15 Stunningly Unique Steampunk Costume Styles

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Why are we always seeing the same steampunk costume year after year?  There are so many styles and variations to choose from, why get stuck looking like everyone else?

We’ve put together 15 amazing steampunk costume styles for women that will take you from traditional sophistication to post-apocalyptic wild!

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The London Socialites

Victorian era fashion (1837-1901) is the birthplace of Steampunk. A time of ruffles, lace, and high tea.

#15: Traditional Steampunk Costume

Of course we still love the traditional brown leather and gears style that steampunk is known for, but with so many options, why settle? The best steampunk costumes are as unique as you! Get this look here.

#14: Historical Steampunk Costume

For the historical costume aficionado, this flounce dress is straight out of a Victorian promenade. Get this look here.

#13. Lolita Steampunk Costume

Not only is the cream & brown color scheme on point, but since Lolita also gets their cue from Victorian era fashion, this mash-up is dying to happen. Just add a top hat and some gadgets. Get this look here.

Up In The Air

Airships opened a whole new world of possibilities in the sky and in steampunk fashion. You can’t drive a dirigible without looking the part.

#12. Pilot Steampunk Costume

Whether it’s a hot air balloon or a Wright brothers airplane, we can’t get enough of the steampunk pilot. Those goggles are classic for a reason. They look awesome! Get this look here.


#11. Air Pirate Steampunk Costume

Image by MeliWallisdottro via DeviantArt.com

Steampunk pirates ruled the sky in their hot air balloon ships. This look is a more sinister version of the pilot. Pair it with a clockwork pistol and goggles, and you’re good to go. Get this look here.

#10. Dieselpunk Costume

Dieselpunk is a mix of steampunk and WW2 military style. The clean-cut tailoring and understated details of military-inspired jackets are so popular, you might already have one in your closet! Get this look here.

The American Gold Rush

While London enjoyed their parasols and promenades, Victorian era American was moving west and settling new territory.

#9. Wild West Steampunk Costume

Image from AsianaCircus.com

The American Wild West was a grungier, dirtier time. Mixed with the lace and layers of the 1800s you get something that resembles an apocalyptic cowgirl. And it’s awesome as heck. Get this look here.

#8. Cancan Dancer Steampunk Costume

Image from Pinup-fashion.de

A staple of Wild West saloons, the Cancan dancer is a risqué yet popular variation of the American Western style. Add some lace gloves and gear jewelry to ‘steam’ things up. Get this look here.

Classic Horror

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the rise of classical horror novels like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein which was published during this same time period.

#7. Gaslamp Costume

Victorian horror (aka Gaslamp) fits in with the darker imaginings of the Industrial Revolution. You can thank works like Frankenstien’s Monster and The Picture of Dorian Gray for their contribution to this costume style. Get this look here.

#6. Lacey Goth Steampunk Costume

A softer variation of Gaslamp, this look is so sultry it belongs in a Victorian parlor. Get this look here.

#5. Victorian Vampire Costume

Image from Katherine Baumgertner via Pinterest.com

There’s a reason vampires like Dracula are always so well-dressed. They lived through the height of Victorian fashion! Get this look here.

The Awesomely Unique

Gen Z is leveling up the cosplay game and steampunk is no exception. We’re loving these highly unique mashups! 

#4. Automaton Steampunk Costume

Image from Imgur.com

For an original look, turn yourself into an automaton! The SciFi gadgets are what make steampunk costumes so much fun. Why stop at props? Get this look here.

#3. Post-Apocalypse Steampunk Costume

Image from Postapocalypticfashion via Tumblr.com

People don’t always realize how much steampunk has influenced the ‘Mad Max’ style most of us imagine when we picture post-apocalypse, but the two branch from the same Sci-Fi tree. We love the edgier look. Get this look here.

#2. Fantasy Steampunk Costume

Image by Magikstock via DeviantArt.com

The idea of merging fairy magic and steampunk is new but it’s gaining traction and it’s not hard to see why. We love the idea of mechanical fairy wings and other endless possibilities.

#1. Silkpunk Costume

Image from Steampunk and Junk via Tumblr.com

East Asian antiquity has inspired a style called “silkpunk” based on organic materials (bamboo, paper, silk) rather than the brass and leather associated with Western steampunk. Get this look here.

Tell us below in the comments which of these 15 Steampunk Costume styles was your favorite!




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