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Who is Author A. L. Hawke?

Let’s get to know  A.L. Hawke, Author of My Evil Eye, a contemporary, paranormal, shifter, fantasy novel that's sure to slither into your heart! Q: So, where are you from and what genre do you write about? I’m from Southern California. I write paranormal romance and...
Everything Paranormal Romance

11 Favorite M/M Paranormal Romance Novels

A Male/Male (M/M) romance with paranormal aspects is typically contemporary romance or known for historical periods. Paranormal beings are usually vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and other shapeshifters. Whether you're a longtime reader of magical love or beginning your...
Everything Paranormal Romance

42 Sizzling Hot Shifter Romance Books

Shifter Romance Books are hot right now.  No longer are we restricted to only werewolf shifters.  Now we have cats, bears, dragons, and even unicorns! Shifters are a dream come true, the men come in all shapes and sizes and the women can hardly resist them. These are...

Best Shifter Romance Books

Paranormal Dating App Stories Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Have you ever used a dating app? I’m sure you have, and if not, maybe you know someone who does. However, you probably haven’t thought about merging your love of paranormal romance with online dating. Well, that changes today because I have five PNR dating app...
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Eleven Shifters Shifting By Kelly Martin

Enter to Win a Kindle Paperwhite! Nothing puts me in the holiday spirit like shifter romances… okay, that’s a huge lie. Nothing puts me in the holiday spirit like panic buying gifts, but I digress. Shifter romance stories are some of the most beloved in the PNR realm...
Everything Paranormal Romance

Making The Case for Unicorn Shifters By Gabriella Messina

Enter to Win a Kindle Paperwhite! Nothing says “fantasy story” quite like a shifter character. Whether it is a more traditional horror character like the werewolf or a spiritual/ cultural staple such as the wolf, bear, or cougar shifter, the characteristic of changing...
Everything Paranormal Romance

Jewels of the Heart Series by Anna Lowe

Jewels of the Heart Series by Anna Lowe is an Amazing Series With Hot, Alpha Shifters. Nothing is forbidden to this elite corps of shifter bodyguards and private investigators…except falling in love. Grab your copies below! Lure of the Dragon (Jewels of the Heart...
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The Shifter Shield Series by Margo Bond Collins

The Shifter Shield Series from Margo Bond Collins - "I rarely give 5-star reviews - but when a book makes me not just miss, but totally forget my deadlines, then there just ain't nothin' else for it. This is my kind of shapeshifter: a good, solid, page-turner that...
Everything Paranormal Romance

One True Mate Series – Lisa Ladew

The One True Mate Series from Lisa Ladew is a sinfully sexy paranormal romance series that has the reviewers raving! "Oh WOW! YES YES YES I love these series, this was a wonderful book. Adventure, thrilling, suspenseful, nail biting love story." Reviewer. "The best...

Best Shifter Movies

Everything Paranormal Romance

Top 50 Scariest Movies On Netflix Right Now!

From bloodthirsty vampires and devious fae to the dark web, we’ve weeded through the scariest movies on Netflix right now to bring you a fright-night you won’t forget!  Keep the lights on for these Top 50 Scariest Movies On Netflix! Note: Because Netflix changes...
best werewolf movies

Best Werewolf Movies: 20+ Must-See Films!

There have been so many classic Werewolf Movies to choose from throughout the ages, but which are the best? Check out our selection of the best, grab the popcorn and enjoy! No hiding behind the sofa! 1. Underworld (2003) For centuries, two races have evolved. Hidden...

Best Shifter TV Shows

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