Interview with Paranormal Romance Author, Avery Scarlett

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Hey Readers,

Today we are hearing from Avery Scarlett, paranormal romance author of the novel, The Malevolent Heir.  With additional genres of M/M Romance, Dark and Mafia Romance, grab a glass of wine and get ready to go deep into the world of the Wretched Kingdom, Book One.

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The Malevolent Heir, Avery Scarlett

ILVN: Hi Avery, thanks for chatting. Tell us and our readers a little bit about yourself.

AS: Hi! I’m Avery Scarlett, a brand new dark paranormal romance author who’s a lover of well-written narratives about dark themes mixed with hot, sarcastic mafia men who can’t keep their hands off each other! My pairings are all MM romance with mental health and morality struggles at the helm of every story. If you want something spicy that’ll make you contemplate your own psyche, then my new novel is the perfect fit.

ILVN: Sounds like a story we’d enjoy! How long have you been writing?

AS: I’ve been writing all my life, but officially wrote my first novel in the ninth grade for National November Writing Month! It will never see the light of day, but I’ve written over thirty books since, most of which are published under another pen name, Kaylin Peyerk.

ILVN: You also do some writing for us…which we very much appreciate! Why did you choose paranormal romance? What drew you to the genre?

AS: I was an avid YA fantasy reader in highschool, but at one point, I’d read all the interesting titles my school and local libraries had to offer. Thus, I turned to Amazon Kindle Unlimited and my love of urban fantasy and paranormal romance was born. As far as why I adore writing it, I enjoy exploring the relationship dynamics the most. Fated mates, soul bonds, etc. The idea of a partner made just for you who loves you and is obsessed with your sexy body sounds pretty good, right?

ILVN: Yes – couldn’t agree more! What comes first for you — the plot or the characters — and why?

AS: All of my stories are character driven, hands down. I think relatable characterization is the cornerstone of narratives that connect to their audience. I want to write relatable personalities for those reading to connect with on a level beyond the supernatural setting and traits. At their core, my characters are human with struggles we can all relate to or learn from. However, the smut and witty banter galore in my titles will balance out the angst, I promise.

ILVN: What’s your favorite type of paranormal creature and why?

AS: I love vampires, especially those with interesting dynamics beyond being allergic to garlic, silver, and banned from entry without permission.

Vampires from Infernum, my urban fantasy world, are immortal demons who can go out into the sun, have three inch long black talons, glowing crimson eyes when hungry, and fangs that elongate for feeding. Powerful vampires can control shadows, the mind, corpses, and can be resurrected/healed from any major injury via blood magic. The only way to permanently kill a vampire in my world is to cut off their head and burn it.

ILVN: Ok – Sounds like we should check out the Infernum series as well.  Regarding The Malevolent Heir, tell us about your hero. What inspired his quirks and struggles?

AS: My story, The Malevolent Heir, is an enemies to lovers dark mafia romance that follows a dual perspective. The narrative opens following our witty, sarcastic vampire, Victor Nox, meeting his soon to be blood pair, Lucian Claritas, a cocky saint with a penchant for teasing.

What inspired me to write their narrative was the enthralling idea of integrating mental health into the conversation of mafia lords. While most stories depict them as sociopaths and/or psychopaths on the surface, they don’t often delve very deeply into how such roles can affect their stability beyond, well, murderous tendencies lacking remorse. I like to explain my characters actions by showcasing trauma, mental illness, and realistic portrayals of how it would affect their daily lives and relationships.

A conversation like this is extremely important to me personally, as I struggle with several different mental health disorders which have a drastic impact on my life. Through this steamy but dark story, I hope to both make those who fight a similar battle feel seen while educating those who might not have the same life experience.

AS: Read on for more details about my two main characters!

Victor Nox – Enforcer to the Noxian Syndicate

Height & physique: 5’7’’ / lean but athletic, wickedly sharp incisors, and a plethora of scars from knife & bullet wounds.

Hair color/style: long, silky, and black with layers. He rarely bothers with it beyond tying it back at the nape of his neck or throwing it into a messy bun.

