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The Black Rose Chronicles

by A K Michaels


She is different, unique, and one of a kind. Even in this weird new world. In a world ravaged by an inter-species war and almost devoid of Witches, she has to hide, keeping her heritage a secret. Only two people knew the truth about her: her father and her mentor; her savior, Seth. A highly trained assassin, she kills with impunity if the target deserves such a sentence. Unfortunately, far too many do. The lawlessness that stretches from coast to coast allowing unspeakable acts to go unpunished.
Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, and a host of other species now run free upon the earth and some of them were downright evil. She tasks herself with dealing with wrongdoers whenever she can. She is strong, fearless and powerful. An anomaly, probably the only Witch/Wolf hybrid left alive. She shields herself from detection. If anyone knew she has Witch DNA they would all come after her and she couldn’t take such a horde on and live.
Her assignments as the ‘go to’ assassin for The Council give her plenty of opportunity to wreak justice upon those who deal in death and destruction. Her targets mostly found dead with black lips and tongue; a result of her spells and not just the poison everyone thinks. So, when the new Head of the Council, Basilius, a Demon, tasks her with taking out the most powerful Vampire alive she can’t refuse. Can she?
The Black Rose will strike again for the good of humanity. It’s what she believes she’s been born to do and she will tackle this as she does all of her missions; with deadly intent. There’d be no difference this time. Would there? Or is the dangerous Vampire, Cassius Allarde, not all that he seems?

Come follow Rose’s journey as she fights to find out the truth. About the Demon, the Vampire and the Witch hunt that destroyed most of her kind. Book 1 in New York Times Bestselling Author, A K Michaels’ new series, The Black Rose Chronicles. If you like your dystopian books with the added bonus of supernatural beings in abundance then this book is for you.

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The Dragon’s Surrogate

by Angela Foxxe


When Tasha applied to be surrogate mother for a wealthy client she was just seeking a huge payout for 9 months of work but she was set to get much more than she bargained for.

Tasha had no idea that her client was not even human. He was actually a dragon shifter who desired an heir to carry on his bloodline.

This was an arrangement that was not without its complexities but the reward made it more than worth her while.

However, the situation became even more complex when Tasha finally came to face to face with her client and discovered that he was the most handsome man she had ever met in her life and he was about to steal her heart….

If you like Paranormal Romances to have a thrilling edge to them and to be full of action, adventure and love-making then you will LOVE “The Dragon’s Surrogate”.

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The Jaguar’s Arranged Mate

by Jade White


Miera Artemis is a female Were-Jaguar of the Blood Roses pack but she has been pledged to mate with a male Were-Jaguar named Beric from rival pack, the Teal Warriors.

With danger looming it is hoped that this arranged mating can help the two packs to unite against a common enemy and protect the Jaguar bloodline for generations to come.

It is extremely important that Miera and Beric consummate this arrangement as soon as possible however, Miera is living with a secret that might make this much harder than anyone previously anticipated….

If you are looking for a unique paranormal romance that completely flips the typical shapeshifter theme on its head then this is it!

Read on to discover how an amazing story of reluctant mates blossoms into an epic tale full of adventure, love and romance!

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Raising Innocence

by Shannon Mayer


My name is Rylee, and I’m a Tracker.”

When children go missing, and the Humans have no leads, I’m the one they call. I am their last hope in bringing home the lost ones. I salvage what they cannot.

The FBI wants me on their team. Bad enough that they are dangling bait they KNOW I can’t resist.

The catch? It’s on the other side of the ocean.

And if I want what they’re offering, I have to help them with a salvage gone terribly, terribly wrong.

But this time, I have no back up. I have no Plan B.

And I have no O’Shea.

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Tabula Rasa

by Ophelia Bell


Camille’s smart, bookish, and very shy demeanor has left her in the dust where men are concerned. But she loves her job as a linguist specializing in lost, ancient languages. When she gets chosen for an expedition into the far reaches of the Sumatran jungle the likes of which no one has attempted before, she jumps at the opportunity. Along the way, she becomes enamored of the geologist, a beautiful man named Eben, but is too shy to approach him and he seems to keep his distance.

Something inside the dragon temple their team discovers awakens a deeper part of her, and soon she learns of the ritual to awaken a long-forgotten race of creatures the world hasn’t seen in half a millennium. Her research tells her she’s a key. A virgin sacrifice. But it doesn’t tell her what that means. The magic in the temple reveals only that the dragons must awaken for her to earn Eben’s attention.

She sheds her inhibitions in one dark, heated moment to make it happen. What follows is pleasure beyond her wildest and dirtiest dreams.

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Home Of The Dead

by S M Adams


All Grace Deacon wants to do is forget.

As a third generation mortician, Grace has seen her fair share of bodies. But nothing has prepared her for what she discovers in the basement of her family’s funeral home.

The recent and tragic death of her family has her teetering on the edge of reality; she yearns for oblivion. But her handsome new neighbor seems determined to save her despite her protests.

All Grace wants is to put the past behind her — to sell the Deacon Funeral Home and escape to a foreign country with the cash.

But a powerful and dangerous secret is buried in the bowels of the Home. It’s the Deacons’ job to protect that secret, but someone has found it out. Grace must embrace her legacy and commit to life in Hemlock Hollow to save the souls of her family members and the human race. Will she discover who’s after the secret before it’s too late?

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