Vampire Movies Of The 90s: 40 Nostalgic Favs!

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Hey 90s babies, feeling nostalgic? We got just the thing: Vampire Movies Of The 90s!

The good old 1990s was the era that birthed grunge music and saw a huge rise in the rave scene. Vampire movies from the 90s reflected that darker grungier time in our history, but it didn’t always take itself seriously. A big part of the 90s was poking fun at pop culture with its over the top slapstick comedy.

To that end, we’ve rated our Top 40 Vampire Movies Of The 90s and divided them into categories for you!

Because while we can’t bring back the iconic Blockbuster, we can at least help you set the mood for a fang-tastic ‘Blockbuster night’. Enjoy!


Dracula (1992) Vampire Movies Of The 90sDracula (1992)

The centuries old vampire Count Dracula comes to England to seduce his barrister Jonathan Harker’s fiancée Mina Murray and inflict havoc in the foreign land. This instant classic is a must-watch!

Where to watch: Amazon



Interview With The Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994)Interview With The Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994)

A vampire tells his epic life story: love, betrayal, loneliness, and hunger. This classic arguably set the tone for a more romanticized view of vampirism. Nothing says ‘vampire movies of the 90s’ quite like Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and a young Kirsten Dunst.

Where to watch: Amazon



The Addiction (1995)The Addiction (1995)

A New York philosophy grad student turns into a vampire after getting bitten by one, and then tries to come to terms with her new lifestyle and frequent craving for human blood.

Where to watch: Amazon



Nadja (1994)Nadja (1994)

Members of a dysfunctional family of vampires are trying to come to terms with each other in the wake of their father’s death. Meanwhile, they are being hunted by Dr. Van Helsing and his hapless nephew. As in all good vampire movies, forces of love are pitted against forces of destruction.

Where to watch: DVD


Night Hunter (1996)Night Hunter (1996)

Vampire hunter Jack Cutter (Don Wilson) must fulfill his destiny and destroy the last of the bloodsucking creatures of the night before an unholy disaster strikes.

Where to watch: Amazon



Shadow Zone: The Undead Express (1996)Shadow Zone: The Undead Express (1996)

A teen obsessed with horror films befriends a vampire who leads him to a whole coven of vampires that hide beneath the New York subways.

Where to watch: DVD




Tale Of A Vampire (1992)Tale Of A Vampire (1992)

Condemned to life without end, and to an undying passion for a lost love he can never find, a vampire stalks a beautiful young woman.

Where to watch: Amazon



Karmina (1996)Karmina (1996)

Karmina flees her Translylvanian castle where she must marry the horrible Vlad. She finds refuge in Quebec at the home of her aunt Esméralda, an older vampire who lives among humans thanks to a potion that temporarily transforms a vampire into one of them. Under the effect of the potion, Karmina falls in love with Phillipe, a charming church organist. But Vlad soon shows up in pursuit of her.

Where to watch: AppleTV


Habit (1995) Vampire Movies Of The 90sHabit (1995)

Sam meets up with a modern day succubus who marks him and controls his will. As his world unravels he slowly figures out what is happening and has to figure out what to do.

Where to watch: Amazon



To Sleep With A Vampire (1993) Vampire Movies Of The 90sTo Sleep With A Vampire (1993)

Scott Valentine is a vampire who is torn between his need to feed and his desire to learn about humans. When he kidnaps Nina, a beautiful but troubled stripper, his world is turned upside down.

Where to watch: Amazon



The Wisdom Of Crocodiles (1998) Vampire Movies Of The 90sThe Wisdom Of Crocodiles (1998)

Also titled ‘Immortality’.  Steven craves intimacy and is in search of the perfect woman. Eventually, he meets Anne. But soon it becomes clear that this is a relationship that only one of them will survive. An other ‘vampire movies of the 90s’ favorite!

Where to watch: Amazon




Blade (1998) Vampire Movies Of The 90sBlade (1998)

A half-vampire and half-mortal, Blade (Wesley Snipes) becomes protector of the mortal race while slaying evil vampires. Blade is probably the most iconic action movie on our our vampire movies of the 90s list.

Where to watch: HBO Max | AppleTV




From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) Vampire Movies Of The 90sFrom Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

Two criminals and their hostages unknowingly seek temporary refuge in a truck stop populated by vampires with chaotic results.

