9 Heart Throbbing Novels By Kresley Cole

9 Heart Throbbing Novels By Kresley Cole

From witches to warlords to demons, Kresley Cole has everything you might go looking for. Her writing encompasses you and you’ll be begging for more once you finish her books. These are our favorite novels by Kresley Cole to get you hooked on her world.

#9 A Hunger Like No Other

The king of the werewolves finds out his one true mate is a vampire and he can’t fathom it. Yet his attraction to her is irresistible and he cannot help himself when she’s around. He. Must. Have. Her.

#8 Dark Desires After Dusk

Cadeon is scrumptious! Together, Cade and Holly make a magical couple that are amazing to read about. Sink your teeth into this intoxicating read!

#7 Wicked Deeds On A Winter’s Night

Werewolves, witches, seduction, oh my!

Charming and sexy meets powerful and sassy. *drool* You will become inarguably addicted to this series from the first book on.

#6 Dark Needs At Night’s Edge

This book will keep you guessing until the very end. Conrad and Neomi are extremely endearing and you will fall in love with them from the start. Their fate is sealed but their love is ever growing.

#5 No Rest For The Wicked

Once you pick up this series you will not be able to put it down! A forbidden romance that grabs your heart and takes you for a ride. Valkyrie and vampires are not allowed to fall in love but our lovers just can’t resist the chemistry between them.

#4 Lothaire

Lothaire is confused on who his true bride is: the woman he has thought it was for years and in marrying her he would become king, or the woman who has broken through his walls like no one ever has before?

#3 Demon From The Dark

Malkom Slaine, a demon, is tempted by Carrow Graie and she cannot resist him either. With suspense, mystery, wit, joy, action, and so much more you will find yourself tearing through this novel and begging for more.

#2 Pleasures Of A Dark Prince

The ninth installment of Immortals After Dark is absolutely breathtaking and wonderfully romantic. The sexual tension in this book is just right and the temptation between Lucia and Garreth will have you drooling.

#1 The Warlord Wants Forever

Nikolai is an irresistible vampire warlord who is on the hunt for his mate. What he didn’t expect is Myst, who is a Valkyrie (the natural born enemies of vampires.) But Nikolai can’t keep his eyes off of her, nor his body.

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