10 Binge Worthy Paranormal Romance Novels About Vampires

From Twilight to Dracula, vampire books capture your attention from the first line on. Whether it be broody men or vampire hunters, there is never enough. These are our top 10 vampire books to keep you satisfied.


#10 Escape

– Kenya Wright

Brie is on the run from the vampire king and needs Samuel to help her get out. Upon meeting, the two feel an instant attraction for each. Brie’s blood is increasingly irresistible as the two journey on until it is unbearable for both of them.


#9 Kiss Of Crimson

– Lara Adrian

Dante is a wickedly hot vampire who helps take down Tess’s barriers one by one. Tess can’t help but fall for this gorgeous man even though he wipes he memory after each of their encounters. Even if she can’t remember him, Dante will do anything to protect her.


#8 Covet

– Felicity Heaton

Javier can no longer hold in his desire for Lilah, but succumbing would mean certain death. A theatre full of delicious vampires and humans alike. But in this world, rules are meant to be followed and those who break them have a worse fate in store.


#7 Dark Prince

– Christine Feehan

Telepathic Raven has decided to get away from all the torment her power has brought her. During her escape from reality she runs into Mikhail and he realizes that she is his last true hope. They need each other, but can they save each other?


#6 Lover Enshrined

– J.R. Ward

Phury is spiraling out of control and uses drugs and torture to pass the time. Cormia isn’t sure she can help him anymore, even with the help of the Brotherhood. They are all trying to help, but will Cormia’s love be enough to help him?


#5 A Bite To Remember

– Lynsay Sands

The fifth book in the Argeneau series is witty, action packed, and very alluring. Vincent, a vampire, and Jackie, a mortal, go toe to toe in this amazing romance. They have to pair up in order to figure out the mystery that is laid before them, and their relationship quickly goes from professional to romantic.


#4 A Quick Bite

– Lynsay Sands

Romance, humor, and mysterious men! This book is a page turner from start to finish. Quick Bite is the first book in the Argeneau series that has over 20 books to read which means you’ll have plenty of paranormal romance to keep you busy!


#3 Dark Lover

– J.R. Ward

The start to an unforgettable series with tons of books to keep you coming back for more.Insanely. Hot. *insert moan here* Wrath is passionate, possessive, and extremely attractive. The chemistry in this book is almost too much to handle but always has you coming back for more.


#2 No Rest For The Wicked

– Kresley Cole

Kaderin is a vampire hunter due to her tragic past. Sebastian is a vampire because his brothers turned him. When the two meet they are wary of each other, but they slowly piece the other back together and become whole again in each other’s presence.


#1 Bite Me

– C.C. Wood

Connor Savage is too gorgeous for his own good and Donna is snarky and stubborn. He is drawn to her and won’t hide what he is: a vampire. At first Donna thinks he’s crazy for believing he’s a vampire, but her whole reality is about to be flipped on end.


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