Where to watch: Amazon




From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Bloody Money (1999)From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Bloody Money (1999)

Five career criminals gather in Mexico to pull off a bank heist. They soon realize that they are up against far more frightening creatures than the police pursuing them.

Where to watch: Amazon



From Dawn Till Dusk 3: The Hangman’s Daughter (1999)From Dawn Till Dusk 3: The Hangman’s Daughter (1999)

Set 100 years ago in Mexico, this horror/western is the story of the birth of the vampire princess Santanico Pandemonium.

Where to watch: Amazon



Vampires (1998) Vampire Movies Of The 90sVampires (1998)

Recovering from an ambush that killed his entire team, a vengeful vampire slayer must retrieve an ancient Catholic relic that, should it be acquired by vampires, will allow them to walk in sunlight.

Where to watch: Amazon



Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1992) Vampire Movies Of The 90sBuffy The Vampire Slayer (1992)

Teen girl Buffy Summers (Kristy Swanson) learns her true calling is to defend the world from vampires. With her best friends slowly abandoning her, Buffy finds solace in the town outcast, Pike (Luke Perry), who knows very well the terrors that have arisen. Together, they combat the forces of the old and powerful vampires.

Where to watch: Amazon


Innocent Blood (1992) Vampire Movies Of The 90sInnocent Blood (1992)

Marie is a vampire with a thirst for bad guys. When she fails to properly dispose of one of her victims, a violent mob boss, she bites off more than she can chew and faces a new, immortal danger.

Where to watch: Amazon



Vampire In Brooklyn (1995) Vampire Movies Of The 90sVampire In Brooklyn (1995)

A ship docks in Brooklyn with all its crew dead, but someone gets off and the killing continues on land. A Caribbean vampire is searching for a specific woman; Rita, a half-human half-vampire. Rita is the detective investigating the many killings.

Where to watch: Amazon



Blood And Donuts (1995) Vampire Movies Of The 90sBlood And Donuts (1995)

The vampire Boya (Gordon Currie) awakens when he is hit by a golf ball. While in a donut shop, Boya falls in love with the shop’s waitress, Molly. Meanwhile, Boya’s former passion, Rita, who misses her lost youth, is trying to locate him. This movie is a fun underrated “B” film that totally deserves more attention.


Modern Vampires (1998) Vampire Movies Of The 90sModern Vampires (1998)

Dr. Van Helsing unwittingly hires crack smoking gang-bangers to pursue the decadent vampires who secretly control Hollywood and the United States.

Where to watch: DVD



Dracula: Dead And Loving It (1995) Vampire Movies Of The 90sDracula: Dead And Loving It (1995)

This spoof written by Mel Brooks and staring Leslie Nielsen is a parody of the classic Dracula story and all its famous film adaptations. This whacky comedy is a personal favorite at I Love Vampire Novels’ vampire movies of the 90s!

Where to watch: Amazon



My Grandpa Is A Vampire (1992) Vampire Movies Of The 90sMy Grandpa Is A Vampire (1992)

Sent on a trip from California to New Zealand to visit with his eccentric grandfather, Lonny discovers that his grandpa is a vampire.

Where to watch: VHS



Bordello Of Blood (1996) Vampire Movies Of The 90sBordello Of Blood (1996)

The Cryptkeeper returns for his second full length feature flick about a funeral home that’s a front for a whorehouse run by vampires.

Where to watch: Amazon



An American Vampire Story (1997) Vampire Movies Of The 90sAn American Vampire Story (1997)

A group of friends go on a vacation with some new friends that turn out to be vampires. They hire a famous vampire killer to help them.

Where to watch: Amazon 



Love Bites (1993) Vampire Movies Of The 90sLove Bites (1993)

The vampire Zachary Simms wakes up in his coffin after having overslept for 100 years. He is surprised to find the young Kendall Gordon living in his house and is amazed over how much has changed the last century. But Kendall’s boyfriend doesn’t like the guy who always follow Kendall around.

Where to watch: Amazon



Children Of The Night (1991) Vampire Movies Of The 90sChildren Of The Night (1991)

After two teenage girls accidentally awaken an ancient vampire, a school teacher (Karen Black) teams up with a priest to stop a town being overrun by vampires.

