30 Steampunk Art Pieces To Transform Your Bar!

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If a year of social-distancing added a layer of dust to your home bar, don’t worry. Become the envy of your friends and neighbors again by giving your liquor cabinet a Steampunk art style makeover!

We’ll show you how to transform a boring cocktail lounge into a spectacular steampunk bar with 30 Steampunk Art inspired pieces that are functional and impressive! Get ready to WOW guests at your next gathering (#16 will shock you!)

Steampunk Lighting

Electricity was fairly new in the Victorian era, but it did exist. The key is to ditch the lamp shades and go for an industrial look.

#30 Vintage Lantern
You can’t get more authentic than an antique lantern. We love this wall mount version because it’s a modern no-hassle LED lamp, but the tarnished iron look clearly makes it steampunk. Get it here.
#29 Edison Bulb Chandelier
Paging Doctor Frankenstein! This magnificent chandelier is the perfect example of the industrial era look that gave Steampunk Art its origin. Get it here.
#28 Hanging Lights
We love the versatility and uniqueness of this rustic design. Plus, rope is great for a more nautical look. Get it here.

Steampunk Shelves And Wine Racks

Of course you can store your spirits under the bar, but why not upgrade your space with a display worthy of a Steampunk socialite?

#27 Industrial Pipe Wall Rack
The iron pipes and distressed wood make this piece a winner. Wall racks are a great way to free up counter space when working with a smaller room. Get it here.
#26 Countertop Rack
The beautiful antique gear wheel design of this countertop wine rack makes it an obvious winner for any Steampunk Art theme. Get it here.
#25 Rolling Drink Cart
Reminiscent of runaway trains in old Western films, an industrial-style drink cart is the perfect way to fill out a larger room, or give you more counter space when working with a smaller bar. Get it here.

Steampunk Furniture

A great way to level-up any Steampunk bar is by changing the seating. Of course wood and brown leather work fine, but we’ve found a few options that really utilize the fun side of Steampunk art.

#24 Industrial Barstool
The thick iron bars and natural pine wood really scream the Industrial Revolution. We love this design for its 360 degree swivel and solid quality. Get it here.
#23 Cast Iron Tractor Stool
The perfect combination of elegance and rough-spun iron. Fun bonus: You can turn the levers to adjust the height! Get it here.
#22 Vintage Bike Pedal Stool
While bicycles might not be an obvious choice for Steampunk, the exposed gear and chain still fit in with the theme, as does the brown microfiber leather of the seat. We love the originality and are certain these stools will steal the show. Get it here.

Steampunk Bar Dispensers

Impress your guests with every pour by incorporating a Steampunk Art styled dispenser. We really love these options…

#21 Industrial Lamp
Say hello to your Steampunk mascot! This little guy almost doubles as an automaton (and as a desk lamp). Get it here.
#20 Wall Hanging Dispenser
The extra shelf space that comes with this rustic wood and rope design makes it a winner. The industrial spigot is a nice touch. Get it here.
#19 Industrial Pipe
We love the mobility of this one. Set it on a coffee table or drink cart and you’re good to go. Get it here.
#18 Vintage Globe Decanter
Decanters are another great way to impress. We love this vintage globe design that speaks to the 1800s safari loving adventurer. Get it here.
#17 Antique Coffee Grinder
There’s no need to break character when guests ask for a hot drink. Keep the fantasy going with an antique coffee bean grinder. This one is fully functional and can be used for tea leaves, spices, and nuts! Get it here. 

Steampunk Drinkware

Glass mugs are perfectly fine, but why not go the extra mile by Steampunking your drinkware!

steampunk art #16 Release the Kraken
Do we even need to say anything about this? The octopus, the gears, the faux wood. It doesn’t get any better than this hot/cold steel mug! Get it here.
#15 Victorian Tin Mug
This authentic tin mug is so beautiful, it’ll need its own Instagram account. Not only is it an ideal decoration for your Steampunk bar, but it’s also safe to drink from. Get it here.
#14 Novelty Wine Glass
These days, there’s a wine glass for every occasion, even when you need an Steampunk octopus in a diving helmet. Get it here.
steampunk art #13 Victorian Silverware
Every good host needs an assortment of cocktail stirrers. The dainty Victorian art design of these copper spoons make them an excellent option. Get it here.
#12 Vintage Bottle Opener
It’s the tarnished finish on this bottle opener that made us love it. And in Steampunk, there’s no such thing as too many details. Get it here.
steampunk art #11 Tesla Patent Art Print Drink Coasters
Just like wine glasses, there’s also a drink coaster for every occasion, but the unique idea of using Tesla Patent inventions as Steampunk Art won our hearts. 
#10 Antique Serving Tray Set
Keep the fantasy going even when your guests adjourn to the parlor – or the couch – with a Steampunk appropriate serving tray. We love the brown distressed wood look of this design. Get it here.

Steampunk Wall Art

Decorating your wall space is what sells the ambiance of a room, and there’s no end to the list of Steampunk Art pieces you can choose from. Here are a few to guide you…

steampunk art #9 Steampunk Coat Rack
A true Steampunk gentleman or lady must have a coat rack for their guests to use. Or because it looks awesome. We love this rustic steampunk gears & cogs design. Get it here.
#8 Industrial Wall Clock
A good wall clock is a staple of any home bar. We love this Steampunk design. Get it here.
steampunk art

#7 More Steampunk Art Gears
When it comes to Steampunk, there’s no such thing as too much. When in doubt, add more cogs. Get it here.




#6 The Sophistication Of The Steampunk Octopus
Framed artwork is probably the easiest way to transform a boring wall. We love this corset and top hat set. 
#5 Map Of The World Poster
Nothing beats the classic wonder of an antique map. We love the detailed artwork of this masterpiece. Get it here.
steampunk art #4 Steampunk Pinup Girl
A tradition of man-caves everywhere, even Victorian era pubs. It’s fun, quirky, and delightfully Steampunk.

Steampunk Art Sculptures

All that’s left are the finishing touches. Steampunk is all about the trinkets and we’d be remiss if we didn’t share our favorites.

steampunk art #3 Steampunk Skull Figurine
The whole point of Steampunk Art is to dazzle your guests. That’s why we love the shock value of this steampunk skull statue. Get it here.
steampunk art #2 Antique Nautical Spyglass
Enjoy bragging rights for life with this 1920 Dollond London Brass Maritime Vintage Telescope. Makes the perfect pièces de résistance. Get it here.
steampunk art #1 Steampunk Submarine Trinket Box
Journey Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas with this impressive Steampunk art sculpture that opens up like a treasure chest. What other Steampunk gems will you hide inside to thrill your guests? Get it here. 

Tell us below in the comments which of these 30 Steampunk Art pieces was your favorite!


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