9 Tempting Paranormal Romance Novels By Gena Showalter

9 Tempting Paranormal Romance Novels By Gena Showalter

From vampire, to weredragons, to shapeshifters galore, Gena Showalter has it all. He romance books will have you turning the pages so fast and you will be begging for more. These are our favorite books by Gena Showalter.

 #9 Lord Of The Vampires   

Crazy, hot vampires! Nicolai is seriously possessive over Jane, although he can’t remember much of his past. Jane is the only one who can free him, but danger is never too far behind them while they’re on the run.

#8 Ecstasy In Darkness 

A captivating read from start to finish! Ava will not be intimidated by anyone. She is feisty, tough, and will fight anyone in her way. Mckell is confident and oh so sexy, and what he wants is Ava, all to himself.      

#7 Heart Of The Dragon 

Gorgeous sword wielding guardians of a secret land? Who could say no to that! When searching for her missing brother, Grace Carlyle stumbles upon a secret portal to another realm. The guardian Darius is unable to kill her, and the two start a dangerous romance that could either unite or destroy two worlds.

#6 Intertwined

Intertwined is a must read and will have you wrapped up in the story right from the beginning and is a twist on happily ever after. Poor Aden has four separate souls occupying his head and nobody will believe him! Each soul has a different power and Aden just wants to know what to do with them.                       

#5 Burning Dawn   

This book will leave you utterly speechless. Elin sees Thane as her only hope for freedom so she helps him escape and he rescues her in turn. But Thane is too consumed by his need for revenge to leave.

#4 The Darkest Seduction    

   The chemistry between Paris and Sienna is intense and heartwarming. The two desperately cling to each other as a saving grace. They help each other regain themselves, and learn to survive with the curses they bear.

#3 Wicked Nights  

Sexy angels who have no control! Anabelle portrays herself as strong but really she is fragile and in need of love. Luckily for her, Zacharel is easy to love and everything Anabelle needs.

#2 The Darkest Pleasure 

Reyes is cursed and forbidden to know pleasure but Danika is just too tempting. He vows to protect her from the demons who are after to her, but his longing for her is almost too intense for him. But Danika wants to help him and will try anything in the process.

#1 The Darkest Night    

These heroes are swoon worthy. Oh. My. Ashlyn and Maddox can’t deny their irresistible passion for each other. You’ll be begging for more when you finish but that’s okay because The Darkest Night is the first in its series.

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