8 Tempting Books About Witches

8 Tempting Books About Witches

Witches come in all shapes, sizes, abilities, and powers. Their powers can be hidden or hard to control. But their stories are to die for. These are our favorite spellbinding books to get you hooked on the genre.

#8 Dance Upon The Air

– Nora Roberts

After seeking refuge from her abusive ex on Three Sisters  Islands, Nell Channing leads a simple life as a cook at the local bookstore café. That is until she meets Zack Todd, the island sheriff, who threatens to cause her to slip up about why she’s really there.  Will the town really be the fresh start she’s looking for?

#7 Wicked Deeds On A Winter’s Night

– Kresley Cole

Werewolves, witches, seduction, oh my!

Charming and sexy meets powerful and sassy. *drool* You will become inarguably addicted to this series from the first book on.

#6 Dark Witch

– Nora Roberts

Cowboy. Pirate. Wild tribal horseman.

Everything Iona Sheehan has ever dreamt about all wrapped up in one single man; Boyle McGrath. This tale is full of magic, love, and a promise of hope.

#5 Blood Magick

– Nora Roberts

Branna thought she found love once with Finbar, but their bond is forbidden. The love they share threatens the world in which they live in. They say love conquers all, but can love save Branna and Fin?

#4 Eternity

– Maggie Shayne

Time travel, immortal witches, and a steamy romance too! Maggie Shayne has the uncanny ability to bring historical fiction to life! The romance is breathtaking and a tear jerker while still being sweet and irresistible.

#3 Magic In The wind

– Christine Feehan

The prophecy says that the Drake house gates only open for their soulmates, and Damon Wilder hears Sarah’s name whispered in the wind, drawing him to the house. When he arrives the gates open for him, and the magic that binds them is full of intrigue and love.

#2 Witch Fire

– Anya Bast

Romance between those who possess fire magick and those who possess air magick is dangerous but Jack and Mira don’t seem to care. While trying to help Mira unleash her inner magick, Jack can’t help his ever growing pull for her and gives in to the all-consuming danger.

#1 Triad

– Lauren Dane

Lee meets the man of her dreams in her dreams. That is because she is a witch dreamer and can work magic in the dreamers subconscious. What she didn’t expect was meeting two gorgeous men, and vampire and a wizard, who are destined to be with her.

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