The Vampire Diaries Caroline Forbes

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Are you a fan of The Vampire Diaries Caroline Forbes?  You’re not the only one! Caroline (played by Candice King) is loved for her take charge attitude and fashion sense. But this go-getter character also has a heart as big as her wardrobe and is an extremely loyal friend. Making her one of many Vampire Diaries characters to stand out among fans.

While The Vampire Diaries has been over since 2017, the spinoff series Legacies is still on the air. In Legacies, Caroline Forbes is all grown up and the mother of two very special teenage witches attending the Salvatore school for supernatural students.

Through Legacies, fans are able to stay connected with Caroline via her daughters and their father, Alaric. Though we don’t get to see Caroline herself. We do sometimes get to hear her voice when the Legacies characters talk to her on the phone.

If you’re like us and missing your favorite prom-queen vampire, you can get your fix here! We’ve compiled a list of shocking facts about The Vampire Diaries Caroline below. As well as a look at what Candice King is up to now!

The Vampire Diaries Caroline Forbes: Fun Facts About The Character

The Vampire Diaries Caroline

#1 Caroline Is In All Three Shows.

Other than Klaus Mikaelson, Caroline is the only character to have a major impact in all three TVD univers shows. She’s a major player in every season of The Vampire Diaries. But she also has a defining moment in the final season of The Originals. Caroline also has a large amount of influence over the Salvator school that she helped create in Legacies.

#2 Caroline Doesn’t Have A Favorite Color

Caroline turns off her humanity in season 6. She quizzes Matt’s knowledge of her. She asks what her favorite color is. It’s a trick question, of course, because she doesn’t have one. It’s most likely because Caroline loves them all equally.

#3 Caroline Was Supposed To Be A Werewolf!

In the book series, Caroline never becomes a vampire. Instead, Tyler Smallwood turns her into a werewolf. They begin a romantic relationship and even have two kids named Lucas and Brianna.

#4 She Wasn’t Elena’s Best Friend.

Another book to film switch! In the book series, Caroline isn’t close to Elena or Bonnie. Meredith is the name of the original third character.

#5 Caroline’s Last Name Was Almost “Truitt”!

Even though Caroline Forbes is the character’s name in the book, the tv script almost changed it to Caroline Truitt! We don’t know why, but we’re glad they went with the original name, Forbes!

#6 Her Favorite Blood Type Is B Positive And It’s Adorable!

Caroline tells Bonnie that her favorite blood type is “B positive.” The smiles that follow make it clear that the double meaning behind the words was intentional. When she was human, Caroline’s motto was always “Be positive.” Caroline doesn’t give up easily and is often there to lift up her friends even in the darkest of times.

#7 Caroline Was Supposed To End Up With Klaus

This one drives us (and every other “Klaroline” fan) bonkers! Julie Plec said it herself. Klaus and Caroline were supposed to be together in Paris. Sadly, that changed after the writers decided to write a romance between Stefan and Caroline. The showrunner felt that Caroline traveling the world with Klaus would disrespect Stefan’s memory, but most viewers don’t agree.

The Vampire Diaries Caroline Forbes: Fun Facts About Candice King

The Vampire Diaries Caroline

#1 Her Middle Name is Rene.

Candice King was born May 13, 1987 in Houston, TX. She grew up in Florida and attended Lake Highland Preparatory School.

#2 She’s A Musician

King released her debut album, It’s Always the Innocent Ones, independently in the United States in 2006. The album re-released in Japan and achieved greater success.

#3 She’s Toured With Miley Cyrus! 

Candice toured as a backing singer for Miley Cyrus’s Best of Both Worlds Tour. She appeared as herself in the 2008 3D concert film Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert. In 2009 King had a bit-role in The Hannah Montana Movie.

#4 She’s Made A Lot Of Guest Appearances

Candice has guest appearances in a number of television series such as How I Met Your Mother, Supernatural and Drop Dead Diva.

#5 She’s Married To Joe King

Candice started dating musician Joe King of The Fray after they met at a Super Bowl event in February 2011. Candice and Joe engaged in May 2013. They married October 2014 in New Orleans. Upon her marriage, she became a stepmother to Joe’s two daughters from his first marriage. In August 2015, Candice announced she and Joe expected their first child together. On January 15, 2016 King gave birth to a daughter.

The Vampire Diaries Caroline Forbes: What’s Next?

The Vampire Diaries Caroline

Candice’s character, Caroline Forbes, has already had more than a couple voice over cameos on Legacies, but will we ever see the character on screen again? Candice is on record as saying she has a soft spot for the show and is open to coming back. So anything’s possible! 

In the meantime, Candice has welcomed her second child into the world and is probably a little busy being an amazing mom! 

The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Legacies are available to watch on Netflix.  

Did any of these facts about The Vampire Diaries Caroline Forbes surprise you? Let us know in the comments!

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