Sanguinary Series

Sanguinary Series by Emma L Edwards

Book 1: Sanguinary


Would you bleed for the one you love?

Angel Harris has always had a thing about vampires, but not so much the killer that is claiming victims in the city where she lives and works. The press are calling him ‘The Vampire’, because the victims are found drained of blood, with bite marks to their necks.

Ash is the lead singer in a local rock band. Angel is drawn into his world when she is asked by her boss at the local newspaper to investigate rumours of blood drinking within Ash’s band.

Ash and Angel bond on a deep level and she finds herself welcomed into this group of supposed blood drinkers.

But the body count continues to rise and Angel will soon find out that ‘The Vampire’ is closer to her than she ever would have believed.

Sex, blood and rock ‘n' roll.


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Book 2: Imbrued


Would you bleed for the one you love?

Angel is surviving. But is someone about to try and put an end to that? Again.

After the harrowing experiences that she went through, Angel is trying hard to keep things on track. Although she sometimes feels that she is just going through the motions of life. Her heart still pumps her blood but she doesn’t feel alive.

A slayer has risen.Until her life is turned upside down again when a traumatic event draws her back into the blood drinking world. But it is a world that has changed dramatically. A world where legends and reality blur. Where myths and facts collide.

A slayer with a stake in his hand. A stake destined for the hearts of those that Angel loves.

In the battle that ensues, she must fight, not only for herself but for all those that she holds dear. But who will survive?

More sex, blood and rock ‘n roll.

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New release:  Book 3, Ensanguined

Ensanguined Front Cover500

Till death do us part.

Have Ash and Angel found their happy ever after?

Witnessing the death of the slayer cleared the way for the future they both wanted, the future they both needed, for without one there cannot be the other. They are the air each needs to breathe. But the legacy of the slayer dies hard and is hell bent on destroying all their dreams for a happily ever after. Even if they can survive this new threat, unexpected revelations rock Angel to her very core. Life has never been easy for either one but together it seems it is them against the world.

A secret.

When a secret is revealed it leads to further disastrous consequences for all.  Happily ever after has never seemed so far away.

Trust no-one.

With warnings like that Angel begins to doubt everyone around her.  But if she can’t trust Ash, what does she have left?


Angel is served the bitterest betrayal yet and she has to question who anyone really is and how well she knows the people that she thought she did.  And when she finds herself with far more to protect than just her own life, she needs to figure out fast who exactly she can trust.  But will she make the right decisions?

Sex, blood and rock ‘n’ roll.

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Our review:

Ensanguined was SO worth the wait!!! If I could give it 10 stars I would! I hate spoilers in reviews so I am going to do my best to tell you how amazing this story is without ruining one word of it for you. This book is an amazing continuation of Angel and Ash's story. Emma Edwards has an incredible writing style that makes each character seem real and makes you a part of each situation these beautifully brilliant characters get themselves into. Angel is still incredibly complex and a force to be reckoned with but an earth-shattering revelation has her questioning all she ever thought to be true and going more than a little off the deep end. She works hard to put all the pieces back together and we get a glimpse that if she can find her way back to what she knows to be her destiny there may be a hope for her happily ever after. Of course, this couple never does anything the easy way so get ready for the ride of your life!

Ash will always be a dark and brooding character but I was so incredibly impressed with the growth of his character and the continual ways Ms. Edwards showed his desire to be a better man, to be the kind of man that Angel needed. Even when he fell short, he was able to pick himself up and try again. Although not without a few punches thrown and rooms destroyed but that is our boy, Ash and we wouldn't have this hotter than sin rock star any other way.

Character development is at the forefront of this series. Being the third in the series, Ensanguined does not just keep the story going but it shows the growth of the characters and the further development of a story that is captivating and inventive. The mystery and intrigue that is woven throughout caused me more than a few moments of nail biting and yelling at my kindle. The supporting cast of characters are just as active as ever and give the story an added depth that makes it truly one of the best books I read this year!!

I can tell you that I experienced just about every imaginable emotion while reading this book. It is riveting, enthralling, captivating, thrilling and sexy as hell! This is a MUST READ!!!

Review by Julia for ILVN

Bite Rating

5 fangs


Emma Edwards

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