One True Mate Series – Lisa Ladew

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The One True Mate Series from Lisa Ladew is a sinfully sexy paranormal romance series that has the reviewers raving!

“Oh WOW! YES YES YES I love these series, this was a wonderful book. Adventure, thrilling, suspenseful, nail biting love story.” Reviewer.

“The best shifter story I have ever read!

Author Lisa Ladew weaves a fantastic tale that draws in the reader. Magnificent imagery and a strong storyline kept me engrossed throughout this story.” Reviewer.

“This story was so different from other shifter series’ that I’ve read. It was different in a good way. The author took you along in this story and left you anxiously awaiting to find out more.” Reviewer.

To get in on the action of this hot shifter series grab your copies below:

One True Mate Series 1: Shifter’s Sacrifice

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Reg. Price: 2.99

An all wolf-shifter police force has been the only thing between humans and an unknown evil for centuries, but the pack is in danger of dying if they don’t find their promised mates soon.

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One True Mate Series 2: Dragon’s Heat


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one true mate seriesReg. Price: $2.99

Graeme made his way to Serenity for one very specific, hopefully-deadly reason, but a few friendly wolf shifters on the Serenity Police Department almost made him reconsider his centuries-old death wish. His body, however, remembers it well, acting upon it when he is unable.

Heather Herrin has just received news that threatens to change everything for her, but when she sees a half-naked beast of a man in a hospital bed, he takes center stage in her thoughts, giving her some relief. Until he runs hot then cold so often she almost gives up on him, having no way of knowing he’s someone that will make her entire life make sense.

Are Graeme’s reasons for turning down what he thought he’d never be blessed to have enough to keep them apart? Or will Heather manage to break through his walls in time to save them both?

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One True Mate Series 3: Shifter’s Echo


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one true mate seriesReg. Price: $2.99

He’s seen his fated mate die a thousand times… and yet, they’ve never met.

Crew is a powerful, yet tortured, wolf shifter. With a weary heart, he seeks to avoid fulfilling a prophecy that foretells the death of his fated mate…true love lost before it has a chance to begin.

Dahlia has seen her death at the hands of a demon many times, and the vision is starting to destroy her mind. Giving up on her sanity, her only hope is that death will come well and swift.

But when she meets Crew, that all changes. For the first time in many years, she wants to see what happens after the blood spills from her fatal wound. Something in her heart says, with Crew, the last time will not be the end…

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One True Mate Series 4: Shifter’s Innocent


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one true mate seriesReg. Price: $2.99

He’s hunted, she’s living a lie, and an unlikely connection dooms them both…

Beckett Oswego has lost himself in his work for years, always looking over his shoulder for the killer who stole his father and brother from him. When he isn’t working, he parties his weekends away. Work, party…party, work. Anything to keep his mind busy and off the constant pain from the past that haunts him.

Cerise Pekin has been captive for years, forced into a life of old ways and restrictions. Always planning her escape, she yearns for the day she can truly be free, but when a violent incident pushes her into the real world before she is ready, she quickly realizes that she is not prepared for survival.

When Cerise talks Beckett into helping her escape from prison, he knows she isn’t his one true mate. However, with the intensity of the connection they share, he is compelled to help her in any way he can, which sends them both straight into the clutches of a common enemy. With no help from Beckett’s pack in sight, they are forced to rely on each other…

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About the Author: Hot, thoughtful, protective alpha males who treat women well. Strong women who never look to a man to do it for them. Stories full of passion, twists, and excitement!

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