to on Blissful Family when the kids tried to get away with something. “I could be your mother.”

“Not unless you had a kid when you started high school. I know you feel it too.” Blake was running on instinct now, pulling her closer, moving his hand up to her cheek and brushing his pinky against the little earrings.

The corners of her lips tipped up in a little smile as he lowered his mouth to hers. His lips touched on hers, lifted, then settled more firmly on her. He tilted his head a bit to get a better fit, and felt her sigh as her lips opened a little. The tip of her tongue met his just before they separated, slowly. He kept his hand on her face as he looked into her eyes.

She was so expressive, with the warmth showing through, along with a hint of amusement. Were they alone, he would have kissed her again and again.

“Cut.” Gary was directing this episode.

Meet Bestselling Author Lia Violet

lia violet

Lia Violet is the pseudonym of an author of a bestselling Amazon mystery series with recipes who enjoys heat in and out of the kitchen. She writes several series including paranormal romance and romantic suspense. Find out more at or 

Interview with Lia Violet:

Q: Hi Lia! Tell us a little about yourself.

LV:  I’m a librarian and a mystery author who writes paranormal romance and romantic suspense as Lia Violet. Chicago will always be my home.

Q: What’s your favorite type of paranormal creature and why?

LV:  While I enjoy all types of shifter stories, I have a special fondness for werewolves. They can have normal everyday lives without a special diet like blood, and they love moonlight – romantic!

Q: For those who are new to your books, what is the story about?

LV:  My friend, writer Trinity Blacio, asked me to write a story for her very popular series “Grandmas Need Loving Too,” featuring second chances at happiness for women over forty. My story, Off-screen Heat features Leah and Blake. Leah is a former actress who used to be a mom icon on a popular drama. She is a widow now with two grown children and a grandchild. When she’s asked to step into a role in her actor nephew’s popular Full Moon Werewolves show, she has to kiss a man fifteen years younger. That kiss goes viral. Werewolf Blake is surprised that he now has to navigate paparazzi after that memorable kiss with his sexy co-star Leah. Then he and Leah discover that they are mates. I have a Full Moon Werewolves series, about several actors. I hadn’t planned on connecting that world to this series, but Leah entered my brain.

Q: Name a few of your favorite authors or books.

LV: No librarian will ever pass up this question! I teach YA lit, and I love Jacqueline Woodson, Terry Pratchett, Cassandra Clare, David Levithan and many others. I also review over 100 romance titles a year for Booklist magazine, and love Priscilla Oliveras, Sonali Dev, Beverly Jenkins, J.R. Ward, B.J. Wane, Catherine Coulter, Lauren Dane and Cheris Hodges.

Q: Where can our readers find you?
Lia Violet’s website
FB blog Quickie Romance Reads:


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