Siren’s Blood: Excerpt of An Urban Fantasy Romance

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Don’t miss Siren’s Blood -a new release from Stephanie Mirro. This urban fantasy romance from the Wild Magic Series features a runaway siren princess, a billionaire bad-boy dragon shifter and a supernatural fighting ring. Here’s an excerpt from the book that’s sure to get you hooked!

When the Red Dragon turned to face me, all the angry words I’d planned to say
disappeared. In the soft lighting, he took my breath away. His magnetic presence enveloped me,
called me to him like the sweetest songs of the ocean.
His whiskey-colored eyes locked onto mine, and the world around us faded away. “You
clean up nicely, princess. I almost didn’t recognize you without your mop.”
Whatever spell his gaze held over me popped like a bubble. He might know what I was
after witnessing my magic in action, but that didn’t mean he knew who I was. If he did, then the
oath-keeper better do its job and keep those very kissable lips sealed tight.
I scowled. “Don’t call me that.”
He feigned an apologetic look but amusement danced within his gorgeous eyes. “Of
course. What would you like me to call you?”
“A cab to go home, please.”
His eyebrows shot up before he laughed. “So polite even when you’re angry.” He strode
toward me, a confident swagger in each step, and swept his gaze over me.

My skin was on fire everywhere his gaze fell. Which was literally my entire body. “So
annoying even when you’re trying to be charming. What happened to following through with our
deal? Why am I here?”
“I agreed to stop harassing you.” The distance between us closed rapidly. “You never said
not to take you on a date.”
Was he being obtuse on purpose? “That’s semantics.”
As he drew near, the warm scent of a campfire drifted closer, of mouthwatering cedar
embers and spiced hot cocoa. I could just drown in that scent.
My heart hammered in my chest. My instincts demanded I step back, away from the
dangerous dragon, but I refused to give him the satisfaction of seeing how he affected me.
Or maybe I just wanted him that close.
“Got better plans for the evening?” He tilted his head to the side. “A new book perhaps?”
I blushed. Frankie and her big fae mouth. “A man who doesn’t read isn’t a man worth
He grinned. “I believe you’ll find my library and fondness for reading to be an attractive
I perked up at the idea of a library, but I still had questions that needed answers. “What I
don’t find attractive is you avoiding my questions. Why am I here, Dominic?”
A warm breeze ruffled my dress and teased the strands of my hair into a dance. My pulse
sped up as his gaze tracked the movements like a predator does with his prey. I knew that if I
tried to run, he would chase me…
…and enjoy it.

Siren's Blood, Stephanie Mirro

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