10 Alluring Books About Demons

10 Alluring Books About Demons

Everyone has a dark side, and the hotties in this book will have you wanting to release your inner demon. Here are our favorite books with the hottest demons.

  #10 Demons Like It Hot

– Sidney Ayers           

Demons Like It Hot will leave you weak at the knees. With angels, succubi, imps, and demons galore this book starts out fast and holds you captive until the very end.

#9 Pure & Sinful

– Killian McRae        

Riona is a witch and a Pure Soul who happens to be dating a demon. That is until she finds out he’s a demon trying to take her soul. But, she’s actually in love with a man she can’t have. Needless to say, her life is a little complicated.

#8 What a Demon Wants

– Kathy Love          

Ellina is half demon and has no clue why her brother would hire her a bodyguard. With touble seemingly always at her heels she reluctantly agrees to the bodyguard. But is her bodyguard truly there to help her?

#7 The Demon In Me

– Michelle Rowen       

 A smoking hot demon named Darrak has been cursed for over three hundred years. With the help of a psychic, Eden, he is able to take form during the day. Eden is his only chance at breaking the curse and finally taking his true form.

#6 Demons Not Included

– Cheyenne McCray 

Sex, mystery, and so much action! Nyx is half human and all she wants to do is reside in the human world. With everything in the balance, she must risk everything and trust Torin, a fellow Tracker.

#5 Blood Feud

– Patti O’Shea          

This book is irresistible and tempting. Feuding vampires and demons are finally at peace until the bloodshed starts again. Isobel must protect the vampires with the help of an unexpected partner, a demon who just so happens to be her ex lover.              

#4 Burn

– Suzanne Wright 

Burn will have you gasping for breath and begging for more. Knox Thorne is absolutely to die for! He is sultry, powerful, and extremely sinful 😉  You’ll be re-reading this book over and over because it will leave you wanting more and more and more.                            

#3 The Darkest Pleasure

 – Gena Showalter

Reyes is cursed and forbidden to know pleasure but Danika is just too tempting. He vows to protect her from the demons who are after to her, but his longing for her is almost too intense for him. But Danika wants to help him and will try anything in the process.  

#2 The Darkest Night

 – Gena Showalter

These heroes are swoon worthy. Oh. My.Ashlyn and Maddox can’t deny their irresistible passion for each other. You’ll be begging for more when you finish but that’s okay because The Darkest Night is the first in its series.

#1 Pleasure Unbound

– Larissa Ione    

Pleasure Unbound is what you are craving in a book. A yummy demon who is sinfully smutty and the demon hunter who wants him. And she MUST have him.


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