Your Monday Reading List – 1/23/17

Your Monday Reading List – 1/23/17

The Painter Mage Boxset

by D.K. Holmberg


Reg. Price: 3.99

My name is Oliver Morris and I’m a painter mage. I use color and shapes and patterns and infuse them with power. And somehow I’m destined to kill the Druist Mage, if I don’t die learning how.

Shifted Agony:
After ten years spent facing horrors on the other side of the Threshold mastering forbidden arcane patterns, I want only to rest. I came home, returning to the small town I’d known before my exile, and before my father’s death.

Only, it turns out my father was hiding more secrets than I realized. When another painter from shows up, she unleashes a deadly threat our world hasn’t seen in centuries.

Somehow, I’m the only one able to stop it.

Arcane Mark:
I nearly sacrificed myself to the hunters, nightmare hell creatures that feed on magical ability, to save my best friend Devan. But to truly keep her safe, I have to convince Taylor to return to Arcanus before she releases anything else on the city.

Then Devan is abducted by a dangerous painter from the other side of the Threshold, one who might be deadlier than anyone I’ve ever faced, and demands that I find a mysterious and powerfully magical item of my father’s. The only problem is I have no idea what he wants.

To save her, I have to master magic beyond my ability, but even that might not be enough. And if I fail, Devan will be forced back across the Threshold where a fate worse than death awaits.

Painter For Hire:
When a dead painter is discovered near the local diner, a place that should be protected by patterns placed by my father before his disappearance, I have even less time to prepare for the Druist Mage than I thought.

Then an old friend appears with power he should not possess, putting everyone in the city in even more danger and forcing me to make a choice to protect the city or risk losing Devan, something I can’t allow happen again.


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 Northern Lights: An Imp World Novel

by Debra Dunbar


Northern Lights: An Imp World Novel by [Dunbar, Debra]Raphael is an Angel of Order. . . sort of. His affinity for chaos makes him the perfect choice to investigate the trespass in Alaska of supernatural creatures not seen in eons. But the locals in Juneau have been keeping a secret for thousands of years –the disgraceful offspring of an angel and a demon. Raphael should execute her on the spot, or at the very least throw her into Hel with the rest of her kind, but Raphael has never been one to follow the rules.

Ahia has lived for thousands of years with the Alaskan natives and werewolves, told that she’s a Nephilim and must stay hidden lest the angels find and kill her. But when interdimensional rifts begin opening up throughout Alaska, swallowing humans and spitting out dangerous monsters, the angels are the only beings who can help.

Of course the angel they send is smoking hot, and demands she assist him in closing the rifts. Far from the stern, enforcer of rules, this angel is fun and flirty, tempting Ahia to drag this project out far longer than she should.

But when one of the rifts takes the local Alpha as well as a group of humans, the situation becomes urgent. Ahia will need to risk everything – her life, her heart, and all she’s believed true to bring them home, because whatever the angels might call her, she won’t abandon those who trust her to keep them safe.


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Dead Man

by Domino Finn


Dead Man (Black Magic Outlaw Book 1) by [Finn, Domino]I’m Cisco Suarez: necromancer, shadow charmer, black magic outlaw. Sounds kinda cool, doesn’t it? It was, right until I woke up half dead in a dumpster.

Did I say half dead? Because I meant 100% dead. Full on. I don’t do things halfway.

So here I am, alive for some reason, just another sunny day in Miami. It’s a perfect paradise, except I’m into something bad. Wanted by police, drenched in the stink of dark magic, nether creatures coming out of the woodwork, and don’t get me started on the Haitian voodoo gang. Trust me, it’s all fun and games until there’s a zombie pit bull on your tail.

I’m Cisco Suarez: necromancer, shadow charmer, black magic outlaw, and totally screwed.


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True Alpha (Shifters in Seattle 1) : New Adult Paranormal Romance

by Alisa Woods


True Alpha (Shifters in Seattle 1) : New Adult Paranormal Romance by [Woods, Alisa]He’s a broken alpha. She’s his sexy intern. Mia is just a college girl trying to earn her business degree and dig out of the poverty she was born into—being a shifter is something she hides, hoping her secret won’t sabotage her dreams. Shifters live in the shadows of Seattle, after all, dangerous and generally criminal. At least, that’s what she thinks until a wolf saves her from an attack in an alleyway… and then turns up as the hot boss at her new dot-com internship.

Lucas is a broken alpha, a wolf who lost his mate, his pack, and almost himself—he wasn’t looking to rescue a girl or start a pack war. But now he has to keep her safe or it won’t just be her life, but his whole family at risk… only his inner wolf can’t seem to keep its paws off a girl who has secrets of her own.


Emma Edwards

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