Skin color/details: tanned skin covered with the barest hint of freckles across his nose in the summer months. He has a skull tattooed on the left side of his neck, a dragon tattoo climbing his right arm, and a small circular tattoo on his wrist in black ink.

Eye color: the left is a light crystal blue while the right shimmers darker than a raven’s wing—only turning crimson when his bloodlust heightens.

Preferred outfit: cargo pants with lots of pockets, black combat boots, black dress shirt rolled to the elbows, a light leather chest holster with twin pistols, a diamond dagger sheathed to his thigh, and of course all of his silver jewelry.

Personality & disorders: aloof, intense, brooding, unorganized, unforgiving, sarcastic, impulsive, intelligent, and manic. Victor suffers from untreated GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), BPD (borderline personality disorder), and DA (dissociative amnesia).

Character details: He wears two plain silver necklaces around his throat, one longer than the other, and silver cuff chains leading from the top to bottom on both ears. He also wears a plethora of stylish silver rings and has an eyebrow piercing.

Lucian Claritas – Heir to the Luxian Syndicate

Height & physique: 6’2’’ / stocky, and muscular. Rigid expression and a sharp jawline with scars riddling every hidden piece of skin beneath his designer suit.
Hair color/style: Blond with layered waves parting in the center that fall all the way to the nape of his neck. Victor likes to tug on it.

Skin color/details: a medium golden honey color, but lighter than Victor’s. No tattoos.

Eye color: a bright, striking cobalt blue which glows faintly when his divinity sparks or he’s irritated/turned on, and flares ivory when calling on his full power.

Preferred outfit: Navy, fitted pants tapering to polished black dress shoes with a white dress shirt, navy tie, and a navy overcoat. (Gold jewelry: rings, earrings, etc.)

Personality & Disorders: Cheeky & teasing, playful, arrogant, intimidating, intelligent, cunning, and kind to those he cares for. Lucian suffers from untreated HPD (histrionic personality disorder).

Character details: He wears gold jewelry: rings on every finger with gems and emerald studs, and hoops climb all the way up both ears. No necklaces. A golden, expensive watch on his left wrist.

ILVN:Love all those details. Would you and your main character get along?

AS: Victor and I would shit talk everyone together. His straightforward and petty personality is heavily inspired by mine, as is his snappy humor. I’m convinced we’d get along quite well as long as he didn’t know I was responsible for his emotional damage—ha!

As for Lucian, in short, I’d love to pretend we’re friends while knowing the real answer is he doesn’t have any beyond Fiora. He has colleagues, acquaintances, and Victor. Plus, he’s very outgoing and manipulative, two things I don’t mix with. Nine times out of ten, I know when people are attempting such tactics, which, incidentally, was a particularly helpful perspective when writing his side of the story. He’s not all bad, though. While he’s a sociopath, he also had a surprisingly adorable soft side when it comes to Victor.

ILVN: Which of the characters do you relate to the most and why?

AS: Victor, by far. His perspective on mental health is very personal to my own, and I find that his reflections mirror things I also believe and have pondered. It’s been a really interesting way to grow and reflect on my journey to mental stability. Victor is also honest to a fault, and I am too. The saying between my family and friends is, “Don’t ask her if you don’t really want to know.”

ILVN: What is a significant way your book has changed since the first draft?

AS: The first draft did not have the prologue and epilogue in the original deities points of view to give readers glimpses into the origin love story our characters are fated to replay. The prologue from the perspective of Nox—god of the dead, the dying, and the night. While the epilogue is written in the perspective of Lux—god of creation, the living, and the light. I think it brings a mystical aspect to the story that grips readers from the start and breaks their hearts by the end.

ILVN:  Thank you for sharing your story through your characters.  Where can our readers find you?

AS: If you enjoy my style, follow along via various platforms…

Tiktok: @averyscarlett_author

 Facebook: @averyscarlettauthor

Instagram: @averyscarlett_author

Author Website:

Also by the author – as Kaylin Peyerk:

Stolen by her Wolves, Kaylin Peyerk

Mayhem in Hell, Kaylin Peyerk

Blood Demand, Kaylin Peyerk


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