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    Arial Burnz - Host & AuthorARIAL BURNZ – Author of the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles. As a paranormal author, she has a passion for stories about the supernatural and wants to share her love of things that go bump in the night. Visit the “Meet Our Host” page to read about her.




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    We LOVE our music loops, which we play in the background of our interviews. It’s paranormal-sounding with a groove all it’s own. And we would LOVE to give credit to the people who created the loops. We grabbed the sound bytes from and they were mixed back in 2012, but we can’t locate the creator of the tracks.  If YOU are the creator please contact us so we can give you direct credit!

Recent News

  • 048: Arial Burnz Farewell Interview with TJ McKay – Giveaway

    This is Arial Burnz‘s farewell episode – at least for now! As much as she has enjoyed producing the show, she needs more time to write her books, which are growing in popularity. As a close to this podcast, we’re turning the tables! TJ McKay from InD’Tale Magazine will be interviewing Arial. And like any […]

  • 047: Andrew Butcher | TJ McKay from InD’Tale Magazine Giveaways

    Andrew Butcher is in da house! This talented young author is sharing his Lansin Island series with psychic characters and we’re talking about the Shadow Box – a boxed set he’s participating in. And TJ McKay is Arial’s special guest from InD’Tale Magazine. TJ is the founder and publisher of THE source for the best […]

  • 046: Shane KP O’Neill | Rob Cornell Giveaways

    Arial has two fabulous authors with her today – Rob Cornell, who writes dark urban fantasy; and Shane KP O’Neill, the author of the. Both of these fine gentlemen have giveaways, so listen to learn how you can win! Episode Number: 46 Length: 34 minutes Host: Arial Burnz Links Mentioned in this Episode CONTEST: Click here to enter the […]

  • 045: Michele Bardsley | RaShelle Workman Giveaways

    Arial has two bestselling authors on the show today – Michele Bardsley, who writes about vampires, wizards and shapeshifters; and RaShelle Workman, who gives classic fairy tales a vampire twist. Both of these lovely ladies have giveaways, so listen to learn how you can win! Episode Number: 45 Length: 40 minutes Host: Arial Burnz Links Mentioned in […]

  • 044: The Shadow Box Group Giveaways – Travis Luedke, Simon Okill & Steven Ramirez

    Today we’re featuring three authors from a boxed set of paranormal suspense and dark fantasy novels. Our guests are Travis Luedke, Simon Okill and Steven Ramirez. This fabulous collection of full-length novels will be released this week on December 1st. These three gentlemen are being very generous, so we have three giveaways today. Listen to learn how […]