Your Friday Reading List – 10/14/16


by Lindsey R Loucks


Sail (Haunted Stars Book 1) by [Loucks, Lindsey R.]Reg. Price: $2.99

Nineteen-year-old Absidy Jones is a ghost magnet, a sensitive person spirits flock to when they can’t cross over. After her brutal past escaping the hordes of ghosts vying for her attention, she spends her reclusive existence melting down iron into bite-sized pieces. Whether alloy or wrought, ancient paper clips or nails, consuming iron is the only thing that keeps the ghosts away.

But when Absidy’s sister goes missing in deep space, a dangerous place brimming with rogue planets, ship-eating nebulas, and vicious aliens, Absidy vows to find her. She leaves her safe haven and boards the first ship she can that’s on a direct route to deep space—a ship that turns out to be haunted.

To keep the malicious ghosts from killing her, the alluring bad boy pilot gifts her a small bundle of all the iron on the ship. But their growing relationship is tested with the crew’s prying eyes and hidden secrets.

While the ship sails into deep space, it’s not just her sister’s life that Absidy fears for. It’s her own, as well. Especially since her stash of iron has shrunk to zero.


Brave Bear Mated

by P. Jameson


Brave Bear Mated (Ouachita Mountain Shifters Book 7) by [Jameson, P.]Theron, the second born of the Ursa Gemini twins, has found a home with the Ouachita clan of big cat shifters, and he's determined to leave behind a life of ridicule that has followed him since his days as a young cub in the brutal Deadclaw bear clan. His past has haunted him long enough. There's someone who can heal him now. A female who could be his. A brave Sorcera of light magic who looks at him with soft eyes, like he's worth something. He knows Mirena the Bravest could put the broken pieces of his heart back together. But first, he has to figure out how to keep her.

Mirena is the next Sorcera in line to endure a brutal power exchange between light and dark magic. She's doomed to become a dark Magei in her twenty-fifth year if she doesn't find something to anchor her to the light before the autumnal equinox. If that happens, she'll never have the one thing she's longed for her entire life: a family of her own. But the big, burly bear shifter says he has a plan, and her heart is telling her to trust him.



by Susannah Sandlin


Redemption (The Penton Vampire Legacy Book 1) by [Sandlin, Susannah]The world’s vampire population is on the brink of starvation since the vaccine to treat a global pandemic rendered human blood deadly to them. Their only hope for survival is a handful of rural areas that the vaccine never breached. The tiny town of Penton, Alabama, is one such enclave, where the immortal Aidan Murphy has established a community of vampires and their willingly bonded humans. Together, they live in peace—until Aidan’s estranged brother descends upon the town and begins attacking its humans. Whether the rampage is a result of his centuries-old feud with Aidan or the civil war threatening to erupt in the vampire world matters not. All that matters is the blood. Desperate to save his adopted family, Aidan breaks one of his cardinal rules, kidnapping an unvaccinated human doctor—and unexpectedly falling in love for the first time in nearly four hundred years. Sensual and thrilling, Redemption is the first installment of what is sure to be a darkly addictive new series from paranormal romance novelist Susannah Sandlin.


Her Burden To Bear

by Angela Foxxe


Her Burden To Bear by [Foxxe, Angela]When Sharon McKay met handsome billionaire Chad Rogers she felt like it was all too good to be true. And in many ways it was.

Chad's secretive behavior made Sharon suspicious and it was only then that Sharon discovered the dark secret he had been hiding ever since they met.

He was a WereBear.

However, knowing Chad's secret was about to become a little bit more than just a burden for her since Chad had sworn a WereBear oath that meant he had to kill anybody who discovered his secret.

And if he doesn't, it will be him that has to die.

Could Chad sacrifice himself to save the woman he loves? Or could there be another way out of this insane predicament?

This is a paranormal billionaire romance with the perfect mix of sensual scenes alongside an intriguing plot full of excitement and adventure!


The Alpha's Mark

by Kimber White


The Alpha's Mark: Claimed by the Pack - Part One by [White, Kimber]One dark night. One fatal turn. A wild passion hotter than anything she’s ever known. A fatal accident on a lonely highway puts college freshman, Neve in the path of sexy Alpha wolf, Tucker. With single touch and a flash of silver in his eyes, Tucker stirs something in Neve she can’t live without.


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Darkness Awakened 

by Stephanie Rowe


Darkness Awakened (Order of the Blade) by [Rowe, Stephanie]When his blood brother goes missing, immortal warrior Quinn Masters will break every rule of his kind to save him, including teaming up with the sensuous, courageous woman destined to be his ultimate destruction.

Haunted by a brutal past, Illusionist Grace Matthews will risk everything to rescue her kidnapped sister, even if it means putting her life in the sinfully capable hands of an immortal warrior whose ravaging kisses and intense passion propel her ruthlessly toward a fateful destiny she can't afford to believe in.

The Legend of the Calydons: The Calydons are a race of ancient immortals cursed with a dark side. Each Calydon is destined to meet his soul mate, to be so drawn to her that he is unable to resist bonding with her through the rituals of his race, but their destiny is to destroy each other and all they care about the moment their bond is complete.


Emma Edwards

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