Your Friday Reading List – 12/23/16

Your Friday Reading List – 12/23/16

The Underground Trilogy Box Set: Wings of Shadow, Wings of Memory, Wings of Light

by Anna Kyss


The Underground Trilogy Box Set: Wings of Shadow, Wings of Memory, Wings of Light by [Kyss, Anna]Reg. Price: 6.99

Far beneath the streets of London, in abandoned tunnels of the London Underground, the age-old battle between Light and Dark brews. Are you ready to enter The Underground?

When Meghan Kelly, eighteen-years-old and backpacking across England, descends into the century-old stone tunnels of the Underground, she plans on a hot date at a secret nightclub. Instead, she finds herself imprisoned and in a fight for her very survival.

Kiernan has lived in the Underground nearly all his life. After his encounters with Meghan, he must choose between loyalty to his father or saving the human girl he yearns for. Not an easy decision when his people face extinction and Meghan might hold the key to saving them.


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 The Complete Soul Guardians Collection: Books 1-8

by Kim Richardson


Reg. Price: 9.99

For the first time, all eight novels in the award-winning fantasy series are together in one eBook bundle.

Kara Nightingale’s ordinary life is suddenly turned upside down when she dies and wakes up in a strange new world. What she did not expect to find was a world of mystery, of angels and demons and of death. Discovering there’s far more to death than she ever imagined, Kara is sucked into the realm of the Guardian Angel Legion: a secret cadre of warriors dedicated to driving demons out of the mortal world and back to their own.

But an ancient, evil shadow over the mortal world is growing, and with it, a force, more terrible and destructive than the world has ever seen. Can Kara find a way to stop it or doom the mortal world forever?


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Deviant Warrior: (Dark Warrior Alliance Book Three)

by Brenda Trim & Tami Julka


Deviant Warrior: (Dark Warrior Alliance Book Three) by [Trim, Brenda, Julka, Tami]Reg Price $3.99

Of all the Dark Warriors, Kyran Tarakesh is the most aberrant. Having witnessed the brutal murder and rape of his mother seven centuries ago, his sexual preferences are twisted and perverse. He walks the razors edge of control and he likes it that way, until he loses that balance and accidentally kills one of his lovers. As second in line to the Vampire throne, he is precariously close to losing his position, not to mention the respect of his brother and fellow warriors. Just when he thinks it can’t get any worse, the Goddess proves him wrong. With her wicked sense of humor, the Goddess catapults him to the dragon realm of Khoth with Mackendra Callaghan, the very human he has been lusting about for months since meeting her. Mackendra not only plunges a knife deep into his heart, she flees and fights him at every turn, inflaming his desires. The surprises keep coming when he discovers she is his Fated Mate. Every belief he has ever had about intimacy is called into question when his mate gives him a taste of true pleasure for the first time. The passion that burns between them is hot enough to burn them to cinders, but he still must dispel her prejudices about vampires and break through her barriers or lose the other half of his soul forever.

Mackendra is the leader of a vigilante group that hunts and kills vampires. Sarcasm, snark and weapons of titanium are the tools of her trade, and have shielded her hardened heart. When she is rescued from her burning house by a sexy stranger, she is propelled into an unfamiliar world. Her savior turns out to be a vampire of all things, and she doesn’t take kindly to being stranded with the blood-sucker, much less teaming up with him in order to return to earth. She can handle her intense sexual attraction to him, but is terrified when it turns into emotional bonding. Her greatest problem is that she doesn’t know how to let go of her past to accept her future. Will she rescue the blood-sucker that is slowly winning her heart or hold fast to her mission to eliminate all vampires?


Magic & Mistletoe

Multi Author Boxset


Magic & Mistletoe: 15 Paranormal Stories for the Holidays by [Easterling, Aimee, Blythe, A., Carlton, Demelza, Salidas, Katie, Crawford, C.N., Hendricks, J.L., Martinez, Katerina, Edwards, Hailey, McClellan, Rachel, Lee, K.N., Amy Hopkins, May Sage, Rick Gualtieri, Erin Bedford, P. Joseph Cherubino]Reg. Price: 2.99

Christmas is magical…but sometimes that magic is cursed.

Dive into the holiday spirit this season with fifteen bite-sized paranormal shorts full of mystery, danger, humor, and romance. Experience the wonder as you journey alongside werewolves, vampires, djinn, monsters, fae, hellhounds, witches, druids, and one seriously pissed-off fairy godmother.

From New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling authors, every selection in this rare, limited edition set will keep you spellbound from page one. But make sure you've been good and your stockings are hung with care, because this Christmas there's no telling what's coming down the chimney.



Into the Darkness

by K.F. Breene


Into the Darkness (Darkness #1) by [Breene, K.F.]Sasha has been different her whole life. She sees things in the shadows that no one else can see. But it isn’t until a mishap on the wrong side of town that she meets him.

The Boss.

A powerful, primal being that enforces his own set of rules. Scorching hot and wickedly deadly, he takes what he wants. And he wants her.

As a new world unfolds around her, Sasha discovers that not all secrets stick to the shadows. The Boss has brought out a magic in her that is centuries lost, and greatly needed.

Her struggle isn’t just to stay alive. It’s also against her desire to flirt with danger.


Enchanted Immortals

by C.J. Pinard


Enchanted Immortals by [Pinard, C.J.]Thomas never thought he would live this long; he expected the usual lifespan of 60 to 70 years. But one terrifying night in 1946 San Francisco has changed all that; he has now been alive 86 years and still looks 20. He and his associates, Jonathan and Kathryn, have been granted Immortality by a group of sylphs belonging to the Zie Council – lead by their queen, Malina – who possess an elixir called Enchantment. But what they and the rest of the Immortals have to do in order to keep receiving this elixir involves protecting sylphs and humans from the faeworlders – vampires and shapeshifters – who want nothing more than to eat, violate, and kill them. For Jonathan, Thomas, and Kathryn, policing the fae is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. And the payment is eternally priceless.


Emma Edwards

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