Marked by Night by Author Sara Thorn!

Discover Author Sara Thorn and her new Release Marked by Night! Enter the dark, entrancing world of Mystreuce, where vampire kings’ rule and one girl can change the fate of two worlds.

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(Marked by Night Book 1)
by Sara Thorn

marked by night

Enter the dark, entrancing world of Mystreuce, where vampire kings’ rule and one girl can change the fate of two worlds.

Ever since Athan plucked me from the streets of Boston to groom me as a dancer, I sensed that he had an unusual interest in me. But never could I have imagined that he wasn’t human, or that he was heartless enough to kidnap me from my own world and turn me into a slave.

Now, trapped within their kingdom, I’m just another pawn in a centuries-old game between two rival vampire princes. Worse yet, there is an uprising brewing in this place laden with intoxicating parties and devious plots. If I want to survive Athan’s volatile rule, I’ll have to ally with the only man who could defeat him—his half-brother, Cassius.

But even more dangerous than the courtesans and assassins who threaten to end my life is Athan’s desperation to never let me go.

And even if I somehow manage to escape this place, I’m not sure I can run from my growing feelings for the arrogant and exceedingly handsome Cassius. 

Craved is the first book in the New Epic Vampire Romance Saga, Marked by Night from Author Sara Thorn. Perfect for fans of Stephanie Meyer, Bella Forrest, Cassandra Clare, and Jennifer L. Armentrout. 

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Meet Author Sara Thorn

Marked by Night

Sara Thorn writes dark paranormal romances filled with all her favorite supernaturals. Her series, Marked by Night, is planned for over 30 books. Sara loves all things “geeky fantasy” and spends her free time playing RPG’s and browsing the shelves of used bookstores.


Interview with Sara Thorn:

Q: Hi Sara! Please introduce yourself.

ST:  Hi there! I’m Sara L. Thorn and I’m from the pacific west coast. I write Paranormal Romance with a strong mix of vampires, Fae, and plenty of heat.

Q: Why paranormal? What drew you to the genre?

ST:  Omg, who doesn’t love paranormal romance?! Honestly, it’s so addicting to immerse yourself within an entirely new world where anything is possible. And when you are the author, you get to create that world, which is just …AWESOME. I also adore that feeling we all get when we start falling for someone. And with writing, I get to create and fall in love, over and over again.

Q: What’s your favorite type of paranormal creature and why?

ST:  That’s so tough! I ADORE Vampires, but I also love the Fae. Hence why my series, Marked by Night, features both prominently. Each of them has some of the sexier aspects of the supernatural: Power, strength, immortality. And they tend to be the ones that just always draw me in.

Q: What is a typical writing day like for you? What inspires you?

ST:  So, I wake up, and immediately start the coffee, lol. I need that to fuel my day and clear out the mental cobwebs. Then I usually eat, hop onto my computer and start listening to my favorite playlists to get ‘in the mood’ as I call it. When I need a break, I either head outside for a walk (where my imagination always goes crazy) or I hop onto one of my favorite online role playing games and submerge myself in the magical world. It always helps me to get back into the right zone to write.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

ST:  I just want to thank everyone who has stopped by and taken a moment of their precious time to read over my interview and take a look at my books! There are so many amazing writers and books out there available and I am just so honored to be among them. If you enjoy my books, I hope you will join my newsletter The Marked and follow me online!


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