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So you like Black Dagger Brotherhood? The Twilight Saga? Sookie Stackhouse, The Vampire Academy And House Of Night? Would you like to have exclusive access to those authors who have created the stories that have transformed your life for the better?

If So Then You MUST Read This Entire Post… (Yes, it is THAT important)

Here's The Whole Scoop And What's In It For You:

I'm sure you've heard the stories about how social media sites are transforming the way the world works. How IF you have any sort of audience a totally normal person can influence massive social change. Maybe even move mountains.

That's what you and I are about to do here.

You see, at the time I'm writing this there are almost 12,500 members of I Love Vampire Novels on FaceBook alone. That's a pretty significant number. But raw numbers alone are not enough to get your favorite authors attention any more.

Today you need proof of life…

My goal with this site is to bring ALL the authors you love right to your doorstep…

If you want to hear directly from your #1 favorite authors (Like J. R. Ward) Well then! We need to then prove to them we are a force to be recognized. And here's how we're going to do it…

IF We All Move As One Unit We Can Accomplish Something Amazing…

Since we're all adults here I'll just come out with it: in the commercial publishing industry the ONLY thing that matters are book sales. In 100% of the cases if an author is selling well then that author will get all the attention.

Well guess what happens when a blog or a FaceBook page or any entity begins selling A LOT of books for that author? That entity becomes intensely significant.

Why do you think authors are always trying to interview on late night talk shows or get in the media? It's because when they do their book sales shoot up.

This Is How We Are Going To Rattle Their Cages…

On October 10th I'm releasing an “Anthology” of book segments from some very good indie Vampire authors. This book will be priced super low to make it super easy to access.

When we all move as one and buy a copy of that book it's going to shoot it straight to the top 100 in Amazon. When we do this it will be proof positive we have the pull and pulse to be taken seriously.

And once we accomplish this feat I think we'll be able to get almost any author we wish! (I'll even let you pick who goes first 😉

When You Help On October 10th We ALL Will Win…

The authors who contributed win because they'll get some great exposure and we will win because we will have officially pushed a book to the bestsellers list.

THAT is a big deal and THAT will get us noticed!

Here's What You Need To Do:

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I'm excited to move some mountains with you!

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