Your Wednesday Reading List – 12/14/16

Your Wednesday Reading List – 12/14/16

Bear for Christmas: A Kodiak Den Novel

by Amy Lamont


Bear for Christmas: A Kodiak Den Novel (Alaskan Den Men Book 15) by [Lamont, Amy]Reg. Price: 3.99

This holiday season the Alaskan Den Men present three new full-length novels set in wintry Alaska featuring each of our dens and all the sexy alpha werebears you've come to love!

Shy and introverted Ivy Quinn has psychic abilities she’s only beginning to understand. Sheltered by her father most of her life, she never questioned his use of her skills to further his business interests. But when she finally realizes exactly how he wants to exploit her abilities, she has no choice but to run.

Out from under her father’s thumb, Ivy’s self-confidence grows along with her psychic gifts. She uses them to stay one step ahead of everyone her father sends to hunt her—everyone except the sexy bear shifter who is relentless in his pursuit. But now that she knows the truth about her father’s plans, the last thing she wants to do is go home for the holidays. No matter how hot the werebear tracking her might be, she’s determined to evade him. Even if the rugged shifter is making her wish for something she can never have.

Bounty hunter Cole Jackson is a legendary predator, even among werebears. His talents make him the perfect choice to head up the bond enforcement division of Ursus Security Solutions. But when Ivy’s file lands on his desk, he takes one look at her and thinks Christmas just came early. She might just be the fugitive he wants to capture and keep for himself. Can Cole keep Ivy safe and help all her Christmas wishes come true?


Polar Opposites

by Ariana McGregor


Polar Opposites (Bearbank Book 3) by [McGregor, Ariana]Polar bear shifter, Sara Evans, has a problem. Accidentally mated as the result of an attack, she is struggling to deny her bear’s demands that she return to her mate. Her anger issues are becoming increasingly difficult to manage, and she fears what she might do next.

Life is pretty good for lion shifter Felix McKenzie. He manages to coast along happily, rarely worried about anything. Except his hair and that is truly fabulous.

A snarling polar bear with anger issues meets an unflappable, easy-going lion. Will he tame her temper, or will she get under his skin?


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Always A Cheetah

by Lily Pink


Always A Cheetah by [Pink, Lilly]Bella Stone believed she was just an ordinary girl living an ordinary life in New York City.

She genuinely had no idea that she had the ability to shapeshift into a Cheetah.

But now, her fated mate, Riley West has just arrived in New York City and Bella is about to discover the shocking truth about who and what she really is.

Bella Stone has important work to do and Riley has to do what he can to help her rediscover her inner animal and show her that once you are a cheetah, you are always a cheetah….



Dragon King

by Charlene Hartnady


Dragon King (The Bride Hunt Book 3) by [Hartnady, Charlene]Dragon Shifter Novel

Blaze has loved and lost before. He’s been down that slippery path before and never wants to go there again. Especially not with a human.
It’s a great pity that he has no choice. The problem is that he’s the fire king, ruler of all four kingdoms. Blaze is expected to have heirs, and the sooner the better. He’ll have to take a human as his mate, one that will bear his young, but he doesn’t have to love her. Blaze plans on handling it like a business transaction. No love, no emotion, no problem.

This book can be read as a standalone but would be best enjoyed as a part of the series (Start with Chosen by the Vampire Kings).


Dominion: The Dominion Series Book 1

by S. E. Lund


From USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Romance Author S. E. Lund:

Eve Hayden had no idea what to expect the night she went in search of a translator for an 800-year old French illuminated manuscript but it certainly wasn’t what she found — Michel and Julien de Cernay: 800-year old identical twin vampire brothers – beautiful, temperamental opposites, both wanting her for themselves.

Michel — dark, brooding, control-freak, former priest who broke his vows the night he was turned into a vampire. Julien — impetuous, valiant, passionate, a brave knight who lost his life on a battlefield when a vampire claimed him.

Caught between the two brothers, Eve searches for the truth about her mother's death, her birth, and the fight to prevent Dominion – vampire rule over humans. Eve's mother gave her life to keep Eve safe, but was unable to protect herself. Now, Eve can't escape this fate nor can she escape the twins — even if she wanted to.

This is her story.

Note: Intended for 18+ for mature content.




by Margot Fox


Bloodborn by [Fox, Margot]Tesa has been on the run for most of her life. Running from the law, running from reality and most of all… from herself.

When she wakes up in a strange bed, she struggles to piece together the events that led her there. Who were those two men? How did she end up in a mansion with clothes that mysteriously fit? And why won't they let her leave?

Tesa is both furious and confused, and neither of the billionaire brothers will give her a straight answer.

But when she finds out what they really want from her, she is going to be terrified.



Emma Edwards

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