Paranormal Dating App Stories Perfect for Valentine’s Day

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Have you ever used a dating app?

I’m sure you have, and if not, maybe you know someone who does. However, you probably haven’t thought about merging your love of paranormal romance with online dating. Well, that changes today because I have five PNR dating app recommendations that you don’t want to miss! You can devour them while eating copious amounts of chocolate, drinking champagne, and cuddling on the couch in a nest of blankets. 

Shiftr: Swipe Left for Love 

Ariana Hawkes

Shiftr Swipe Left For Love, Ariana Hawkes

This is a completed series available on Kindle Unlimited with some great reviews. I’ve read the first few books, the rest are on my TBR, but I’ve enjoyed it so far. Each of them is a stand-alone, full-length novel. So, you can pick up the series and put it down without having to worry about remembering details! Check out the description below.


I can never say no to a friend in need.

Which is how I find myself road-testing my techno whiz buddy’s new dating app. Even though the idea of dating scares the bejeebers out of me. The app’s supposed to find your perfect match. And I’m pretty darn sure there’s no such thing for me.

Except…it does.

And he’s big and growly.

A bear shifter.

And hotter than any guy has the right to be. The alpha of the clan I’m having evicted from government land. The one with the sexy dark eyes that are blazing with anger at me.

And now I’m really freaking out.


I’ve sworn off finding a mate.

Growing up with an abusive father doesn’t teach you how to make women happy. Plus, I have my clan to take care of. They need me more than ever now. But when Lauren Garcia comes crashing into my life—all sassy, and curvy, and so bent on kicking me off from my own property—something I’ve never thought possible happens:

I am dying to take care of her.

She’s strong, protective, and selfless.

A hell of a woman.

And she has no idea how badly she needs love.

My bear is roaring loud for her.

And the more it does the more I know I must keep away.

Bewitched Incubus Mate: MatchMater Paranormal Dating App

Laura Greenwood

Bewitched Incubus Mate, Laura Greenwood

If you love demons this recommendation is perfect. It’s a sweet story following a siren and an incubus who are afraid of hurting or brainwashing those they love. Thankfully, they fall for each other. It is not available on Kindle Unlimited, but still worth the buy by far. Also, the dating app name is super clever! Check out the description down below.

Never use your powers while on a date…

Rosie has always resisted using the MatchMater App, not wanting to accidentally use her siren magic on a date. But seeing one of her best friends properly mated, she can’t resist the urge.

Finding love as an incubus isn’t easy, and Jim has almost given up hope. A dating app might be what he needs to change that.


Charming the Wolf: A Paranormal Shifter BBW Romance

Flora Dare

Charming the Wolf, Flora Dare

Lovers of shifter romance will devour this PNR speed dating book. It’s available in Kindle Unlimited and in a series of other stand-alone novels for your reading pleasure. However, I choose this story because there’s plenty of push and pull for those who love a little angst with their romance and a feisty heroine. Both main characters are loners who aren’t interested in dating…until they are. Check out the description below.

After losing a bet with her bestie, fox shifter Zanea ‘Zane’ Russell must endure a night of speed dating all the local rabbits, hounds and squirrels. Not exactly the recipe for getting swept off her feet…until HE sits down across from her.

Wolf shifter Josh Landry agrees to one night of speed dating to get his nagging brothers off his back. Little do they know that he’s not going to accept or ask for any dates. Even if they’re curvy, foxy bombshells who make every part of him tingle.

But when Zane gets her list of date requests the next day, Josh isn’t on it…


Love & Curse Making: Magical Dating Agency

Kelly St. Clare

Love & Curse Making, Kelly St. Clare

This series is a little different from the other PNR dating app stories. Our main character is the owner of a dating agency cursed to never enjoy romance. It’s hilarious and the male main character is reluctant but drawn to our protagonist. Super fun, quick read that’s in Kindle Unlimited as a completed series. Check out the description below. 

What do jazz pixies, siren celebrities, and three hundred disastrous dates with supernatural men have in common?


I’m Cerys. And at twenty-two years old, running a paranormal dating agency with my bestie and living in the magical society of Nepos is an amazing life.

Not gonna lie though, it’d be better with a little action. Kissing, maybe? A one-armed hug? Heck, after three years, I’ll take a man touching my bedsheets. Or would, if this curse didn’t 100 percent block me from romance.

When my ‘extinct’ brand of magic explodes in the presence of true love, the off-the-charts sexy but infuriatingly bored Detective Devereaux gets involved. And let me tell you, ladies, there are m-u-s-c-l-e-s under his long coat!

So I’m cursed and dodging the law and trying to put more love in the world each day. And now some creep is digging up heart elemental bodies.

Seriously. How is it only Monday?

Knot my Reality

Miranda May

Okay, so now that you’ve read all the others, I have an upcoming recommendation for you. Miranda May is a good author friend of mine with a great writing voice. Her upcoming PNR dating app story has a unique twist—it’s a reality show! And our protagonist is the very first contestant. If you love omegaverse, why choose romance, and headstrong female main characters watch out for this release! Check out the description below.

I have everything that I could possibly want—money, power, and success. The only thing I’m missing is the one thing that every omega needs: a pack.

My best friend and co-founder, Tessa, and I have made our company a success by creating apps for fellow omegas. Knotted allows omegas to find alphas for one-time assistance with their heat, and Mated allows omegas to search for their forever packs in a safe environment. But now it’s time to expand our brand with Heated—an experimental reality television show that will follow an omega who is closing in on their heat as they try to choose amongst suitors who want to be a part of their pack. Because who wouldn’t want to have their struggle to find a pack televised for the masses to see?

Deciding to kill two birds with one stone by launching my career to the next level while also getting my friends and family off my back—I will be the first omega on Heated.

With only eight weeks until my heat, I didn’t realize how overwhelming it would be to be constantly surrounded by twenty hot, willing men who are all vying for my attention while also trying to run the show from behind the scenes. I can’t seem to allow the people I hired to do their jobs—after all, I’m the only one I can trust besides Tessa, right? Because if this fails, it’s all on me.

Can this control freak omega learn to let go and find her pack? Or will Heated prove to be Bree’s first and greatest failure?

If you loved these recommendations, there’s plenty more where that came from!

Simply search ‘paranormal dating app’ on Amazon for even more paranormal romance dating stories. And if you want something hotter for your Valentine’s Day, check out this list of steamy PNR we all recommend! Thanks so much for reading! 


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