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When you start feeling that creeping itch to feed your vampire & paranormal reading habit getting an accurate list of the top vampire books can be a HUGE issue.

I mean what happens when you finish the last word on the last page of the last book in your absolute FAVORITE series by the greatest author in the world?

Do you rock back and forth, sobbing in anguished loss like a pre-pubecent girl lost forever in a wilderness of night?

Or do you simply start over at the beginning, reading the same books over and over and over… Chasing the dragon like a junky?

Well according to a super scientific poll conducted on FaceBook… both of these solutions are not only reasonable, they are normal and to be expected.

Which is why we want to propose a 3rd solution:

The Secret Art To Finding Top Vampire Books (AKA “What To Read Next”)

Since there really isn’t a “code of cool” when rating the virtual universe of totally killer books out there we had to ask a totally different series of questions… I mean, how the heck do you judge what’s popular anyway?

Is it all about the book sales like how the NY Times does it?  What if the book sucks and it’s selling just because of TONS of marketing? (Hey, it’s a valid question!)

So then do you go off of online reviews?

Sure, but then a lot of them have been paid to say nice things.

It’s one of the most “rock and hardplace” situations we’ve ever been in… until we decided to ask our totally awesome legion of over 12,200 Vampire Novel Fans what THEY were into.

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The Answers They Came Back With Were Beyond Helpful:

The #1 way to tell what the top vampire books are is to check out how crazy-in love their authors fanbase is!

Think about it: If a book sucks do you really think a massive group of people will rally behind it like crazed howler monkeys on a True Blood esq “V” bender?

Heck no!

A great series of books will inspire people to reach out for more and defend their love to the death! THAT is the only true way to tell what the real top vampire books are!

So without further adoo…

Your Top Vampire Books Based On Fan Loyalty: (Not Really In The Exact Order)

#1: J. R. Ward – The Black Dagger Brotherhood

#2: Brian Lumley – Necromancer Series

#3: Richelle Mead – Vampire Academy

#4: Charlaine Harris – Sookie Stackhouse Series

#5: Laurell K Hamilton – The Anita Blake Series

#6: Anne Rice – The Vampire Chronicles

#7: P. C. Cast & Kristin Cast – House Of Night Series

#8: Guillermo Del Toro – The Strain Trilogy

#9: Jeaniene Frost –  Night Huntress Series

#10: Stephenie Meyer – The Twilight Series

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