Where to watch: DVD



Cronos (1993) Vampire Novels Of The 90sCronos (1993)

For fans of Guillermo del Toro. A mysterious device designed to provide its owner with eternal life resurfaces after four hundred years, leaving a trail of destruction in its path.

Where to watch: Amazon



Subspecies (1991) Vampire Movies Of The 90sSubspecies (1991)

Three students get caught in the struggle between a good vampire and his evil brother in the Transylvanian mountains.

Where to watch: Amazon



Bloodstone: Subspecies 2 (1993)Bloodstone: Subspecies 2 (1993)

Continuing after the first Subspecies, a woman who has just become a vampire tries to escape the evil Radu who seeks her as his love interest.

Where to watch: Amazon



Bloodlust: Subspecies 3 (1994) Vampire Movies Of The 90sBloodlust: Subspecies 3 (1994)

Still in the thrall of the evil vampire Radu, Michelle yearns to be taught the skills of the vampire. Meanwhile, her sister Becky tries to free her from his evil clutches, and this time, she’s brought some help.

Where to watch: Amazon



Bloodstorm: Subspecies 4 (1998)Bloodstorm: Subspecies 4 (1998)

Michelle Morgan has escaped the grasp of her master Radu Vladislas. Found by a woman named Ana, she is taken to a hospital where a doctor claims to be able to cure her vampirism. But Radu vows to get her back.

Where to watch: Amazon



Daughter Of Darkness (1990) Vampire Movies Of The 90sDaughter Of Darkness (1990)

After the death of her mother, a young woman becomes drawn into a small Romanian underworld of brooding menace, torture chambers, and bizarrely make-overed vampires. This film truly capsules the aesthetic of Hollywood of vampire movies of the 90s.  

Where to watch: DVD



Pale Blood (1990) Vampire Movies Of The 90sPale Blood (1990)

A vampire arrives in Los Angeles to investigate a recent series of murders which bear the hallmarks of vampire attacks. Wanting to track down the murderer, he hires a private investigator who is obsessed with vampire mythology.

Where to watch: Tubi



The Reflecting Skin (1990) Vampire Movies Of The 90sThe Reflecting Skin (1990)

A young boy tries to cope with rural life circa 1950s and his fantasies become a way to interpret events. After his father tells him stories of vampires, he becomes convinced that the widow up the road is a vampire, and tries to find ways of discouraging his brother from seeing her. 

Where to watch: Amazon


The Night Flier (1997) Vampire Movies Of The 90sThe Night Flier (1997)

Two investigative reporters track down “The Night Flier”, a serial killer who travels by private plane stalking victims in rural airports. One of the reporters begins to suspect that the Night Flier could be a vampire.

Where to watch: DVD



Vampire Journals (1997) Vampire Movies Of The 90sVampire Journals (1997)

A 19th century vampire stalks a more powerful vampire lord in his quest to gain revenge over the death of his mistress. In his search for the vampire lord, he kills many of his servants and fellow vampires while cursing another to vampirism as well.

Where to watch: Amazon



Vampirella (1996) Vampire Movies Of The 90sVampirella (1996)

Thirty centuries ago, on the planet Drakulon, a cult led by Vlad kills the Council and escapes to earth to become the bloodsuckers known as vampires. Ella, a daughter of the slain High Elder, pursues the cult with vengeance in her heart. On present day earth Adam, a descendant of the Van Helsings, works for a paramilitary group dedicated to hunting vampires. Ella must form an uneasy alliance with Adam in order to locate and deal with their common enemy, Vlad.

Where to watch: DVD

Blood Ties (1991) Vampire Movies Of The 90sBlood Ties (1991)

They learned to control their need to feed, that ancient desire for human blood that binds the Carpathian family forever. But it’s not enough. Suddenly they’re the ones being hunted.

Where to watch: Amazon



Embrace Of The Vampire (1995) Vampire Movies Of The 90sEmbrace Of The Vampire (1995)

An 18-year-old college freshman is seduced by a handsome vampire lover who introduces her to a dark world of carnal desires.

Where to watch: Amazon




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Did we miss any of your favorite vampire movies of the 90s? Let us know in the comments below.


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